Thursday, July 26, 2007

The One With the break!

Look at the time now.. it is almost 12midnite and guess where I am now?
hahahha... u got me rite.. kat opis lg niehh...
tgh bertungkus lumus siapkan my transition document for China..
sbb nak hantar kat China local platform team tomorrow for review..

dah ler buat remote knowledge transfer(KT) je..
and during the telecon that we had the other day..
the local platform team in China bleh selamba badak speaks in Mandarin!
Ya... I do took the mandarin class before just to fill up my so call free time..
but at the end.. satu habuk aku tak tau cakap/paham ok!

So here I am.. terkedek2lah pegi SPRO, nak godek2 what is being configured to those 3 company codes in China..
supposingly.. menda nieh tak susah coz cuma 3 company codes.. tapi sbb buat remotely ko... jd cam nak mati aku godek menda nieh seme tauuu.. sakit nyer tulang2 serta bahuuuu... i need good massage!!!

and speaking of which... I'm counting hours now...
to have those break I need the most!! yezzaa.. saya mau memanjakan diri..
nak pegi spa.. massage.. manicure.. pedicure.. hair treatment... wooowwwweeeee!!!
yezzaaa... I am soooo looking forward for Saturdayyy...!!!

okeh.. telah mendapat semangat semula...
nak berusaha siapkan document bongok nieh..
so I could have the break I've been waiting for!!

and besides... I just ate a slice of yummy new york cheesecake from Bakerzin..
tempting? .... u bet!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The One With the special someone's birthday...

My beloved other half just turn 28 yesterday...
Tak sempat pon buat posting on the day itself coz I was really busy and my schedule was really tight and full..
But nothing else matters to me... except to make the day extra special for him..

I actually got him his pressie way too early from his birthday...
which was somewhere around March kot? hahahha... giler early pressie kan? Reason being... phone dier dah teruk sangat... nak answer phone pon.... button tuh tak working dah! And the time pon nampak cun je coz he thot I am buying the Dopod for myself.. so.. dier pon sebok2 la bg suggestions mana best seme... but sebenarnya.. I'm buying for him!! Pandai tak trick? Kot tak.. jangan harap la dier nak kan??

However, on the real day itself, I still prepare some gift, which was some accessories to his Dopod.. new Sony stereo bluetooth, and also Piel Frama leather case.... so skang, dah complete dah pressie nyer... yeays!!
Hope you like it Baby.... kene thanks banyak2 kat Malik sebab dier penat carikkan additional pressie u nieh tau..

We had small celebration at home (if u consider it as celebrate la kan baby..)
but the real party was today.... at Sg Congkak... near Hulu Langat..
Been planning it for over weeks... and thanks so all my dearest frens who made this happen..
and the most important thing is... to make it a blast!!
I know he had fun despite he is tired (I guess same goes to all of you sbb either kene masak, tulun masak... or tulun teman pegi shopping.. etc...) sebab dah lama kita tak buat activity cenggini kan?

We had tones of food.... BBQ chicken (2 recipe), daging (sampai 3 recipe tuu), sausages, burgers, meehoon goreng, spagetti, sandwich sardine and telur, baked bean, coleslaw, fruits, breads, bermacam2 jenis air..countless... bermacam2 food ada.... prepared by all of us (read : Ika, Aiza, Syaban, and me... eh.. Linda kasik buah walaupon tak join)

Thanks to Aiza and Ika... sebab bersusah payah bawak macam2 makanan..
tapi sayang.. sbb sebok sangat nak makan... sampai lupa amik gambo makanan yg sedap2 seme tuh..
sampai skang kenyang lagik nieh..

Thanks gak kat Malik and Zai... mesti korang penat kene tulun Aiza and Ika masak, plus the trips to malls or supermarket or hypermarkets for the shopping spree..

and endless thanks to my beloved... cian you.. besday you pon u kene gak teman i shopping barang2 nak masak,
kene tulun jaga Alya time I tgh masak.... kene kemas kete sbb nak bawak banyak barang... kene pegi beli roti..
macam2 u kene buat.. thank you baby... really appreciate it! U are always the best!!

