Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The One With the latest addition

Me being pregnant is nothing new to most ppl..
But if so happen you do not know about it..
now the news already spilled... and it is official! ahahahha..

Well, at first, I was also shocked with the news..
but nonetheless, it was a great news to the family..

so... meet the latest addition in Yang's clan..

expected to see the world mid or end march next year...!

I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant, and counting..
I've passed the torturing morning sickness moment where I lost 5-7kg..
and now, happily gaining them back... especially with all those open houses, birthday and kenduri invitations..
syukurrrrr... dap dap btul makanan..:D

okla.. got to rush back home..
arini rasa pening2 cam nak pitam pon ada... tatau la..
makin low kot blood pressure nieh..
macam2 hal tul mak yong sorang niehhh...


chics said...

Oh my Goddddddddddd Lennyyyyy. Cepatnyaaa but congrats!

Lenny said...

chics: tuhla... cam cepat kan... hopefully aku bleh cope nanti.. cuak gak nieh.. tapi.. dah rezeki Tuhan bg cepat... aku pasrah dan redha... syukurrr...

Mrs.Nury said...

aku dah agakkkk dah masa moon buat entry guessing sape yg pregant dgn tgk status ko kat ym hehehe anyway congrats lenny.This time ko lebey cepat dr aku.Anyway takecare babes

Filla ~ Kasih Aleeya said...

heheh... mak yongggg mak yonggg... ko paling advance babe di kalangan gang2 lain..hahah... bestnye dpt baby 2010..heheheh

Lenny said...

nury: hehehe.. tuhla... aku pon tatau nak cakap apa.. tapi.. syukur.. rezeki Allah bg..

filla: tuhla pasal.. tetiba plak aku teradvance... takper... aku jamin korang seme pon akan catch up soon enough!!