Monday, November 16, 2009

The One With the Annual Dinner 2009

The Annual Dinner and Dance (AD&D) last week was good..
I love the food.. I do enjoy them much!!! Not sure whether it is really good, or I was really starving.. but then.. i believe that it was good since I didn't hear anyone complaining about the food..

This year around, the theme was Glamourous Masquerade.. As glamour it might sounds... I see most ppl try to dress up according to the theme...
menarik la.. tgk sana sini org pakai cantik2..

For me, I went there with pregnant look mom..
Can I be more glamour than that? well... jgn nak perasan..
kalau aku hollywood nyer celeb leh la kan... hahahhaha..
tapi... I would really love to thank En Zamzari.. the best hubby in the world... i mean.. MY WORLD! coz he is patient enough to find the dress, advice on the hairdo... basically preparing me from head to toe! yes.. I mean to toe!! sbb sempat lg carik kasut last minute.... few hours before the dinner.. ahahhahahaha... thanks Baby.. you're the greatest!!

Lucky draw nyer prizes pon menarik2.. tapi I just won myself the 8G thumb drive.. okla.. dari tak lucky langsung..
Mira best.. dapat Elextrolux nyer vacuum cleaner... jealous aiiiii!!!

Here's some of the pics.... some taken from my FB, tagged by frens credits to them!...

Rozie, Me and Mira

Me and Mira, cantik la dier nyer mask...

Ok.. 3 of us again... all with mask...

gambo wajib me and mira... dalam toilet! ahahhahha...

me and rozie...

gedix pose kat luar...

ni org suh tunjuk perut.. bley?

tempat sama, angle lain..

me and dalila... geng futsal...


JuJue said...

comelll nyerrrr... hahaha seyess cute!

Lenny said...

sape cute jujue? aku ker? ahhahaha.. meh la aku nak perasan skittt.. ahahhahha..

Moon said...

betul kata jujue mmg lawo la len ...suka la baju nko tew ....auw hot mommmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

make up pun lawo ...takkan banyak nih je gambo len ....letak la lagiksssssssssss

Lenny said...

moon: tq tq.. tapi credits utk hubbyku terchenta.. dier yg pilih dari head to toe.. siap rambut nak wat camana pon dier yg bgtau..

mekap tuh... mak tadah je muka kat MAC.. dier zas zas zas buatkan.. malas plak nak mekap sendiri..:D

hOtMaMa said...

wow...mak buyung meletopss!!!

Filla ~ Kasih Aleeya said...

HOT HOT HOTTTTTT!!! hahaha... comel arr dress ko!!!! pasni suh Yang jadik fashion advisor aku bley??? kuakakakaaa....

Lenny said...

hotmama: kabobommm ka meletupnyer.. cam bom plak.. ehhehe.. tq.. tq...

filla: tuhla.. aku pon suka dress tuh... comel je.. sesuai utk mak yong seperti ku... satu mid veli ngan garden kitorang merayau nak dapat dress tuh... satu pyramid jalan nak dapat kasut... ko nak suh Yang jd fashion advisor... bleh bleh... :D

genny da bomb said...

cantikkkk!!!cun2 mekap2 suma org..

wahh..mommy hot tol lahh!!gambo dari side lain tu cam gambo pesen retis2 hollywood plak..hihi..jalan ala2 red kapet gitu

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Lenny said...

genny: photog tuhla.. suh wat camtuh.... kengkunun la kannn.. ahahhahaa... toksah nak verangan la kan!

isk anon nieh... bila plak ada nike kat sini... sabo je lah!

iswatie "colours of life" said...

lenny..tetap cun tau ngan black dress tuh even preggy..comeiiii