Hope you enjoyed your day...
despite being tired of course! heheh..
But I do hope you like it... the pressie, the cake, the picnic...

I'm happy that everything went well...
I'm happy to see you happy..
I'm happy that you got to be with your frens...
and do stuff together with them..
I know u missed those time kan? hehehhe..

I wish for you a very happy birthday..
I wish for you great health...and wealth..
I wish for all the best things to happen to you..

Simply because...

The I luv U cake!

mummy and Alya

cake cutting with Syaban whom celebrates her birthday on 12th July

The birthday girl and boy

Syaban and afza

Zai, Qais and Ika

Aiza and Malik

Nazham, Aiza, Malik, Ym, and Katik

Alya the boroi's... hahahhaha..

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The One With the 070707

cantik kan tarikh tuh... I bet ramai pilih that date for their wedding date ke...
engagement date ke.. nak declare ke kan?

tak kurang jugak the special date is chosen for something very special like a brand launching...
Zizie, I'm so proud of you!!! Frens, click here and support my dear fren on her new brand launching, LAIN.

As for me, takder menda special pon to celebrate...
but today, I feel 4kg lighter after doing some sort of changing of eating habit..
for about.. say... 40-50 days kot ..
not bad kan?

and special thanks kat Aiza... for helping me to get me understand how does
"Diet Whatever" work.

also, my hubby for supporting me, and thanks to those machine you bought since forever...
skang la kan baru sebok nak pakai... hehehhehe...
tapi... betul kan? i pakai kan skang?
luv u! heehhehe...(bodek mode)

hopefully, I can reduce more kgs..
and most importantly, get back the shape? (berangankah? agak la kan..)
ok... some of you yg tak kenal me before will say...
"eh.. awak tak besar sangat la.. ok la tuuu.."
tapi.. ask those frens yang know me from before...
mak sangat gumuk ok skangggg!!
(i see my hubby nodd his head... and also nazham, katik... kan kan kan?)
takper.. mmg pon.. aku gain weight sangat2...
nak blame sape? non other than diri sendiri la kan?

I hate feeling fat, coz I'll tend to become so sensitive...
and bring disaster to ppl yang berada at least 5km radius from me..
bad? ahahaha... u tell me... cian laki aku kan?
(alah.. skang pon cam la tak nyusahkan dier selalu pon..)

tapi takperla....
skang tgh berusaha kan?
semoa berjaya....

oh ya... btw, I watched Die Hard 4.0 yesterday...
and as always... it was superb!! ok.. maybe aku bias sbb i soooooo into bruce willis dari dulu..
tapi rasanyer tak gakk... citer nieh mmg best lahhh...
cam nak tgk lagggiiiikkkk je... (ches, takyah la kan? nak tgk sekali pon terpaksa merajuk 3-4 round!)

apapon... citer tu best! at least for me and i think my hubby likes it too..
so.. apa lagik? cepat la pegi nengok gak!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The One With the... work work and work!

Huhuhu... still kat opis lg nieh... tapi bukan kat opis sendiri..
dah pindah kat opis hubby dahh...

huhuhu... penat tauu... org pakai baju baru,
siap mekap2 tau arini... konon nak g dating..
tapi tgk laaaaaaaaaaaa........
aku stranded kat sini .... seme work work work punya pasal la niehhh...

camni.. bulehkah I claim barang sekeping dua purse atau wristlet?
ngada kan bini u nieh??

iksshh... boringlahh... bila nak abis keje nieh..
nampak gaya... cancel la movie niehhh...


tapi.. apa2 pon... tetap nak bergambo jugakkan..
and tetap menteeennnnnn sengeh kerang busukkuuu.... hahhaahha

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The One With the friendship

I had some serious talk with Mira yesterday...
how serious it is? hahahha... let me keep it to myself and Mira je la ek..
but that was not what I want to talk about..
it's the value of friendship she has showed to me that matters..

