Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The one with the princess 2nd birthday

No fancy party.. no theme....
just simple cake, and birthday song..
but to see her grew up ..
makes me shed few tears...

My dear Yang Alya Mysarah....
Happy 2nd birthday....

I know you enjoyed both your birthday celebration....
you can't get enuff of singing birthday song and blowing candle don't you..
and she can relate cake with birthday.. so watch out..
everytime she saw cake, she will want one ...
just for her to sing happy birthday...
and blow the candle! hahahha...

I can still remember....
when you were born..
you were really small...
only 2.29 kg.... even penumbuk mummy lagik besar dari muka alya...
but now... you've grown up... becoming a 'bam bam' girl..
notty and talkative(sapenyer perangai la dier ikut kan? hahah)..
and I could assure you... I could never get enuff of you..

Syukur Allah.. for giving me this priceless gift...
Insya Allah.. I'll take good care of your gift...

Yang Alya Mysarah,
Again, Happy birthday from mummy and daddy...
we both love you... endlessly..
Watch Alya in action.... here

Monday, December 17, 2007

The One With the 3rd Anniversary

Today mark our 3rd year.. being together as husband and wife..
My life has been blessed with a lot of wonderful things ever since then..
Being blessed with a loving and supportive hubby..
and also my sweet adorable notty little gurl..
will definitely be the top of all other things in my life..

ya, it has been a long year this year...
i watch myself during my ups and downs..
being happy and blessed with wonderful frens and gift...
being stabbed by ppl that I least expected...

but on top of all...
I'm still here, if not standing or sitting, will be laying down..
sleeping ... hehehe...
yup.. i'm still happy with my life..

and Baby,
for having you always around me..
makes me who i am today..
I know i wasn't 'the perfect wife'..
but you accept me.. just the way i am..
and I promise to be a better wife.. your best buddy..
your soulmate... :)

I'm dedicating this song to you...
this says it all...

How do I
Get through one night without you

If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?

Oh I need you in my arms
Need you to hold
You're my world my heart my soul
If you ever leave
Baby you'd take away everything good in my Life.

And tell me now

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you

If you ever go

How do I ever, ever survive?

How do I
How do I O how do I live?.

Without you
There'd be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life

There would be no world left for me

And I

Baby I don't know what I would do
I would be lost if I lost you
If you ever leave
Baby you would take away everything real in My life

And tell me now

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever ever survive?
How do I

How do I
O how do I live?...

Please tell me baby..
How do I go on?
If you ever leave

Well baby you would take away everything

Need you with me

Baby don't you know your everything good in My life

And tell me now

How do I live without you

I want to know

How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I How do I
O how do I live

How do I live without you

How do I live without you baby.......

How do I live....

I love you Baby...
with all my heart..

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary...

Note: Pics credits to Saiful Nang from Candid Syndrome.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The One With the Betrayal

As hurt as it gets... no one likes to be betrayed... especially from someone you know..
someone you call fren... kan kan kan?

but... life works as it is... and unexpected things happen in your life without you even noticing it..

never ask why.... coz you'll never get the answer..
and will hurt you even more.. and make you someone you don't even like..

stay calm.. stay down...
let it be...

sometimes.. somethings are better left unsaid....untold..

may you lead a happy life ahead...

Friday, November 30, 2007

The One With the new ride

Heheh... at last... my mengada attempt telah berjaya memujuk hati suami terchenta(Baby, I luv u tauu..) to buy 2nd car, since we both now doesn't work nearby(nearby means just another building away, walking distance ye..) and he works shift.. so.. masa pegi keje pon tak sama..

Adalah sangat sukar utk kaki jalan sepertiku jika tidak memegang kereta...
seriously.. i felt like... patah kaki sbb tak bleh berjalan..
just imagine betapa rindunyer aku kat mid veli, bangsar village.. sbb susah giler nak pegi kalau takder kete.. before this, almost everyday lunch hour mesti kuar... but since ada satu je kete..
susah... tak bleh berjalan tauww..(mesti laki aku nyesal beli kete skang..)

I would like to thank my frens yg sangat bersusah payah sewaktu ketiadaan kereta..
Nazham... pagi2 u ols amik mak kat umah khan... merasalah awal u ols pegi opis sbb mak khen..
pastuh.. balik pon kadang u ols antar mak.. kadang katik jemput....
thanks both of u... mak sayang korang!!! muahs!

and my special thanks goes to my beloved hubby...
Baby.. thanks so much.. i know you bought the car coz u love me so much kan?
sbb tak nak i susah hati ari2 kalau u beli motor kan? hehehhe..
thanks baby.. it means a lot to me..
sayang dier.... muahs!!!

