Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The One With the newly found!

I went to a Presentation training last 2 days and one of the topics discussed was about personality...

From the trainer, I know that there's 4 types of personality as below:

Popular Sanguine
Powerful Choleric
Perfect Melancholy
Peaceful Phlegmatic

At first, I thought I was more on peaceful phlegmatic since I usually cannot make decisions (eg: where to eat, where to go, what movie to watch.. etc). Not that I cannot make the decision.. but I guess I am always okay... just like the phrase.. "Anything will do" "Ok with it.." and so on..

However, the trainer inform me that I am more Popular Sanguine rather than Peaceful Phlegmatic (which then my hubby refers me as Ego Maniac.. duuuhhhhh). The more I think about it, I kinda find it true in some ways... I love to be around people.. I love to talk.. I love to meet new friends... that explains why I have a Friendster account, Facebook, Blogger, Fotopages, Flickr, and the list goes on and on...

And guess what... I found out a cool website 3GB Commmunity where we can meet old friends, new friends, share photos, chats.. and much more.... ! You're asking me if I am interested? Of course I do!!

I would like to also invite all of you to join 3gb community now and meet more friends online....! Cool

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