Monday, February 07, 2005

The One With the JPJ

Halu ppl,

Anyone into buying cars? Into buying plate numbers? To buy a car, should be easy rite? Pegi je la dealer kete.. pick the one you like most, pay deposit.... fill up forms.... pay downpayment... naaaaa.... here comes your brand new car!!!

But, if you are into buying a nice plate numbers... you'd better do it yourseld rather than just let the salesman do it for you... coz you might end up.. paying more than you should!

Here's what you have to do:-

1) go to nearest JPJ - preferably JPJ Wangsa Maju(for KL)
2) buy the tender form - you can buy the form at the counter next to PosMini. It cost you RM1 only
3) fill up the forms - note that the amount you need to tender varies with types of number you wish to buy. Pegi je JPJ tuh dier ada tulis number apa.. berapa harga starting.. you can also view the list of last tendered numbers and how much it cost. Oh ya, if you're into the single digit number which cost real lotttttttttt...(boleh pegi sampai puluh2 ribu okay?), you need to pay at least 10% of tendered amount. How to pay? Ha, beli postal order kat PosMini tadik..
4) insert your form into the boxes in front of 'Pintu 1" - where the hell is 'Pintu 1'? ha.. kalau nak senang tanya guard.. kalau rajin... carik sendirik...dier cam area belakang2 skit.. belakang pada tpt org register number...
5) wait for the tender to be announced - kalu nasib baik.. dapat ler.. kalu tak nasib baik.. cuba lagik..

Actually, there's other way too.. but this way depends on your luck.. here how it goes. Let say, in the first tender (there are 2 sessions), there are about 1000 tenders out of 2000, then the remaining 1000 will be up for 2nd tenders. If in the 2nd tender, there are rstill remaining numbers, you can just buy those number directly from the 'Ketua Pengarah'. Just drop by at his office and ask the clerk for the remaining numbers and if you found yours, you may fill up the form and pay for it. As easy as that!

That was what I did when I'm buying my plate number for my new car.. Lucky me that the number that I want is still available since no one tendered it. So... I saved A LOT!!! hehhehe... Lucky huh?

Now that I already have my number... but only the number... hahhaa.. kete tak dapat lagik ... probably next week.. or next next week... tunggu je laaa.... meanwhile.. bawak le kete kelisa cumelku... kire.... cam spending my last moment with the car la kononnyer.....


afza said...

tipu la lenny nie. pagi tadi aku tgk last post ko The One With the Gangstaaaaa jek.

camna kol 4pm 14 Feb bleh ade post utk 7, 9 and 10 Feb nie. mana bleh camtu.

Lenny said...

Aku tak tipu.. aku tulis backdated.. semua tarikh yg berlaku tuh betul.. dah aku takder masa update.. nak wat camana.. bila ada masa.. aku update la ikut tarikh betul... apola kooo...