Friday, September 14, 2007

The One With the acceptance

It's 2nd day of Ramadhan... a holy month for Muslim..
A month of forgiveness, goodness, and acceptance..

I've accept the faith ...
that it was just not meant to be...
and like so many of my frens said..
I've got someone waiting for me there..
insya Allah..

As much as it is hard to believe..
it happens... it has happened..
Kuasa Allah.. tiada siapa pon dapat menghalang..

Alhamdulillah.. the operation went well..
and I am now recovering..
thanks so much to all yang call, sms, YM, visit..
tak kurang yg doakan me semoga cepat sembuh..
semoga tabah...

I realize that I'm being blessed with wonderful ppl around me..
ppl who matters to me..
ppl who i care about..
and ppl i love...

thanks.. for the love you showed to me..
with your love... it gave me strength to move on...
and thanks... again and again..

OK, since I've decided that I need to let go and move on..
I've also updated my blog's templete..
ada la berubah skit2.. tapi sad to say.. tak tau apa aku buat..
my templete/layout tab.. ilang terus!!!! and the setting tab.. cuma ada 2 link!!! huhuh
Cuba nengok kat bawah nieh!!! Tinggal tab posting and settings je... templete dah takder..!!!

Huhuhuh.... saper bleh tolong aku betulkan nieh???
sedih ok... tak dapat menggodek dah blog nieh.. camner nak ilangkan bosan cuti 2 minggu nieh??

Oh ya, before I forget...
look yummy?? those are cookies made my my sister in law... and as usual, I'm helping her to sell those cookies for hari Raya... for details... come and visit my sales blog (dedicated just for selling and buying stuff).. tak nak la campur sini coz this is my rambling and mumbling blog.. hehhe.. cam tak kene je kan?

So.. why wait?? cepat cepat click here!! heheh

Salam Ramadhan all... semoga Ramadhan ini lebih bermakna dan diberkati.. Aminn...


Miss Moon said...

Lenny selamat berpuasa to u and Yang ..Pasti apa yang berlaku ada hikmah nya . And i know ur strong gurl

Meriah gitew kueh raya ...nih kena kasik test neh....

Lenny said...

Thanks moon... blehh.. nak test bleh jeee.... jom jumpa bukak poser kat mana2.... yumyumm...

(aku baru satu hari je poser nieh..)

darling8tabby said...

hi are you? selamat berpuasa to you and yang...take care..

tinn tinn said...

lenn.. gi kat dashboard and look for layour nya button.. cuba try, bole kot dari situ...

Lenny said...

darling8tabby: I think I'm better kak... thanks for your concern.. luv u muah muah..

tini : kat dashboard tu la yg ilangnyer layout/templete button.. aku tak bleh update even links dah... nak tukar link ko pon tak bleh skang.. huhuhuh... aku ada 2 blog.. blog nie and sales blog aku tuh.. dalam dashboard.. sales blog ada layout button... tapi kat alya99 nieh takderrrrr... camner nak dapatkan balikkk??