Friday, January 25, 2008

The One With the Sofea Raihanah

Please welcome....

SOFEA RAIHANAH binti Baharul Nizam...

daughter of my best fren, my rumet back in MMU... Saizatul Izani aka JAJA

born on 24.01.08, weight 2.8kg.. she is definitely damn adorable and superduper cute..

to JAJA,

wish you speedy recovery and welcome to the club!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The One With the... missing you

Please be informed that this is an emotional entry.

I have been feeling weird lately... and I am not even on my PMS...
but my mood swings so fast.. so easily...

I become so sensitive over things...
and could cry easily..

Maybe it is not just recently...
maybe it has been there all along and I just couldn't let it out..
or simply maybe... 'aku buang tebiat'

I'll be 30 this year... and for 30 years that I've lived...
I've went thru alot... thru thick and thin..
thru ups and downs...
achieved a lot of things.. nevertheless, i go thru moments that I am not so proud about..

But today...
I'm missing you...
I'm missing you so much that it hurts..

I don't know where or how does our link suddenly broken..
even when we tried to mend it...
it still feels like we are no longer the same person...

My dear friend,

I miss you...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The One With the Pizza Party II

Before this entry become basi... baik cepat2 post..

Last Sunday, we (read: ila, filla, moon, mai and me)


Hahaha.. percaya tak.. sampai situ je ayat aku... pastuh ilang tah kat mana..
masya Allah pemalas giler la aku skang.. mana la tak gemukkk!!

anyway... sbb dah buat dah post nieh.. biarla sambung and terus post yer..

Actually me and few frens meet up kat rumah ila since ila yg ada oven besar utk accomodate semerang nyer pizza... so.. dier lah jadik host nyer..

Don't get me wrong.. bukan aku terer bangat pon masak2 nieh..
buat pizza nieh pon.. di ajar oleh sifu Aiza aka Laydiefa... ha nak tanya recipe apa2..
silalah rujuk sifu yer.. dier mmg terer...

We had great time making the pizza.. ngan geng2 yg giler2 seme...
mana taknyer... si ila ngan filla mmg tak abis2 dok kepoh saper lagik best and power...
siap cheese saper paling mahal pon nak mengepoh.. (yerla.. cheese aku paling murah..hahah)

apapon.. hope you guys will benefit from it.. next time jgn malas2 buat pizza yer..
senang je pon kan?

some pics taken on that credit to moon,sutan,zaimi,and radie.

mula mula...

dah buh sos...

dah siap bertopping

dah bleh makan... jgn terliur ye..

chedap dap dap..!

ni bukan pizza... nie gambo hiasannn... ahhahah.. nengok pipi cam doh pizza tgh naikkk kan?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The One With the New Year 1429

Hehee.. rasanyer arituh tulis post nieh..
pastuh tak tau apa jadik dier tinggal title je...

Anyway.. since we are still in January, wish all of you..
Happy new year (double new year for muslims)

It was long ago since I last had any resolution...
since I usually try to accomplish things I want to have or do..
by batches.. or by occasion.. and putting a resolution of being a better person seems so lame to me sbb sangat besar ok maknanyer utk menjadi lebih baik... and furthermore, being a better person means everyone around you will be happy to be with you..etc etc...

heyy.... that would be a lonnnnggg list ok since you can never satisfy/please everyone... so.. i just want to make note to myself that I will be happy.. and need to be happy.. ahhahaha.. bleh tak camtuh.... aku nyer resolution kan? so.. boleh je laaa... hehehhe.

So, don't ask me if I have new year resolution ok? sbb rasanyer aku tak buat dah resolution nieh.. i will try to target on something and work on that, occasionally... and btw, I need to think of what to ask for my bday pressie this year... korang ada suggestion.. let me know ok? hehhee..

Wow.. its already 12noon.. patut ler perutku berkeroncong.. maka rasanyer nak keluar lah..
nak makan dulu.. and... need to post this before it become tukun tiruan in my blog.. hahahha..

oh ya... btw, enjoy these 2 video of my notty alya..

ABC alya 1
ABC alya 2