Monday, March 19, 2007

The One with the comeback?

Comeback ke pon?? hahahhaa...

Ya Ya, been neglecting this blog for a while.. I'm so so so busy, that all i could say. Ya I know I still got time to go on leave but after that, I will be pilled with tones of work that I need to kire time nak pegi toilet pon tauu!!! So please bear with the long silence.. I also missed to blabed here! heheh

Update on myself? Same old me kot.. takder menda yg change sangat.. Still work at the same company (sape tau ada opening on SAP-SD sila inform saya yer?) hehehe.. sajer, if got chance, nak juga tukar angin.. I don't want to feel normal and doing the same routine all over again... so.. a new job sounds good kan? hehehehe..

My dearest hubby? Same old thing.. been busy with his project, after the project go live for the first phase, we all went for a family trip to Bandung, then both of us kinda went for not so call honeymoon (hahaha.. no details ya) and now, he's busy again for the 2nd phase go live preparation. Tapi, Aiza said he looked a bit kurus.. and I am sooooo jealous of him!

My dear Alya? She's going 15 months now, sangat nakal... when both me and hubby went to SG that day, we left her at my parents, and guess what? for only 5 days she has become a very spoilt kid!!!!! sabo je la aku.. bleh tak dier sangat ngada2 mintak apa2 mesti nak nangis and bleh hentak2 kaki sambil jerit2? I so cannot sabar with that, even bila daddy cakap suh mintak elok2.. she got really mad and jerit lagi kuat until she vomit. So, daddy teach her a lesson by leaving her alone. hehehhe.. tu la.. saper suh nakal sangat.. kan daddy pon dah marah.. selalu.. mummy je garang! hehehhe..
Nevertheless, we actually love her so much.. that she's our love.. our live.. tapi tak nak la dier ngada2 sangat... I just cannot tahan la perangai like that.. hehehhe.. sorryla.. I am so mak tiri when it comes to this kind of thing! hahaha..

My cooking hobby? Trust me, aku dah lama tak try out new recipe.. just imagine, sabtu ahad pon kene keje... sampai kol 4-5 pagi plak tuh.. hari2 pon... paling cepat kol 8 baru balik..selalunyer.. nearly 10 baru sampai umah.. mana ada masa nak masak? I miss all my cooking utensil... nie baru dapat recipe from Aiza... ingat minggu nieh nak try... weekend dah lama tak bebetul masak... semalam setelah sekian lama.. baru masak nasik lemak.. hamik laki aku makan banyak sebab dah lama tak rasa... hehehhehe.. sorry Baby.. and thanks.. for understanding..

I'm thankful actually, to be blessed with a great hubby.. being helpful, understanding... seme lah... love u so much Baby!

Oklah.. dah banyak dah membebel nieh... oh ya, btw, these are some pics of our trip to Bandung.
Azlan, lama gile u tunggu kan? hehehe.. sorry la erk?

Banyak lagik ler gambo2.. tapi... lembab nak update dalam nieh... more pics will be updated in my fotopages soon ya!