I know my frens will be on my side and support me in whatever I do..
that's the beauty of a frenship... rite?
that makes me love you guys more...
muahs muahs muahs...

Being the only girl in the family doesn't give me the privilege to have someone to share my secret to, beside of course, my mom.. but sometimes, due to her high level of protectiveness(eh, is there such words? lantak la kan?),
mesti dier akan suh berhati2 and say no to many things..
boyfriend juga dia amatlah meng'scan' dahulu barulah mendapat approval..
can't really blame it on her, yerla.. i'm the only daughter...
walaupon i know she will act the same kalau dia ada 10 org anak pompuan pon..
but being the only one makes it more severe! hahah.. jahat aku kata severe kan?

I guess, that makes me someone yg suka berkawan..
ada kakak angkat la.. adik angkat la...
and also... i have many many many good frens all over the country!
(mmg melampau la kata all over the world kan)
and when I said you're my good fren.. I really mean it and I try my best to be a good fren..

I know at times, I wasn't at my best...
I'm just human being with thousands.. maybe million..... flaws...
I know I sometimes hurt my fren's feeling by not being able to call them,
to meet them... to be able to be there, not able to attend some of the occasions...
ya.. that makes me bad... and I am truly really sorry for that...
I know there are times, I kinda lost myself... and I let myself took over me...
sampai tak ingat yg I have frens.. and I am not alone..

Those are the times I am not even proud of being myself...
and for my dearest frens...(uya, tini, azra, sue, liza... and others that I've hurt of course)
I'm sorry for the bad times I have paint to our frenship...
the truth is... I miss you guys so much, miss our times so much..
despite having different circle of frens, different circle of life....
you guys are part of me... who made me who i am today...
love you guys so much!!

On the other note,
to my dear fren Katik,
you deserve to find happiness...
you deserve all the good things in live...
coz you're someone special...

I hate to see you cry...
but I also know... you hate to cry too..
but again, no matter what...
I will always be here for you...
even not 24 by 7, but you know that you're always welcome..

take good care girl..
coz I hell care about you!!

sob sob sob....

and to all my frens out there.. be it just over the net..
i love you guys as much!!

dah dah.. nanti banjir keyboard nieh..

Monday, July 02, 2007

The One With the copy cat

Copy cat...?

tetiba terasa terpanggil nak tulis pasal copy cat nieh..
after reading my darling fren... chics... in her blog

yup... she had ppl stealing her writing...
and post in their blog... claiming that it was their master piece..
keji? agak la kan..

bukan la nak kata aku baik sangat tak pernah copy apa2 pon..
of course I did cut and paste .. pastu edit skit2 time buat assignment dulu...
tapi.. takder la sampai blog pon nak cut paste org punya and claim it was written by me kan..
that is sick ok?

tapi baru je jap tadik.. chics kata dier rasa kesian plak kat budak yg copy entries dia tuh read
knowing chics... mmg la dia tuh camtuh... baik ati sangat... :)

tapi chics, as you've told me many2 times.. kadang we gotta be cruel sometimes..
coz if not.. org akan pijak2 kepala kita..
ppl tend to say bad things about us..
just because... they know we aren't gonna do anything about it..
they say bad things (rumors la kan?) about you..
they call you names... they make your heart sink...
and felt hurt... and yet.. even they already know that you knew..
they don't seem to be bothered even to say sorry..

ya... i guess...
sorry seems to be the hardest words..
tapi.. adalah hard sangat to say sorry..
when you know you're really at fault?
when you're actually hurting someone's feelings?
kalau tau kita sendiri tak suka disakiti..
naper kita nak sakitkan org lain kan?

but again..
it's a choice you make in the first place..
like the choice we make to rasa kesian kat org..
and tak moh la panjang2kan or melaserkan org tu..

and i realise....
yes... i have a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttt of wonderful frens around me..
and they definately have pretty... healthy... good (great) heart!
luv you guys so much!!!