Friday, February 29, 2008

The One with the debt free

nd hubby has been trying our best to be out of debt by this year..
by being out of debt means, no more credit card outstanding balance, no more easy payment 0% interest not being paid and has resulted more interest to be paid..

Eventhough that only covers our credit card debt and not others like home loans and car loans.. but at least we tried to be out of debt on our credit card.. as our first step.

Actually, I got struck one day realising that I has build quite a number of debt.. which I thought it was only small amounts before my hubby put all the amount on excel sheet combining all credit cards I have.. If I were to look at each cards.. the amount might look small.. but if it was being combined... darn... it was a lot!!

So, my hubby advice me to do a balance transfer on all the card to one credit card, and start to draw a payment plan every month to settle the debt... lucky me that my hubby has helped me realize that I actually has debt that I need to clear off before it kills me...
true enough rite?

I bet all of us would like to be debt free right? Here's a website that you can read on Debt Management
and how you could help yourself to manage your debt before it manage to lead you to bankruptcy

The One With the once upon a time...

I'm feeling a bit mellow today..
My new colleague visited me at my cubicle and he asked me who's picture was that in the frame on my desk..

These are the pics

Do I really look 'that' different now??

Yes, of course in terms of size, I go get bigger.. but to the extend not recognise as the same person in the pics is definitely something else!

Help.. I need a plastic surgeryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

The One With the bad credit

I believe some of us do have bad credit history whereby you'll be blacklisted from taking any bank loans, or even to apply for new credit card.

For whatever reason that you have (mostly I guess bad money management), by being blacklisted could actually effect your future in many ways.. for instance, no more credit card application for you, or any other loans there is.

I stumble upon this website that listed available credit insitution that could help customer with bad credit history applies for a
credit card for bad credit. It listed and compares 10 institution for bad creditors to apply for credit cards, including the links to the application.

Talking about second chance given to bad creditors? I guess this will definitely help them rebuild their credit, and maybe to the extend their own financial future!

This post is brought to you for

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The One With the.. tagging game

18 Are you a morning person?
Why do I need to work at 830am? soooooo earlyyyyyyyyyy!!!

19 Is it easier for you to fall asleep or to be woken?

20 Think of one person, stick with it. You don’t have to say their name. Would you pick them up alone 100 plus miles away if it was your birthday?
My birthday or his? I think this question should be the other way around lah!

21 Give two reasons why you get distracted in work.
My friends call for a conference chat to share some gossips! hey who doesn't like gossip?

22 Do you think it’s funny when people get hurt?
Not at all....!!

23 Would you rather go to Tokyo or Paris?
er.. can i not choose and go both?

24 Do you have a guitar in your house?
Yes I do, not mine tho

25 Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
At home, sleeping!

26 How often do you get onto friendster?
Hmm... Hmm... quite often!

27 How long can you go without your mobile phone?
erk... few hours?

28 Where’s your mobile phone?
next to me

Yeays!! Done...!! Now I'm tagging:

1. Tini
2. Aiza
3. Mai
4. Filla
5. Zizie
6... list goes on....

The One With the Bed

My friend Mira will be moving in to her new house in Bukit Jelutong next month..
She really excited about it and has been discussing with me on how she would like the house to be.

She told me she wants her bedroom to be very nice and comfortable,
as that’s where she would like to rest after a long day at work.

For me, I’ve always love the leather bed.. and it must be King Sized coz I'd love to have a lot of space when I am sleeping! Heheh..
Maybe something like the below pics?
Nice huh? I stumble upon this great website and they have wide range of Beds to suit your liking! Among all of their listed product, I'm falling for the above.. Maybe I could buy them when I moved to my house... Will definitely cherish every moment of my sleep..! hehhe...

Hm.. I wonder if they can ship to Malaysia huh?

Well, its time to shop and enjoy your sleeping time pal!

The One With the addiction

Last Monday I received an email from Mai and she informed me that there will be a Choc Warehouse sale going on at our office area... knowing me... I wouldn't want to miss it!

The day comes and me together with Mira went down to the sales area ....
We are among the first to arrived.. the workers/promoters not even settled with arranging the chocs..
but we stood there, waiting.. patiently..
and at last, it pays!

Even though not everything was really on sale and cheap..
(According to Aiza the Reese's choc is more expensive at the Warehouse sale compared to Giant)
but there are some which can be considered cheap..

I bought Mini Kit Kat for my little Alya, and Mira bought...
hmm.. plenty of them...

I think most of us are really into chocs and that's the reason this line of food industry has evolved!
hahahha... well.. maybe not for you but to be honest, while writing this blog, I'm actually enjoying a packet of M&M Peanut.... just can't resist!!

