Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The One With the queries

I get few feedback and questions on how did I manage to train Alya to be on diaper free...
and the answer for that question is...

I don't really know! ahhahaha...
To be honest, I tried few tricks on her.. I am not so sure which one manage to crack some sense to her (so small also got sense already meh?) hehhehe
1. Tease her for not being able to do her 'business' in the toilet
2. Told her she is a clever girl if she can do her 'business' in the toilet
3. Told her she cannot go to school if she is still wearing diapers, since everyone at school not wearing diaper.. I gave example of geng bas sekolah
"Tgk, geng bas skolah mana ada pakai diaper, sebab tu boleh pegi school..."
4. what else ya.. I know I talk a lot of crap with her... (oh man... while writing this, I remembers more on the personality types that the trainer told me he is rite.. I am a popular sanguine... hahhahahah)

Ya, I told her stories on how clever someone is when he/she is no longer using diaper.. I told her that when people grow up, they won't be wearing diaper anymore, coz only babies does.. and I ask her whether she is a baby or a big girl... etc.. etc... yupp.. i made up a lot of stories... hahhahaha..

But nonetheless, all these wont be a success without the help of bibik.. who constantly tries to get Alya not wearing any diaper during the day.. Though she fails a lot, but she still tries.. and I guess, if she didn't constantly just take the risk of Alya terbocor... it might just take longer that expected.

I totally understands moms who wanted to get their kids out of diaper, but when we are working, it is much harder to do since we have less control of our kids.. I agree with Filla, even she trained Kasih to be on diaper free, but during the day, when she send Kasih to nursery, Kasih will be put on diaper again, hence the miscommunication, and definitely Kasih will find it hard to understand, when should she be on diaper, and when she should... etc...

But again, I know we want them to learn... but... they need to learn though our guidence, and of course help. But never forget, let them take their time to learn.. do not force... things will take place.... one fine, be happy ok?

Happy Wednesday people!



Belladonna said...

Wah, bagusnya Alya potty trained. Seingat aku masa kecik aku kena paksa arwah nenek wee wee and do my business on the potty whether I like it or not. Selagi potty takde isi.. selagi tu aku tak bleh lari. Hihi

Kasih Aleeya said...

betul arr the way ko treat alya.. kita ni as mom mmg kene salu create so many stories..logik ker idak ke..hantam jer.. tp as u mentioned mmg miscoummunication tul arr..biler aku train..dia ok..pastu kat nursery dia kene pakai..confuse ler budak tuh..huh pening aku nie leh tahan malas nak cuci lantai cuci suar dia kalo dia 'telepas'..heheh..takper..akan aku try balik pasnie..hehehe..
*thanks for your tips!!

Miss Moon said...

bagus la alya dah tak pakai diapers agik ..sik pun sama tapi kan kalau nak uk uk dia nak pakai pampers..." mummy nak uk uk ..pampers"...aku rasa dia cam fobia lepas nampak lipas dlm lubang jamban . hampeh tol lipas asal pegi swim dalam tew...tiap kali suruh uk uk dia kata takut lipas...adeh ..tapi kalau nak kencing dia akan bukak suar sendiri n pegi kencing .

rasanya sebab dia org dah paham apa kiter cakap kots kan ...kiter pun syok je goreng dia org hahahha

alya minat citer geng bas skola ek . bukan alya je auntie pun minat tau ...GBSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Mommy Hafiy said...

i pon ada buat2 cerita jugak..beli buku 'a potty for me' bg upah setiap kali shishi kat toilet mcm2 tricks!alhamdulillah akhirnya berjaya jua!

zuhaini said...

Wah.. pandainye alya!!!!
terer mommy dia train.. :)
kena blaja nih....

laydiefa said...

i mentioned a similar thing to my baby sister when i potty trained her.

i said "adik dah besar, orang besar dah tak pakai pampers tau. kakak tak pakai pampers, kak erin (my sister) tak pakai pampers, mama (her mother) pun tak pakai pampers gak."

she got fumed and said "eyy! mama pakai pampers lah!" she ran into her parents' room and showed me a packet of sanitary pad.

haih.. camne nak explain tu.

Lenny said...

bella: ehhehe... terer ur nenek buat camtuh.. okeh gak kan.. it works anyway..

filla: setuju.. mmg story teller takder gaji..

moon: hehhee... good boy.. alya so far ok.. uk uk ke.. wee wee ke.. seme kat toilet.. tapi dier alergy toilet kotor... takdernyer dier nak pegi kalau toilet tuh kotor..

Alya cakap... GBSSSSSSSSSSSS... forever!

annor: tuh la kann...

zuhaini: takper.. aliya baby lg..

aiza: ahahhaha... mmg sah tak bleh nak jawap... terkedu je la kannn... ahahhahahah..

...$weE+ 666... said...

bravo alya!!! auntie jijie mmg kagums arrr... tabik spring toink toink! fenriz tu susah sket arrr... kencing banyaks! mama dia tak larat nak kena 'kemas' byk kali... dasar mama pemalas! muahahahaha... *wink*