Monday, March 20, 2006

The One With... down...

Huk huk huk...

I'm down with flu for a week already..
and.. sad to say.. I've pass the germ to baby Alya..
cian dier... meleleh je air idung... but not to worry..
mummy knows how to buang hingus tuh kan?

weekend plak.. Yang demam...
now... i'm in office.. ter sok sek..sok sek..
cepat la baik selsemaaaaaaaaaaa.........:(

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The One With the smiles....

I'm kinda tired nowadays.... probably because of having less sleep, and have to go to work..
but naaaa... I don't think that is the reason.... I exactly know why I'm been feeling tired lately..
Yerla.... tak cukup makan(due to having habit of muching these and that during pregnancy)...
hahaha... malu nak ngaku.. tapi I'm on diet now! hahahaha... tak larat tgk badan sendiri cam badak berendam bleh?

Enough about me... My little princess is doing well so far... better i think... she started to adapt and can differentiate between day and nite.... Alhamdulillah.. at least, mummy, daddy and nenek could have some rest and could get to sleep.
Nowadays... she can sleep and night and she'll only be awake to be fed... but still, we kinda have this shift schedule to take care of her at night. Thanks to my beloved hubby for taking the responsibilities together in taking care of our little princess.
Shhhh... time tido je bleh ketip kuku dia... kot tak.. tak reti dok diam!

She's now 2 months and 10 days old... dah pandai main2.. and gelak2 bila org main2 ngan dier.. If she's up to play and no one rajin enough to layan her.. she'll start making noise.. we call it... alya's engine... memula start slow slow je.. pastuh bila org still tak layan.. siapla.. gear naik.. menjerit2 la dier..

Suka la tuh dapat main ngan Daddy tuh....

Ok.. bosan dah main ngan daddy... lepak ngan mummy laa...

Sengeh senget.... tak tau pesal... Alya mmg suka sengeh camtuh..

Mummy.. bosan dah la toy tuh.. tgk Alya lagik creative buat bubbles

Hopefully.. she's grow up fast.. and be wise.... kalau cepat besar.. macam2 mummy bleh beli utk alya tauu... bestnyerrrr...(daddy baca mesti geleng kepala je nieh)

Demm! I wish I'm with her now.. its bad when you can only spend few hours with your kid due to you have to work! Tapi kalau tak keje.. camner mummy nak beli unnecessary things(agree Daddy?) untuk Alya kan? hehehhe..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The One With the big JOY!

Ya Ya.. it has been a long time... but I guess... most of you have already been informed that I was away for my confinement....

Alhamdulillah... I'm a mother of a wonderful and adorable princess(seme baby mmg adorable pon kan?) Yang Alya Mysarah binti Yang Zamzari Habali..

It started on 25th Dec, Christmas evening where I found out that my water bag ruptured! I told my hubby and both of us bersenang lenang pegi Pantai Medical Center... coz I don't feel the pain at all... Arrived at PMC around 630pm, Dr Idris, my gynea was there. He did some check up on me and admitted me to the Labor ward..
Ni muka time baru masuk... happy je... tak sakit lagik... PEACE!

Around 11.30pm, Dr Idris instructed the nurse to induce me and informed me that I'll start to feel more frequent contraction. The night went well, the contraction occurs every 3 mins.. but the pain is still bearable... the next morning, Dr Idris check lagi.. tapi belum fully dilated. Start tghari, contraction makin rasa sakit and I decided nak lepak and berehat. At 2.30pm, Dr datang check lagik... still tak fully dilated, dier pecahkan terus waterbag... and after that, contraction pain makin sakit... pukul 3, dah tak tahan, tapi Yang suruh sabar and tahan sampai pukul 4 to get the jap.. coz if it is too early, then I'll feel so much pain during the delivery... Kol 4 lebih... tak tahan sangat.. mintak jap. Masa tuh dah sakit sangat pon... Lps kene jap.. tetiba termuntah kat situh gak... abis muntah... terus tertido... in pain..

Masya Allah... truthfully saying the pain was so painful... itula org kata... sakit nak mati!(walaupon tak pernah rasa mati tuh sakit camana..) hehhee.. but it was very2 painful... around 10, Dr datang check and told us that baru dilated 4cm je... jauh lagi nak 10cm! Reason kenapa lama is because, dahi baby yg tolak, bukan kepala dia.. sebab tuh lambat... Dr bagi sampai kol 7 pagi.. kalau tak bersalin gak.. kene ceaser.... at that time, I don't really care coz I was in such terrible pain.. I cried a lot(tak malu kan?) and I keep on telling my hubby and my mom that it is so painful...
Cian Yang... siap kene marah lagik time tuh.... sorry Baby... tak sengaja termarah.. heheh..

I requested for another jap after that eventho doctor said that at this rate, every cm will take about an hour.. and if I took the jap now, I might be in hell lot pain during the delivery. But I don't care... I will take up epidural if i need to! After the jap, I felt really tired and sleepy... still in pain.. but much lesser... i remembered that doctor advice me to lay down on my side so that baby could turn a lot faster. Suddenly, I felt such urge, to post motion.... giler rasa tak tahan ok.. then I told Yang.. I think it's about time! And guess what? His reply was.. "Ala.. u sakit tuh... belum nak beranak lagik" Bleh tak cakap camtuh.. aku dah terasa nak terkeluar sangat nieh... and i told him again... dah nak kuarrr!!!
Barula dier panggil nurse.. and mmg pon dah about time..

Alhamdullilah... at 11.52pm Dec 26th 2005, my little princess Yang Alya Mysarah binti Yang Zamzari Habali is born... alhamdulillah, both me and baby selamat... amazingly, sakit2 semua hilang when the nurse held me my precious.. my little princess.... sakit2 seme ilang nengok muka baby.... bestnyeeeee...
Yang Alya Mysarah - 3days old

sWeEt ReVeNgE(016)
Asek tidoooo jeee... nieh Cik Opik dier yg pakaikan...

She was fine... except that she have jaundice and was admitted to hospital for 2 days... She had her Aqiqah and potong jambul ceremony on Awal Muharram. Thanks to untie Laydiefa, uncle Malik, Untie Sha and Uncle Acai for attending the ceremony...
7 Days - Baru balik spital...
8 Days- dah balik kg... huwarrgghhh.... nguap skit...
Ok.. ready dah posing.... Daddy nak amik gambo
During aqiqah and potong jambul ceremony - Tq untie Laydiefa, amik gambo saya
After... huhuh.. tulun.. tgk.. mummy kerjakan rambut Alya..terus gondol...

She's now 2 months and 4 days old.... semoga cepat besar and jadik anak yg baik....
Ok Mummy... Alya dah ready nak pegi shopping ngan mummy! Daddy.. cepat laaaa...

Syukur pada Tuhan, for His precious gift to us.... I'm happy to be a mom.. eventho Alya skang susah tido malam(ni kalau tak ikut perangai Daddy dier... perangai saper lagik kan?) and Mummy terpaksa tido 3-4 hours je sehari.. Mummy still loves you so much Alya... esok besar lawan cakap mummy.. mummy cubit bontot! hehehhe..

Doakan Alya grow up to be anak yg solehah, yg mendengar kata, yang bijak... serta comel! Amin..