Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One With His Special Day...

Happy birthday Baby...

May your birthday bring joy and happiness..
May your dream which is approved by me come true..(hehhe)
May you become healthier, and wealthier...


I am never good with words..
but I would like to say thank you for always being there for me..
no matter how hard or stubborn i am.. you are always there..
thank you for loving me that much..

I really hope you enjoyed your birthday...
Tho this time around there isn't any special celebration..
but I hope, you still did enjoy our small family dinner..

Both me and Alya loves you so much..
and of course... our new baby too!!
thanks.. for being a great husband, a great daddy.. and a great son!!

love you so much!!!


Miss Moon said...

len mana ada comots ...siap ym suh tgk muker comot hik hik tew muker org preggy mmg cenggitu .

saja ngelats letak gambo tak make up . kalau make up harus meletup bak bunga api cina tew hahhaha

take care ya dear n happy bday yang ..not sayang ya

...$weE+ 666... said...

hepi befday yang!
a truly blessed man with a gorgeous daughter and of coz a lovely wife! oh ya, not forgetting a bun in the oven, soon! *wink*

Kasih Aleeya said...

yangggggg, happy b'day..hahah..jgn jeles yer lenn... aku pon leh panggil hubby ko yang kan?..auwwww..laki aku pon aku x panggil yang..tetiba laki ko lak aku beryang2...hahahah... chillis..ermm..dapnyerr... i likee.. tp lps mkn kenyang gilos..nak muntah ler plaks..so kampungan aku nih...heheh.. miss u and alya!!!

kL said...

Hepi Birthday Yang..
may you be blessed with more wonderful things ahead.. :D

darling8tabby said...

hepi bday to ur hubby!

dah baper bulan ye dek?