Friday, October 17, 2008

The One With the maid issue

I'm sending back my current maid after almost 3 months she worked with me..
Don't ask me why... I wouldn't do so if there's not enough trouble made by her already...

I know it will be tough for me.. as my tummy is getting bigger each day.. and i feel tired more easily each day.. but this time at least I am prepared..

I've just got the confirmation from the Kindy teacher at my office that Alya is accepted as a transit student until I get a new maid.. so.. my next routine will be sending Alya or should I say.. bring Alya along with me to work.. hehhehe.... I know she will be happy.. but not so sure how am I going to wake her up early in the morning.. and quarrelling with her to get ready fast!

I hope I get the new replacement soon... and with no more hassle and hanky panky thingy happening...

Pray for us that everything will run smooth ya... or if you guys know any good agency.. or have good maid where their relative would like to work here.. or anything like that... pls email me yah?? your help is very much appreciated.

thanks peeps! luv u all...

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