Thursday, November 27, 2008

The One With the tagging game

Okay la... masa utk membayar hutang tag....

I've been tagged by Ila, Moon and Jujue

1. Do u think u are HOT?
Korang rasa2 camner? tapi kalau cuaca panas.. aku mmg HOOOOOTT sesaje kan...

2. upload a fav pic of u.. aku poyo buh 2 leh? first pics credits to Filla

3. why do u like this picture?
Almost the latest pic that all the family members are there..
Baby masih dalam perut lg....:D

4. when was the last time u ate pizza?
Can't remember lah... agak lama juga.. last month kot.. ke.. last 2 month.. tak minat plak pizza skang nieh...

5. the last song u listen to
Ruang Rindu - letto... tapi di nyanyikan oleh alya.. version alyalah yer.. nanti kalau dapat amik video.. i will upload alya's version of Ruang Rindu...

6. What are u doing right now besides this?
Menahan sakit contraction.. sian aku kan...

7. What name u prefer besides yours?
Alya - it means a lot to me... and hubby too i guess!

8. People to tag - since seme org cam dah kene tag.... meh check sape tak kene lg..

1. nazham
2. nok fifi
3. zaimah VP
4. Zizie Hashim
5. ika ummiQais

9. Who is no. 1?
my buddy .. yg selalu kene temankan aku ke mana2 kalau aku takder transport and all... and slalu teman bawak alya pegi Mc D kan?

10. No. 3 is having relationship with with her husbandlah.. sape lg!

11. say something about no. 5
A pregnant mummy... mother of Qais Amiir

12. how about no. 4?
a fren whom i know from FP...

13. who is no. 2?
my fren who is farr farrr away....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The One With the being away

I know I have been away for a week plus from updating my blog..
not because I am not connected to the internet.. but... I am pretty much not in the mood now...

I was admitted last week, due to early contraction...
and now resting at home.... bed rest precisely.. hehhehe..
(Dr pesan tak bleh buat apa2... masak air pon tak bleh tauu)
This week masuk 2nd week la dok umah jee..
Pretty much trying to get the rest...
coz.. most of the time... tak kire masa... i will feel the contraction pain..
but who am I to complaint? I am blessed with another kid...
on his way out... pretty sooon....
siap 2 lg tuh.. red tuh.. kire2 red alert la kan... :)) .. utk alergy tak silap aku

Minta kawan2 doakan keselamatan.. dan kesejahteraan saya and baby ya?

And I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for any wrong doings I have done...
Manalah tau umur tak panjang kan.... mintak halal semua nya yer...

Wish me all the best!! and pray for me too yah?

Monday, November 17, 2008

The One With Mak's birthday

It's a special entry for a special person..

Happy 58th birthday Mak...

Semoga Panjang Umur.. Murah rezeki..
dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik...
dah dipermudahkan segala urusan...

We went back on Friday night after my company's Annual Dinner (Dinner nanti next entry lah ye..)
Arriving home almost 1am.. hahahha... giler je jalan malam2..

On Sat, we went out to IKEA and IKANO...
to let Mak choose her own pressie...
Bagus tak anak? tak tau nak beli apa.. suh je mak pilih sendiri..

She ended up buying stuff at Aussino...

On Sunday.. we held a small ceremony..
Buat doa selamat sekali... for my mom..
and also myself... since I am already at 33 weeks now..
3 more weeks to go for full term.. then.. just get ready to deliver at any time..
So, the kenduri doa selamat was also done for me... semoga selamat bersalin.. dah dipermudahkan..
dan dapat anak yg solehh.... aminnnnnn..

We had Pulut Kuning as one of the cake.. ahhaha...pecah tradisi taun nieh pakai pulut kuning..
then.. kak ngah bake 2 cakes, sandwich cake and also carrot cake..
There are lots of food... mmg sampai tak terlarat nak makannnn..
seme sedapppppppppppppp... yumyum!

We went back later after Maghrib prayers.. and as usual, Alya tak nak balik sbb sonok kat kg ramai cousins..
Mana taknyer.. siang tuh siap sempat dok swim2 tuh lagikkk....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The One With lagi lagi Alya

I cannot blame my daughter for becoming so talkative (yes, she can talk and talk and talk like there's no tomorrow)..
just because.. it is inherited.. comes in the gene I suppose...
No need to ask which gene... I believe it is pretty obvious don't you think so? ahhahaha..

