Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The One With the recovery

Alhamdulillah... my brother has recovered from his dengue....
He told me that the experience was like... "mati hidup semula"

We weren't really sure where did he gets his dengue as he was not at my hometown during his semester break..
He did went to my place and stayed there for few days when i was out of town..
and right after we come back, he went to his frens house at Shah Alam..

So, it is either my house or his friends house...

His fever starts on Wednesday.. and he only comes back to my parents house on Friday night.. around 11++pm
telling us he felt like he might have dengue... we monitor his fever that night... and send him to clinic on Sat morning.
The blood result came out in the evening.. and his platelet count went down to 22..
We straight away bring him to UMMC, and took another blood test... and the result came out as his platelet count went further down to only 8!

He was warded, and within 24 hours.. his platelet count went down to just 2, went up to 8 and went down to 6... and still it is a single digit. He can't really eat, coz his stomach was really in pain.. and he vomits alot.

On sunday, his gum started to bleed, he started to cough blood, and his platelet count is still either 6 or 8.. no much improvement and we were told if his blood pressure and oxigen level in his blood went down.. there's a need to do blood transfusion..

On Monday, he was discharged, when the platelet count went up only to 11!! Yes, believe me, he was discharge when the platelet count was just 11, and his gum is still bleeding..
There were too many dengue cases and they have not enough bed.. and since his platelet count is more than 10 now, he could be discharged!

He went back, spend the night still feeling pain... and the next day he was brought to PMC and admitted there. Spend 2 days 1 nite there, were given medication for his liver and what not.. and alhamdulillah.. he recovered.

It was a tough time for us especially my mom... who has been crying a lot, thinking that she might not see her son anymore... But thank to Allah, he survived... amin...

So you guys out there... please be careful! If you had fever for few days and it doesn't go away, do a blood test!! Better be safe than sorry!

Thanks for all your prayers!! I really appreciate it!


Kasih Aleeya said...

hi lenn..Alhamdulilah sumer dah ok..seram gak dengan denggi nie..radie penah kene dulu time bujang..tp denggi biasa..kene jab sampai meleleh air mata koo..syahdu tul laki ku itew!.. so ko dah happy balik nie?miss u and alya!!! take care!

cHikAnoZ said...

nasib dah ok kan.. the way u story me mmg teruk UMMC the way they handle patients.. never ever send there next time..

darling8tabby said...

syukur alhamdulilah ur brother dah recover ..

...$weE+ 666... said...

alhamdulillah dah recover... syukur sesangat! talking about fever, more worse, dengue huh... i have more tragic story to tell. tp bukan dgn niat nak menakutkan sesapa. just sharing. my blood brother (sama bin, tapi mak lain) thot dia demam biasa jer for 3 days. dia janji nak turun kl to meet up with me on the date he passed away. i was there in ipoh with him, in ICU, when the doctor said he's no longer with us. we share same birthdate, tahun jer tak sama. thats what dengue can do to us! so, please be safe!

lenn, take care dear... miss u much! i have another round to pay u, before i can go "wuhooo!" ahaks! *hugs*