Thursday, August 18, 2005

The One With the date

Hehhe... it was suppose to be a weekly catching movie thingy with the gang... but then, Malik has to go to Gym, Zai has to send Ika for mommies maintenance, and Afza has something to do...

So, I have to 'Paksa-rela' my hubby to watch the movie... hahah.. punya la desperate.. macam2 alasan aku bagik termasuk la... "jom la.. dah lama tak dating.." hahahah.. pathetic? I don't care!

So at last, dapatla memujuk Yang tgk citer.... GOL & GINCU! yes Malik, Zai... u guys bleh gelakkan dier.. kitorang siap duduk kat Love seats yg twin tuhhhh... very comfy! hehehe... (cian laki aku terpaksa layan bini bengong camni.. thanks Baby.. banjer I tgk movie pastuh siap beli seats yg best!! muah muah muahh)

The movie was ok.. so not like those Yusuf Haslam love story movies(sorry yer peminat citer Yusuf Haslam, takper.. aku pon tgk jugak!!). I would say.. the movie speaks like normal daily life... bukan jenis kesah chenta asyik masyuk jiwang2... but just like our normal daily life... so.. takder la teruk karatnyer.. maybe ada a few.. but still ok.. heheh..

And the good part, awek2 dalam citer nie mostly lawa2... *wink2 at Malik and apza*

Recommended? Erm, I would say.. boleh la.. kalau nak rilek2 and tgk cerita yg lite .. tak nak pecah otak pk macam2... it is a nice movie to watch....

Whatever it is, thanks so much my Baby.... for the lovely nite!

Monday, August 15, 2005

The One With ... I'm OUT!!

Hi Everyoneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, I'm back to office today.

Syukur alhamdulillah, both baby and mummy are okay.

As told by Mek (thanks!), I was admitted to hospital Pantai on 03/08 to 05/08 due to pain in my lower abdomen.
I was told by doctor, I think during my 12 weeks of pregnancy that I have fibroid growing together with my baby. It won't harm the baby for now, but it will leave me in pain, a lot, when it grows bigger later. And, due to that, I was in a very bad pain, and to make it worse, I was having long cough and flu.. and each time I cough, I will put pressure on the stomach and push the baby down... senang citer, org tua2 kata 'peranakan turun'. So, I was admitted then.

Yes, I was put on oxygen mask almost every nite coz I had difficulty in breathing, but it was not that serious... so, ok je la.. The doctor adviced me to have plenty of rest, and do not lift any heavy things bla bla bla... Senang citer nak cakap.. suh aku makan ngan tido je la kan! hehehe..

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all of you for your prayers.... for visiting me... for smsing me... for calling me. It meant so much to me! Thank you so much!!!!

Luv u all!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The One With the check up

I'm going to Pantai Medical Centre around 9.30am today, for another checkup. I went there last Friday, but I still need to go there today. A bit complication on the pregnancy and also my health condition isn't good enough lately. Been having fever, flu, cough.. for more than 2 weeks already...

Pray for me and the baby yah? If I'm not around... I might be admitted then...

Please pray for me and the baby.... may both of us stay healthy...


Monday, August 01, 2005

The One With His special day - part 2

Been planning to do something different for his birthday long agooo... awal taun kot kan Malik... citer kat Malik pasal plan tuh.. and alhamdulillah... with Malik's help (thanks so much dude!) the plan come real!

So, on Friday, discuss with Malik, Sha and Syah (and of coz Yang pon ada sbb dier dah ter'tau' dah plan tuh.. ches.. padan muka skang dah kene jadik committee member.. kene wat keje.. hahaha)... lay out the plans.. and menu... and who to do/bring what. Decided on Saturday nak pegi Pasar Chow Kit beli daging and ayam for BBQ.. sebab seme dah confirm tak bleh bangun pagi nak pegi pasar tani kat Melawati. haha..

So on Saturday, me , Malik, and Yang pegi la Pasar Chow Kit.. mulanyer nak beli daging and ayam.. ended up.. cam satu pasar tuh je kitorang borong.. balik plak.. singgah kat Carefour to have our lunch and buy more things, and last but not least, beli besi/dawai for BBQ and also charcoal.

So, tugas marinate bahan2 BBQ kasik kat Malik, rebus jagung and spagetti pon Malik gak.. I cooked the spagetti sauce, and also sardine for the sandwich... kol 2 pagi baru tidooooo... hahaha...tapi still excited sbb nak pegi PICNICCCCC!!

So, on Sunday morning, met Malik, Ika, Zai, Sha and Syah(tho both of them were late, but still di maafkan sbb sesat) at Projet Melawati and then met Afza, Katik, Din and Nazham at Projet Gombak. Sorry guys, that you have to wait for one and a half hours... sian Sha ngan Syah sesat sampai Bukit Belacan.. bleh? hahahha...apapon, perjalanan diteruskannn.....

Yang, Malik and Zai tgh tunjuk pro pasang api.. punya pro kan.. dekat setengah jam gak aa nak iduppp.. hahahha

Happy birthday Yang.... kek terpenyek oleh Malik.. takper.. sbb kek di sponsor oleh Malik.

Yang dalam pelbagai aksi nak potong kek..

Katik, me and Din yang dah lapo tunggu makanan... siap prepare pinggan kat tangan...

Ibu mengandung yg bahagia banyak makanan di depannyer... go Ika!

Acara mandi2.. from left.. Toha, Yang, Me , Ika, front : Malik, Back atas batu : Apza
Acara memandikan Katik oleh Nazham.. oucch.. sejuk ok??
Thanks to all for making it happen. I really appreciate it! Syah, kalau nak main XBOX hadiah besday Yang tuh.. I have no power over it, sbb tuh hadiah besday dier.. kene g kenen lebih skit kat Yang erk?
Malik, thanks.. so much for helping me with the shopping and cooking... BBQ mmg best.. first class!! nanti ajar wat mushroom sauce tu erk?
Zai and Ika, thanks... for joining, walaupon Ika tgh sarat2 tuh... still join gak... thanks so much!
Katik, Nazham and Din.... thanks so muchhhh u ols... sbb bangun di pagi hari utk bersama2 meraikan picnic ini.. sorry la u ols tunggu lama sampai naik cik rent... apapon.. you guys are great!!!!
Sha and Syah, thanks sesusah datang sampai sesat2...
Apza, thanks sbb datang.. hehhee.... sorry erk.. kete rosak tak bleh claim and tak kire hadiah Yang kata.. hehehe..
Toha.. thanks!
You guys are great!!!! thanks so much!!!

The One with the Trip - pics

Hehe... sorry that I haven't been updating my blog .... been busy with work.. and so many things happen..

ok.. tak nak cakap banyak2.. here's some of the pics taken during the SG trip..


Malik's breakfast ... oh 7-11.... i miss u!

At Thai Fair

Gambo nieh Yang amik.. kene tanya dier nape dier amik gambo nieh..


Yang dengan beg Crumples baru nyer...
Kat luar giant Durian..

Before pegi Mustoffa.... Malik tgh bersilat! hahah..
More pics? heheh... kalau sempat nanti saya upload erk? buat masa nieh.. ini je la dulu erkk? hehehe...