Takpe.. aku mmg sedar diri..:))

And, she is also quite friendly ( ok... nak salahkan aku gak lagi.. silakann..)
and due to that, at our apt, most of the unties, uncles, neneks, abang2 or kakak2 knows her quite well..
but among all.. she is close with our neighbour who lives next door...
and almost everyday.. Yong(the eldest) will buy Alya something... be it biscuits, cakes, choc, bags, toys, book, apa je lah..
dah larang pon dier beli gak... kadang rasa pening.. sbb cam rasa bersalah banyak beno dier spend to Alya..
but she claimed, tak apa... Alya cam adik dia dah... erm.. naik tocang ler anak aku!

Anyway.. next weekend, Yong will have her engagement ceremony...
and my good fren Moon will be the photog of the day... yeay.. nanti moon singgah umah tawww..
hopefully majlis berjalan lancar.. and for that, the parents hold a kenduri doa selamat..

Alya as usual... menyebok cam dier nyer kenduri.. siap mekap bagai..
pastuh suh ikat rambut banyak2... siap berbaju kurung bagai..
hehehhe... she is extra poyo that day..
(ikut sapeee la tuh kannn..)

mummy tak dapat tulun banyak..
tulun banyak makan boleh la..
but I've send my maid to help around at the house..
kire okla kan... ada wakil..

apapon.. hopefully majlis tunang Yong nanti selamat...

Congrats Yong!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The One With the eye infection

huhuh.. pity my Alya..
arituh kene sakit mata...
but she didn't complaint that her left eye was sore or itchy,
but she said.. she is sad...

"Mummy.. Alya sedih... "
tuh.. mata dier berair je kan..

cian la plak.. sedih maksud dia tuh.. sbb mata dier asek kuar air.. cam org nanges..
so.. dier rasa kalau air mata kuar tuh.. sedih lah..

We went to clinic and the doctor prescribed her with the eye drop and another one is like cream or something.. to put on her eyelid every night... Ok.. that was when the horror part comes... susah giler okeh nak buh ubat kat mata dier..
siap gaduh2 lagikkkkk!
tgh tunggu doktor panggil..

Fortunately daddy is so patient.. unlike mummy... dah pujuk2 tak jalan.. mmg marah la jawapnyer..
So.. time nak bg ubat mata... daddy la terpaksa buatkan.. hehhehe..
Thank you daddy.... !

Now, mata dah okay dah... alhamdulillah...
Dia tak complaint pon.. tapi kesian bila pagi... mata tak bleh bukak sbb taik mata penuh kann...
Tapi skang dah ok.. lega lah...
dah baik dahhhhh.... hehhehe.. kembali notty!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The One With the open houses

As usual, when it comes to updating events, I'll be the last to update right? Hehehehe..

tapi takper.. yg penting.. haku hapdet kannnn....

Here goes on open houses that we attended, from last week, and last2 week..

Started with Katik's open house at Seremban on Sat..
Sampai je.. aku terus makan...:)) Lapar.. sebab jalan jam... took us longer to arrive than expected because of the jam,
so, aku dah lapar bangat... Food was good... mmg aku makan bebetul lah!! yummieh..
I know Alya had fun there.. siap heret Katik tgk fish berulang kali... hehhehe..
sampai merah2 okeh muka dier sbb panas kat tepi so call fish pond korang tuhh..
And as usual.. the gedik pose ... mesti ada kannnn...

Then, we head to Bangi to Mahathir's house (eh, route open house adalah hampir sama with last year kan..?)
but, we didn't take any photo coz it was soooo hot, and mummy takder mood sangt sbb kenyangggg!!
tapi dalam kenyang2 tuh.. sempat lg makan kek kannn..:))

After that, we went to Puchong for Airis 2nd birthday Bash cum open house..
Sampai2 derang tgh prepare nak nyanyi2... Alya cam biasa excited tgk candle..
but Airis tgh moody, tapi takpe.. sempat lg tiup lilin and all..

Since td tak makan.. so.. skang ler masa nak melantak..
i ate laksa yg sangat sedap.. pastuh... dah kenyang...
apakahhhhhh??? lain mmg tak dapat nak makan sbb perut rasa sebuuuuu plak.. huhuhuh...petanda suh benti jd buruk lantak..:))

On Sunday, we went to Putrajaya to Filla's house..
Filla, aku berbangga sebab jd geng 3G pertama yg sampaii.. (pastuh yg last balik kan?)
hahahhahah.. sabo je buat umah ko cam umah sendiri... Alya siap buat bilik menan kasih cam bilik dier.. main masak2 ngan syahmi...:D
Family pics and also alya sengeh2 tuh.. courtesy from Filla.

I know all of us had fun that day... coz I definitely had fun!
Cian buk pilla sbb penat melayan kitorang ek? Siap tapau2 lagik... tengkiuuu sangat.... food sangat yummiehhhh!!