Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The One With the makan2....

Some of my frens has been asking whether I will host an open house for Raya this year... last year... we did a small 'makan-makan' session..
sesuai la ngan umah aku pon yg small ittew kan...
I know I can actually host the makan-makan session again, with separate timing, for different circle of frens... but since I am now carrying extra weight... and also with my maid problem before, I think it is not appropriate to host it..

HOWEVER.. i repeat again the word HOWEVER... ehhehe..
if you guys would like to drop by at my place... please... you're more than welcome to do so.. so.. kirenyer.. ini adalah sessi makan-makan openly.. anytime.. but of course, kene la bagitau dulu.. kang aku takder umah korang makan minum pintu umah je la plak kan...

So my dear frens.. kalau nak datang... just call ok... I'll be more than happy dengan kedatangan korang... :)

Last weekends, we went to Restoren Melayu at Jln Conlay for lunch treat with Mama, Ayah, Angah and Ayu.. well... it was actually a belated birthday lunch treat for my father in law... Food was good.. and since masih Syawal.. the theme was still like Syawal open house theme.. ada open house budak skolah menengah lagik tu.. so, ada la pertunjukan apa tah... ada nyanyi2 lagu raya and what not... Alya seems to enjoy the performance more than then food.. while i am too busy digging out the food rather than taking pictures.. :))..
With Granny and Grandpa

posing la konon kan

Rajin dier cucuk pipi dier yg cam pau tuh..

later in the evening.. we went to my brother's house at Subang Bistari for another session of makan2... giler keje maaaaaaaaaakkkkaaann je aku..
since I am still full lps makan buffet kat Restoren Melayu.. sempat la snap pics Alya and her cousin, Nadiah.
With Nadiah.. macam2 pose gedik derang buat...


Nie posing pesen apa kak???

Jeling ke kak?

Sunday, I was busy handling my maid nyer exchange and such.. but since it went smooth je... sempat la pegi 2 umah lg... we went to Maya's house.. and Azra's house... but sorry.. no pics were taken as I was erm... lazy! ahahhaha

Nih gambo dari FB Maya, dia geram nak makan Alya yg bam bam..

So how was your weekend?


Zuhaini said...

mak ai.. cute nya alya... semangat! meh bagi sikit flesh kat alia.. :)

mamalisa said...

bestnya pipi kakak alia tuh..geram nak gigit-gigit rasanya..hehehe