Monday, June 26, 2006

The One With the 6 months Alya

Happy 6 months birthday my sweet little princess...
Mummy and daddy loves you so much.. eventhough sometimes mummy did pinch you when you don't want to sleep at night... hehehhehe.. yes.. mummy mmg garang! Makan budakkkk... grrr.

Be a good girl ya sayang... grow up and be wiser..
If you be a good girl.. mummy will buy you more things... for example.. this swing..

Bak kata daddy... nieh mummy yg lelebih nak beli... bukan Alya yang nak... ehehhe.. tak kisah la sayang kan? mummy still got you that! Thanks to uncle Ja....

more pics of Alya at

The One With the backdated

hehhee... mmg backdated pon citer nieh..
sajer tgh rajin nak update... not because takder keje..
but just because the PMS is here.. sakit sangat pe
nak buat keje tak bleh pk.. so buat keje yg tak yah pk..


so... here goes...

Hutan Lipur Lintang - 13 May.

We had our picnic kat Hutan Lipur Lintang with Along's family, mak and abah.. Alya tak suka mandi air sungai sebab sejuk.. nangis2 dier... hehhehe.. cian plak.. mummy ngan daddy dera dier..

At last, she stayed kat khemah je ngan nenet.. Mummy ngan daddy sebok mandi sungai..

After that, we went to Ikea and Curve. Kat Ikea we had our early dinner and celebrated Mother's Day! Then, we went to Anakku the Curve and took mummy - daughter picture...

went back feeling tired....:(

5 Months Alya - 26.05.2006

She's now 5 months.. dah bleh pegang botol.. tapi tak bleh harap sangat.. kang ada je masuk dalam idung.. hahaha...
mummy cayang alya cangat2!! muahs


Banyak sgt.. start with my neighbour Julie, then my cousin Ayu, Shakir, Kak Ina, Azrah... banyak lagik laaaaa..
to all, selamat menempuh alam rumahtangga.. selamat belajar erti berkeluarga... belajar erti give and take..
semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat..

Desaru - 5 June

We had family trip to Desaru on 5th of June till 7th of June.. As usual, Alya tak nak mandi sejuk2... and bila buh dalam swimming pool dier melalak... at the end, mummy pon tak bleh swim.. hehehhe..

Highlight my hair ... shocking pink!! hehehhe... Yang pilih color... he liked it... tak kisah la kan... if he likes it.. oren ke.. purple ke.. apa pon bleh!!

Father's day - 18 June

Celebrate first father's day for daddy at Ikea... to Daddy.. thanks for being a great kewl dad!! from both your fav girls.. hehehehe..

udah.. nak balik dah.. perut dah makin sakitt... :((

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The one with the belated wish

This entry is dedicated to my best fwen Katik... whom celebrated her birthday on 5th May .. of course every year! heheh..


Sorry it was a very very very belated wish..(tapi dah wish time besday aritu kan?)
I hope you enjoyed your birthday... and you liked the present...
Hope all your dream will come true... and you'll have spendid year this year.

Thanks for being my fren..
Thanks for always being there for me..
I guess... you know by hard that our friendship means a lot to me..
and I guess... there's no need for me to elaborate more..

You own a special place in my heart...
take good care, coz I care!

Happy 26th Birthday!

with alya and me
with the girls
Jamy and Yang

Nrul, Nazham and kawan Nazham