Sunday, April 23, 2006

The One With my best fren birthday

Bukan my best fren wedding...(soon kot kan?Alya n Qais nak tambah geng)
tapi my best fren birthday...

To our Best Fwen Malik Faisal Ahmat,

Happy 27th Birthdayy!!!!!..

Semoga Di panjangkan Umur... dan dimurahkan rezeki ..
Semoga dipermudahkan dalam segala urusan..


This entry was suppose to be up on 23rd April itself.. but unfortunately, due to some technical problem..
it is up only on 01st of May.

Sorry dude....

Whatever it is...

Thanks for being such a good fren to us..
thanks for helping us...
thanks for always being there when we need you...
thanks... for not only being a fren..
but also being a family to us...

take care....
may Allah bless you always...


Note to Aiza : Thanks for the surprise birthday party!!

Note to all : Thanks.. for making it happen!!!

Note to myself : Dem, I'm Fat!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The one with my little one!

Been trying to update this blog as frequent as possible(at least that is what I keep on telling myself)... but due to limited time that I have at office(yes, aku ngular kat opis update blog), this blog has to be left... alone... cian blog kan?

Well, my little one has celebrated her 3th month birthday by having fever. Cian dia.. on Saturday she had her 3 months jap, and that caused her fever. Balik rumah Mama Tok dia... demam2... but she's still adorable even though she keep me up all night long.. now I realize how deep mother's love is. Skang buat aku nyesal selalu tak nak dengar cakap mak.. huk huk huk... sorry ye makk....

Anyway, she's doing great now, I think she's already 5kg now. Sekarang tgh trying so hard nak meniarap.. tersenget2 dia bila baring.. skang dah pandai borak and gelak2..and kalau org tak layan dier borak nanti dier jerittt!

The best things about having a baby are... you can see her doing everything... smile... cry... and how peaceful she look when she sleeps... trust me.. best gileeee!! and sangat cumel... dier sebek2 muka nak nangis pon comell..hahahhaha... mengong tul..!

Some pics of Alya...

kat OU

ha.. nie time nak kene cucuk... ouuchh!

tumbuk nak?

Alya - 3 months old....

On other notes, Alya celebrated untie Jaja's birthday on 29.03.2006. Happy 26th birthday untie Jaja!! nanti rajin2 belikan Alya pressie yer... muahs kat untie Jaya skitttt...

Mummy and daddy

Alya celebrate besday untie Jaja ngan sleep... hehehhehe