Tho I didn't get the same registration number as my Wira (bleh tak number 2299 skang dah nak seribu regenyer??)... tapi thanks gak sbb susah payah bgn pagi2 nak pegi JPJ sampai 4 times.. just to check if we can still get the number.. eventho u never really care apa pon number kete tuh..
thanks baby... for ur endless love and support to me..

luv u.....!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The One With the Annual Dinner 2007

My company held the Annual Dinner and Dance last Friday at Westin Hotel.
The theme was "Celebrating the Star in You" so you can basically be anyone you like..
Be it from Movie, Music.. or even cartoon.... me? can you guess?

Hahaha... it was a last minute so called costume that my Baby had helped me choose, and bought me additional accessories just to go with the theme... terer kan my consultant nieh.
dah la got to do the job in less than 10 mins.... hahhahaha... cian lakiku sbb aku telah mempressure dier hari tuu.. sorry Baby.... I love u! hahahha

It was a nice night I would say... but last year food was better... I was late so I got to join the committee members table and lucky me kak Marina is there to accompany me.. thanks kak.. muah muah.. cantik akak punya kimono...

Mira went there as the 'Cleopatra'.... nieh gambo dua member kamceng yg bengong lps telinga pekak dek bisingnyer Dinner tuu..

I guess, that nite semeorang being so sporting and try to dress up according to the theme..

Best... hopefully it'd be better next year... (and if i am still with the company la kan)

Later after the Annual Dinner, me and hubby went to Nasik Lemak Antarabangsa at Kg Baru (hahaha.. bleh lepas Dinner makan lagik??? mana tak kimpah kan?)... Dunno, I just feel hungry and teringin nak makan nasik lemak memalam buta... so... while waiting for the gang to arrived at the Wine Room for Nrul bachelorette party, baik makan dulu kan?

And ya Nrul.. hope you enjoy your nite... Nyah, bole je nak have the same nite sometimes kan... mak nieh nyah.. pegi je nyahh.. hahahhahaha.. bleh je kan laki mak cakap... "kitorang blom kawin" kan..
koseh sangat khennn...

Pape pon.. mak doakan u ols bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat bersama suami terchenta.. and dimurahkan rezeki dapat anak comel lote ok?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The One With the Deepavali

Ahhaa... aku tau Deepavali dah lepas.. and entry nieh adalah entry ketinggalan zaman..
tapi nak jugak buat sebab nak citer pasal open house ila yg bestttt..

Elok2 plak tuh I just finished my puasa ganti the day before, esoknya Ila ajak pegi makan2 umah dia for the open house.. just rite la kan.. me and food.. mana bleh dipisahkan kan? mana tak kimpah la kan?

The thing I like most about Ila's open house is this unique Ketupat Periuk Kera.. Don't ask me where the hell she manage to get the periuk kera.. or even how to cook the ketupat periuk kera.. but u definitely can ask me if it taste good... hahahha.... sheeeddaaapppp giler dap dap dap ok ... (Ila, ini bererti aku nak lagikkk..)
And.... nonetheless.. choc cake dier yg sedap ittew.. ah.. mengingatkannyer pon aku dah hampir melelehkan air liurrr....

Butttttttt...... being able to mengambil gambo beramai2 dengan gelagat poyoo.... tidak mungkin boleh dibeli di mana2.... hahahhahahhaha...... thanks Moon.. seme gambo2 nieh lenny curik dari Moon tauuu....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The One With the more Raya foods!

Do not ask me how I manage to put more weight....
blame it to the Raya foods.... open houses....
blame all to them.. except for myself ok? hahahhaha..

but I couldn't care less.. coz the food temptation is much2 more tempting than getting kurus..

As mentioned by Yang... since Raya, there's no weekend yg kitorang tka kuar pegi open houses..
all weekend is about food and food... hehhehe..

