Thursday, February 28, 2008

The One With the Bed

My friend Mira will be moving in to her new house in Bukit Jelutong next month..
She really excited about it and has been discussing with me on how she would like the house to be.

She told me she wants her bedroom to be very nice and comfortable,
as that’s where she would like to rest after a long day at work.

For me, I’ve always love the leather bed.. and it must be King Sized coz I'd love to have a lot of space when I am sleeping! Heheh..
Maybe something like the below pics?
Nice huh? I stumble upon this great website and they have wide range of Beds to suit your liking! Among all of their listed product, I'm falling for the above.. Maybe I could buy them when I moved to my house... Will definitely cherish every moment of my sleep..! hehhe...

Hm.. I wonder if they can ship to Malaysia huh?

Well, its time to shop and enjoy your sleeping time pal!

1 comment:

Miss Moon said...

Lenny best nyer katil tew . Kalau cam niih la alamat nyer lewat la Moon dtg kije tetiap pagi hahahhaha kena seret ngan sutan kots baru nak bangun . Gara gara tak mo bangun darik katil yg best tew ...............