Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The One With the Raya Cookies

**** Updated ****

Takder masa sangat nak update sebenarnyer..later erk.. however, sape nak order kuih by tomorrow erk.. coz nak balik kg amik minggu nieh... minggu depan .. seme dah nak balik raya kan?

satu lagik.. ada jugak tart... saper nak order bleh kasik tau erk... suitable utk kasik hadiah sbb each piece buh dalam cup... cute lar... so.. saper2 nak beli jiwa mak mentua dsb.. sila2 lah yer.. gambo nanti saya update! hahah.. lupa amik.


Tart in nice individual cup, 50pcs = RM23 ; 100 pcs = RM46


I'm selling Raya cookies on behalf of my sister in law who has been in this business for years... hahaha..
She has this bakery back in my hometown... remember one of my post about the bakery? With all the hot and nice buns? (Alamak.. tgh puasa.. teringat plak makanan.. hehehe) .. Haa... that is the shop.. and that is where she produce yummy cookies and also cakes... I LIKKEE..!

Anyway, here's the sample of the cookies... Any one interested to order, can leave the order here.. If u want to try out the cookies, let me know.. coz I have the sample with me..


Kuih gunting : 1kg = RM15 / 500grm = RM 8


Biskut Bunga Santan : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Bahulu gulung : 1pc = RM3.50


Samperit : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Almond London(almond sebiji) : 100pcs = RM37 / 50pcs = RM19


Cornflakes Rocher : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Choc Chip Cookies : 1kg = RM40 / 500grm = RM21


Almond slice : 1kg = RM42 / 500grm = RM22
Any questions, can ask here too! Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims!