Thursday, February 28, 2008

The One With the addiction

Last Monday I received an email from Mai and she informed me that there will be a Choc Warehouse sale going on at our office area... knowing me... I wouldn't want to miss it!

The day comes and me together with Mira went down to the sales area ....
We are among the first to arrived.. the workers/promoters not even settled with arranging the chocs..
but we stood there, waiting.. patiently..
and at last, it pays!

Even though not everything was really on sale and cheap..
(According to Aiza the Reese's choc is more expensive at the Warehouse sale compared to Giant)
but there are some which can be considered cheap..

I bought Mini Kit Kat for my little Alya, and Mira bought...
hmm.. plenty of them...

I think most of us are really into chocs and that's the reason this line of food industry has evolved!
hahahha... well.. maybe not for you but to be honest, while writing this blog, I'm actually enjoying a packet of M&M Peanut.... just can't resist!!

Do not let me start with the stocks in my fridge! ahhaha...!!

Happy choc day people!

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