Friday, February 29, 2008

The One with the debt free

nd hubby has been trying our best to be out of debt by this year..
by being out of debt means, no more credit card outstanding balance, no more easy payment 0% interest not being paid and has resulted more interest to be paid..

Eventhough that only covers our credit card debt and not others like home loans and car loans.. but at least we tried to be out of debt on our credit card.. as our first step.

Actually, I got struck one day realising that I has build quite a number of debt.. which I thought it was only small amounts before my hubby put all the amount on excel sheet combining all credit cards I have.. If I were to look at each cards.. the amount might look small.. but if it was being combined... darn... it was a lot!!

So, my hubby advice me to do a balance transfer on all the card to one credit card, and start to draw a payment plan every month to settle the debt... lucky me that my hubby has helped me realize that I actually has debt that I need to clear off before it kills me...
true enough rite?

I bet all of us would like to be debt free right? Here's a website that you can read on Debt Management
and how you could help yourself to manage your debt before it manage to lead you to bankruptcy

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