Monday, July 27, 2009

The One With bersawang...

Lama giler tak update blog... giler bersawang dahh..
berabuk tak hengat nyerrr..

been sooo busy sampai tak sempat nak update apa2...
walhall... banyak giler menda nak update..

erm... sat erk.. baru nak panas engine.. pasni update satu2....
stay tuned! (gedixnyaaa nak stay tuned katanya kan..)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The One with her singing again..

korang kecik2 ada blaja lagu nie kat skolah tak?

tapi cam biasa.. alya suka tukar lirik....
kalau time tension2 kat opis.. aku suka bukak..
sbb rasa cam... lawak lah anak aku nieh..
boleh dah salah lirik.. pastuh tetiba teringat .. dia main sambung jee..

now presenting... Papaku pulang... alya's version!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The One With the paintball

Enough of those uneasy feeling... LENNY, LIFE GOES ON!

screw you people! ahahhaha..

Last Saturday, my team in my company organize a Paintball (can also be spelled as PAIN-Ball) game.
Since the game will start around 9, we need to be there by 8... I was kinda... mak aihh.. awalnyeee..
2 weeks in a row I have to wake up early on Saturday.. and there goes my beauty sleep during weekend..
(We had futsal tournament the previous week ya..)

But then, since I never played this game.. and it's kinda compulsory...
so.. what the heck.. let's try this out...!

the outcome?

yes.... some bruises!! Ni dah 4 hari nie... color pon dah fade skit...
I got some.. actually 2 obvious one lah... lagik satu.. tak sedar.. tau2 sakit jee..
One kat atas lutut.. another one... right there... on my butt!! (tau la luas permukaan yg lebar... maka itulah nak tuju kannn...:P)

Nonetheless, we won the game... First place!!! ehhehehe..vannga la kononnyer..
but then... the joy of the game... priceless!

Best ahhh.... jom korang.. sape nak main paintball sesama.... best oooo!

Friday, July 03, 2009

The One With the ups and downs

I met my old schoolmates last night. All I can say....
it was great!! Most of us grew very well..(hahahha... all rounder precisely!)

We chat and chat and chat until I almost forgot that time flies so fast.
it was past midnight when we decided to say our goodbyes...
(boley tak sampai umah, mr hubby pon dah balik dari kerja..)
lucky mr hubby best, kot tak... confirm tido luarr!

I had fun, and I know my little gurl had super duper fun too!
Balik rumah sebok cerita itu ini kat daddy dia...

Thanks Joebeng, for arranging this so called reunion gathering.
and owh.. sorry, didn't take any pics of the event,
too busy talking! ahahhaha... Btw, some of my frens already updated the pics at FB... nanti ada masa mak plagiat! ahahhaha

On another note,
I felt a little annoyed today.
I just don't understand why people always try thier best to bring me down.. I am not sure what have I done coz I really put a lot of thought on it.. thinking and thinking and thinking hard... but gosh, I couldn't find the answer.

Seriously, I don't know! I thought I had enough, and I just want to move on and not to bother about it anymore.. but hell, I soooo know that those words, are meant for me. Through this cyber world, everything is transparent...:)

If you know who you are, and you're reading this, oh please...
tell me what's bothering you? tell me what you hate about me that you've always have those remark on me? I don't care about how you always grumble about every other people, but all I want to know is why you hate me so much?

ps# Do you hate me because I soooo know all your dirty little secret?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The One With belated entry


dah basi giler busuk berulat dah rasanyer entry nie..
tapi nak buh gak.. aahhaha..

no fancy celebration... we went back to Ulu Klang that week and I bought some cuppies from kak ngah

I ordered Choc Oreo and ask for fathers day theme..
I'm not too sure what will suit both my hubby and father in law more..
but I think since Ayah selalu pegi masjid.. I ask the image to have dome, songkok, kain pelikat..
for hubby, kak ngah suggested to have pillow and bed since my hubby suka tido katanya.. ahahhaa..

I know this will be a very2 belated wish..

Happy father's day to all great daddy out there!