Do not let me start with the stocks in my fridge! ahhaha...!!

Happy choc day people!

The One With the approval!

Yipppeeeee ya ya ya!!

I've been reading about PayPerPost from Laydiefa's and Tini's blog and it seems like I'd be a great opportunity for to earn extra money while doing something that I like... blogging!

So, I decided to give it a try and send my blog for review and wallaaaaa.....
My blog has been approved!!!! yippeee ya ya ya!!

The best thing about PayPerPost is that it pays you via PayPal and you know what does that means??
Online shipping galore for me!!! and it is so easy to earn since you only got to blog ...
Isn't blogging something that you simply like to do? Easy huh?
You tell me...

So, why wait my friend?
Join me at PayPerPost the below or at the side of my blog...
and then... you'll ready to start!! But of course, you need to have a blog ya! heheh..

word of mouth ethics

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The One With the sleepless night

For the past two days, I've been forcing myself to sleep... but it seems useless..
I finally manage to fall asleep only at 4am in the morning last Monday..
and I got to be at office at 8.30am.. so you do the math... I had less than 4 hours sleep...

I felt like zombie at office yesterday... and feeling really sleepy.. tired... the whole day..
I thought by being tired.. I could try to sleep earlier last night.. and I definitely thought wrong!

I went off to bed at around 11pm.. trying to sleep..
I manage to trick my brain.. and I dozed off few minutes after that...
but only to find myself waking up every hour after that...

I've tried to drink Milo (no, no plain milk for me please..)
I've tried taking bath (weather is so hot even it rains at night)
I've tried to read books (worse coz I'll be hooked to the book !)

but everything fails...

I guess I'm missing my sleeping partner as he is working on night shift now...
pity me huh?


Monday, February 25, 2008

The One With the expectation

Have it occur to you that most of the time we live to meet some expectations..

When you were schooling, you're expected to excel in all your exam... and score the highest rank in your class

When you were in college or University.. you're expected to complete your degree and such with flying colors..

Once you graduate, you are expected to get a good job.. good salary..
and then, your boss expect you to grab the knowledge fast.. so you could start doing your job as soon as possible.

After a year or two or maybe few years later, you're expected to find your lifetime partner, settle down and get married...
heyy... who said it stops there? It doesn't and you're expected to produce your junior ... hahah...

Once your little junior reach the age of 2... you're expected to produce more juniors! ahahha..

well ... well... life is really full of expectations.....

So I rephrase my sentence again..... We live our day.. everyday.. to actually meet some expectation!
(not only sometimes... not most of the time.. but ALL the time!!)

Isn't that true?
Time to ponder I guess...
Good day to all of you!

The One With the cousin's wedding

My cousin Fifi tied a knot to the man she loves last weekend..
I remembered when she was little.. we used to play together..
and I will pretend like I am the big sister of her...

But when we grow up... we weren't that close anymore..
I guess that is because she went back to our hometown less frequent that the old time...
hence the long silence....

And last Saturday.. the little girl that I once knew..
become a wife to a proud hubby...
well... time passes by so fast without us even realizing it..

To Fifi and hubby...
May you live happily ever after!!
guess what she's doing???

The One With the belated ...

First and foremost, thousand... or million apologies to the little Rock Star..

Dear Fenriz,
I'm so sorry for not writing on your birthday bash any sooner..
Bad me, I didn't take any picture of your big day.. hence the delay in updating on your bash..
Nevertheless, you're still one Little Rockstar that I adore so much..

I bet no words could describe how your cheeky smile could turn someone else's life into a better place to live in....
(Mama Zizie will definitely approve this!)
and yet.. you don't even have any idea you did that..
The truth it... you're just adorable... being just the way you are...

It was really a great pleasure for us to be invited to your prince party..
It was a great party.. at a great place...
and we are overwhelmed.. just to be in the party..

I guess you're right...
it's not the matter of how much you spend on your child's birthday bash..
it's not the number of people that turn down...

it's the priceless look in the eyes of your child... with joy... when everyone sang the birthday tune..
and it's the people... who has been there... to see all that happening!

Great job zizie..!
and thanks again....
for inviting us.... and most of all.. for the friendship!

Pics credit to KC and Radie

The One With Balkis's Bash

I must say that it was a great party..
Good job mummy Nury... and Daddy Mus ..
I believe both of you have done a great job in ensuring the party went smooth as planned.

Everything was in place.. and looks good..
the deco... ballons of red and black all over the place...
not forgetting the food.... oh yess... they are soooooooo yummy...!!
(Daddy Mus is a chef, u see..)

I didn't manage to take the picture of the birthday gurl blowing her birthday candle..
or even the picture of the cake .. I guess I must have forgotten coz I got excited singing the birthday song..
especially to see how happy the birthday girl's face to be in front of the crowd...
where everyone sings the birthday tune to her..
I must say... the look in her face was... priceless!!

