Thursday, August 24, 2006

The One With the .....?

I'm feeling tired.... really2 tired... i'm exhausted, tired and sleepy..

Cannot rest well.. coz my house is under renovation.. everything went tunggang terbalik and makes me feel tunggang terbalik as well..

I wish.... for a good rest and sleep.... hahahhaha..

Dah dah dah Lenny, jgn berangan... g buat keje..

On the other note, yesterday Ika's custom message was..

'Bestnyer berangan dapat 1mil'

If I have 1 mil... wahhh.. macam2 menda nak buat.. memula skali nak abiskan segala utang2 dengan mana2 pihak..namely Mara(study), EONBANK(house), Public Bank(House), BCB(Car), credit cards...

The balance (is there anymore left after the above? hahahhaa).. OK, if there's any, keep half of the balance.. and the other half to do whatever I want... which may include harrasing my hubby to go for a trip anywhere which will complies need of rest(ye ke rest?) or in other words, having a vacation!! Yippaaaaa!!

But, come back to reality... it is only IF.... IF I have 1 mil.. hahhahahha..

If you have 1 mil, what will you do with it?

1 comment:

Ummi Qais said...

huhuhuhu...1mil..perrgghhh...kalau dapat bestnyerrr...almost everytime naik keter akan brangan...if i get 1mil..siap plan nak wat apa dgn duit tuh...zai misti dengki knaper senyap jek dlm keter..dia bosan la tuhhh driving sorang2...kacooooo jek orang brangan...huhuhuhu..1mil..