Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The One With the class

Phewww..... it's been awhile since I last updated this blog. Been busy with stuff... and also... not so rajin to update.. pretty much due to my hormone changing everyday.. even every minute i think.. hahahhaha..

I'm in my 33 weeks for pregnancy already. And I hate to admit, the stretch marks starts to appear already... huhuhu... huduh la perut aku...takperla.. baby nyer pasal.. nanti pas deliver mummy g slimming yer.... untie Aiza .. jom diet sama!

Anyway.. according to my doctor... after the 36 weeks.. meaning.. 37 onwards... the baby can come out anytime he/she wish to see the world. Don't ask me about my baby's gender coz I don't know. We've decided to let it be a surprise. hehehe... Somehow, aku cam tak sabar nak tgk dier ... and prays that he/she will come out soon.... anyway, I'll just let nature takes it place. Pray for both of us yah?

I went to the antenatal class yesterday... mmg pon lambat baru nak pegi.. tapi yang penting pegi la kan.. and we kinda join in the middle of the sessions already. Yesterday was the 4th session and it discuss about "Process of Delivery". Trust me, it does make me scared. Huhuh... anything could go wrong.... but... we should just pray hard that everything will went smooth.. and safe.

I didn't take the pictures of the delivery room and also the ward coz I was still in shocked. Takut sebenarnya.. hahaha...
I really hope things will go smooth.. and safe.. for both baby and me. Please pray for both of us too yah?

Need to go... will update later if I'm in the mood! hehehhee..