Again, good job to Mummy Nury and Daddy Mus!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The One With more birthdays...

I haven't been updating on birthday bash that we've attended so far...
Blame it to none other that myself! hahha..

Been busy has been -my-all-time-fav- excuse for not updating the blog..
but I guess... at some point... you'll also feel tired giving the same lame excuse..
and start doing something about it aight?
Well... that not the point... the point is now..
we are ready to head for Balqis's 2nd birthday bash...

we are all set...
dressed according to the theme...
everything are in place...

We're comingggg there dear!!

See you soon..

Friday, February 22, 2008

The One With the weekend outing

We (read: Me, Yang and Alya) went for an unusual outing last weekend..
Unusual means, not going to Shopping Malls... because our outings has been our tour to all the shopping malls so far...

For a change, my hubby suggested we bring Alya to Aquaria..
(eh, isn't Aquaria is located nearby KLCC? no shopping malls outing?-not so-!)
And instead of driving, he suggested that we took LRT since Alya is soooo much into train!
hehhe.... I agreed with the proposition coz it sounded that we gonna have a lot of fun..
(hey.. I sounded like Barney, aight? ahhaha)
We were off from home in the afternoon and reach Aquaria around 3pm..
however we missed the "Fish Feeding Show" coz I thought that the show is at 4pm!
Nonetheless, we do have a lot of fun seeing all kind of fish there...
When we were at the tunnel, Alya was half asleep...
But still manage to put on the 'piece' sign when I took her pics...
We leave Aquaria and proceed to KLCC foodcourt since all of us are already very hungry..
I ate my all time favourite meal - Sizzling Hot Plate Chicken Mushroom Noodle, while Yang ate Chicken Rice..
Alya? busy disturbing us with our food.... a normal routine for her I guess..:))

Later, we decided to bring Alya to see the famous fountain in KLCC (but I forgot to take pics)
and Yang suggested we go to the park and let Alya play at the playground..
But our journey stops at the waterpark since Alya cannot resist herself from not swimming there!
luckily I always brought her swimsuit in the baby bag... so she's able to swim there..
Oh ya... btw, even practically we was at the shopping mall.. but I didn't do any shopping at all!
hahahhaha... so I guess this outing is really an unusual outing for all of us...
looking forward to go to the ZOO soon coz daddy has promised to bring Alya to ZOO!
(it sounded like mummy is more into these outing aight? ahahhaha)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The One With the L . O . V . E

I never knew being married and having a notty princess, and not forgetting adding few kilos on the weighting scale will still be such a bless!!! If I were to know...I definitely will got married faster!!! hahahha..

Who said life will be dull after you got married?
Who said life is such a disaster when you have kid?
Who said your hubby won't care to surprise you... on certain occasion?
Who said, being married is just about responsibilities, no time to loved or be loved.. just like when you're dating?

Ya.. some does said that.. and it might be true in certain cases...
but lucky me..
mine was totally different!!

My other half used to work at the same building as I am.. actually.. I moved to a company that is at the same building as his.. hahahha... so, we practically having lunch together almost everyday... having dinner together almost every day as well.. Boring? I don't know about you but I love being around the person I love.. hahhahah

But since Oct last year, he decided to pursue his career at another company... which is of course not the same building anymore... and he has to work shift!! When he was on night shift... I find myself having difficulties to sleep, and if I sleep..I will turn the light on... funny.. but that's just me...

I thot things gonna change... he'll think less about me.... but I guess I was just wrong...
On Val's day.. he told me he wanted to go play futsal with his frens... and I am really fine with it..
He also told me that he is going to take me out on a date on Friday.. since Sat is holiday so we could spend the whole night to ourself.. on a date...

Less that I know... he planned on surprising me on Friday...
He send a bouquet of Pink roses to my office, planned on watching movie together..
and went out for late supper after that.... doing what ppl does on a date!

I was really thrilled to receive the roses.. even tho it reaches me only on Tuesday (long story, not important tho)
But the feeling was likeeeeeee..... indescribable... I was overwhelmed with joy..
aku siap meleleh air mata bleh? ahahhaha...

To some of you... it might just be a bouquet of flower.. but to me.. it is more than that..
it proved to me that being married doesn't mean we stop being who we used to be..

And somehow I know.... I'm falling in love over and over again...
at the same person.. for the past 9 years we've been together...
during our ups and downs... we've made it thru...

and the most important thing is...
the love we share grows each day...
and I love you... so much!

Thanks for everything...
yes I do mean everything!!!
Love you... always..

XOXO from me,
-your wifey-