Some pics of the open houses and Raya gathering that we attended. Mostly takder gambo sbb aku bz makannnnn
Yang giving speech on his farewell party @ Armada
Yang receiving the souvenir from the team
Alya lalok lps open house/besday bash Ilyana
Us at filla's open house/Kasih besday bash
During mkn2 at my house

Aiza and Malik
Sya and Syah(sorry gamba blur)
Zaini and Adrian
Qais got milk!!
Model2 sauna
dah kenyang baca paper plak.. pastuh wat muka terkejut
aksi pertarungan menyelamatkan dunia (main XBOX)

And guess what? That should answer why I gain a lot of weight.. sbb bila weekdays... I do my 'puasa ganti' sesiap... so that takyah kecoh2 nak ganti later, and today it my last dayy...

Sesuai kan.. sbb esok adalah Deepavali.. and ramai plak tuh buat open house esok...
Deepa raya sangat kannn...

And again, those are the reason I gained more weight! hahhaa... (seme nak salahkan makanan.. bleh?)

okla.. got to go.. nak pegi amik baju yg baru ditempah..
did i mention baju tuh beli kat bandung arituh? giler lama kan baru nak tempah..
tapi tah la muat ke tak sbb dah makan banyak sure gemuk niehhh..

Friday, October 19, 2007

The One With the Eid Mubarak 2007

Dah seminggu dah raya baru nak buat posting raya kan..

Anyway, I guess it wasn't too late for us to wish everyone

"SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI.... Maaf Zahir dan Batin.."

Mana2 salah silap.. harap di maafkan..
mana2 terlebih terkurang.. mintak di halalkan..
semoga persahabatan kita akan terus berkekalan ke akhir hayat

This year we celebrated raya at my hometown! Best ke tak.. kene tanya Alya lah..
she's been busy greeting everyone shamat Ayee... and has been the model of the Raya since semeorang sebok nak amik gambo ngan dier... chaitt... abis mak tak bleh inteprem!

I manage to meet Irdina and co (eh.. adi tak jumpa.. )... Anna, kek carot itu mmg shedaapp lahh..
aku suka.... nak makan lebih segan la plak.. lagipon alya ngan irdina sebok nak g tgk fish...
And last weekend was a great weekend.... and had lotsa food!! merasalah nanti kebaya dah tak buat boleh? I went to Zizie's open house(dewan kot zz.. bukan house) on Friday nite.
Food was so shedaaapp.. and i know i ate alot! ahhaha.. sorry zz lenny perabis makanan!
Then on Saturday, I went to few other open houses... starting at Katik's house at Seremban.
Katik, tell ur parents that I lurrvveee their house... cantekkk sangat ok.. mak likeee!!
and of course... food adalah sedap.. siap ada ABC lagik tuh... and as usual, anak aku sangatla enjoy the food especially the icecream... tak malu ok... siap mintak 3 kali...and.. kasik tau kak Nor, dier nyer pegedil comel tuh sedappp sangat!

Rite after that, we pursue our journey to Bangi to Azlan's house. Makan lagi and lagi...
sampai tak sempat snap pics. Sorry la azlan... lenkali i datang lg amik gambo banyak2 ok..

Next, we went to Mahathir's house at Putrajaya (ke.. Kajang tuh erk?)... berpeluh gak aa carik area tuh coz kitorang mmg pakar bab sesat2 kat Putrajaya nieh... ada skali sampai tak jadik pegi open house sbb tak jumpa jalan.. hahahha.. lawak btul! Kat sini pon tak sempat amik gambo sbb alya kecoh siap yak ok kat situh... mandi segala seme...

Abis je rumah Mahathir... we speed of to Iin's house kat Gombak.. nak tgk baby dia..
Comel btul baby dier... tapi tak sempat amik gambo sbb bateri phone dah nak kong...!
takper.. ada alasan nak jumpa lg and amik gambo banyak2..

Habis tuh... singgah pulak umah zz... cadangan nak antar kuih raya je.. alih2... kene pegi beraya pulak.... ha.. penat sungguh arituh aku makaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn jeee..

Last skali baru balik umah Mama... ampeh nyer menantu dah abis round satu dunia baru g umah Mama kan? hehhehe.... We slept there... after a whole day trip of eating! hahahha... makan.. makan.. tambah.. tambah..

On Sunday, we went to Kevin's wedding.... ingat nak pegi Ahama punya open house after that, tapi tak sempat since the dinner ends pon around 11.... sorry yer Ahama.... nanti aku serbu umah ko lain kali...:D

So... my Raya and weekend is full of food.... eat eat eat and eat until u drop! hahhaha..
Korang nyer camner?

ps# gambo open house ZZ ada kat umah.. nanti update yee..