Monday, September 11, 2006

The One With the Raya Cookies comeback!

It's time for the raya cookies again!!

Eventho we have like 2 weeks before the hari raya, take this oppurtunity to eat them even before raya!! hehehe..
Below are the pics and prices.

Orders can be made by leaving your orders in the comment, or email me at

These cookies are home baked by my sister in law, in her own bakery... freshly baked!! mak aih.. aku plak meleleh air liur ok? hampeh tul tukang jual nieh

Price are the same as last year, despite harga minyak yg naik skang... harga cookies still maintain gittuuu...

Cornflake rocher : 100pcs = RM29 ; 50pcs = RM15

Almond london(almond 1 pc) : 100pcs = RM37 ; 50pcs = RM19

Almond slice : 1kg = RM42 ; 1/2 kg = RM22

Tart gulung : 100pcs = RM35 ; 50pcs = RM18

putu kacang : 30pcs = RM6

Sagun Bakar : satu bekas empat segi(microwaveable) : RM 12

Pistachio choc cookies : 1kg = RM40 ; 1/2kg = RM 21

Choc chip cookies: 1kg = RM40 ; 1/2kg = RM21

Biskut bunga santan : 100pcs = RM29 ; 50pcs = RM15

Friday, September 08, 2006

The One With the care and love

I broke into tears yesterday to know how hurt my dear fren is...
No need to tell the reason, but I know it must hurt her so bad...

If it were to happen to me... i might act the same way ..
or even worse...

my dear(u-know-who-u-are),
my prayers will always go to you..
I hope for the best to happen in your life today, tomorrow.. and always..
just hang in there.... things happen for a reason..
and Allah only test those He loves....
and those who can take it...

Let me know when you need me...
you know where to find me..
my door is always open for u..

please remember..
eventho my status is not like before...
eventho i am a mother of a needy little baby...
and a wife to a spoiled hubby...
you have a special place in my heart...
please keep that in mind...

please remember that I'm always here whenever you need me..

take care dear...
coz I do care about you...
and love you so much!

please be strong.. coz I know you are!

from your fren who cares alot about you..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The One With the... 1 year old Qais

Happy 1st birthday to Zai's and Ika's superboy -


Rasa cam baru semalam dok kecoh2 berulang ke spital tgk ika bila ika admitted.. ingat cam nak bersalin awal..
tapi Qais
took his own sweet time.. and stayed longer in his Ummi's womb... and he was born on the day he was expected to be born... 06092005.

And today... he has turn 1!!
I'm not good in expressing words.. and I'm not good to create a poem (like your babah) for you dear Qais,
but I do hope you'll grow up to be a wise man.. a person with good heart... healthy.. and wealthy!!

Untie doa semua yg best2 utk Qais yer...!

Pics taken by Laydiefa. Aiza, kita curik gambo yg awak amik nieh dari galeri awak tau.. hehhee..