Thursday, October 28, 2010

The One with the scary experience

Have you ever been scared, to feel like someone is following you, even in public places?

For ladies out there, with too many cases happening, some of those cases were even unthinkable(got such word meh?), just a note for you guys to take more precaution, and also be alert with your surrounding.

Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happen.. I was in Mid Valley, the Gardens to be specific...
I wanted to go to Cold Storage, and I recall passing by a normal decent Malay guy(or was it Chinesse ya?). Less that I know, he was actually following me.

At first, I thot he was also browsing on the aisle, trying to choose/find whatever he was looking for lah... then I notice after a while, he was around me, always, even when I went to the poultry section, cheese, fish, etc. Well, he doesn't look like someone who would buy fish anyway, so, it triggered to my stupid sense, "Is this guy following me?"

But again, I do not want to make any scene, or acted paranoid, so I just continue with my shopping, with extra care, to see if he still follows me around... Damn! everywhere that I go, he is still there, standing, making eye contact, with some sort of a smile on his face..

Okeh, at that point of time, I am already chicken out.. kecut okeh.. derdegup jantung tak pasal2... I decided to leave cold storage, coz there's not many ppl in the store at that time.. and I was thinking if anything bad where to happen, maybe no one will even notice. So, I take one can of Coke, and make my way to the cashier. And there he goes, still following to the counter... ai sudah agak takut.. tapi pretend to be cool...

I wanted to be sure he was following me, so I shifted to another cashier..and yes, he followed me. when he was queuing behind me, I had a glance at him and he wink! yes, he wink at me... ko sempat lg nak wink2 aku.. aku dah ler takut nieh tau tak..

But I just ignore it, and just hand over my can of coke and make the payment. Guess what? mamat tuh bleh sentuh I, bukan cuit tapi pegang, or sentuh lengan I.. wah.. ini sudah lebih.. siap ada body contact tak bleh la kannnnn.... so I told him strictly, "PLS DON'T TOUCH ME YA", loud enough to make the cashier hear that, of course.

I didn't have a look at him anymore, masa tuh dah mmg sangat takut.. I do not know where is the safest place to be.. So I stood next to the Guard nearby COACH. And he was there, across me, buat muka biasa jee... Goodness, aku rasa kalau kene toreh muka aku sure tak berdarah time tuh!

I smsed my hubby, cakap nak naik opis dier.. i takut. Sbb gelabah instead going straight, I took the escalator up one level, pastu sedar dah salah jalan.. jalan laju2 masuk Robinson... turun balik escalator, and I tak nampak dah kelibat mamat tuh... but then I terus jalan laju2.. masuk the gardens office, seb baik terus terjumpa Nurul's hubby. Terus rasa cam agak selamat.. and borak2 ngan dier pretend nothing happen.. sbb nak calm myself down.

after a while, baru I naik my hubby's office... giler lahh.... pengalaman yg maybe tak ngeri to you guys.. but it was to me. Tak kisah lah kalau he wasn't really following me pon.. tapi I think better safe than sorry kan? What if dier mmg berniat jahat? huwaaa.. merasa kuar surat khabar i dah hilang... oh nooo... nauzubillah.. jauhkan lah..

Syukur, nothing happen, and I am OK. So ladies out there.. kalau keluar berhati2lah..
even day time, kat shopping mall, we do not know what will happen kan... just.. be careful!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The One With the UK final part

Lamanyer blog tak terupdate.. bz gilers...
Hari2 bukak blog.. nak update.. tapi masa cam tak cukup..
harini perut sakit, pening kepala.. rasa nak muntah..
(bukan pregnant yer.. tgh period nie!)
pastuh tgk keje pon rasa nak telan je data2 tuh..
so.. take my time off..just for a while..

Sebenarnya, pening dah nak ingat balik UK nyer trip nieh..
since nie trip ke london je yg tinggal... blom updated lg..
so.. buat satu entry banyak2 terus lah yer..

Tuesday night, as mentioned in my previous entry..
we took the train from Manchester Picadilly, to London Euston..
One tip ya, if you're travelling using the train, or their public transport(for example, bus, tram, underground, train, etc) better to buy return ticket straight away. I believe it cost cheaper.... but since we did not know about this, we bought one way ticket so it cost more. Kat dalam train derang nie.. ada seats biasa, cam kita naik KTM Komuter tuh.. and dia ada gak seats yg ada meja kat tgh2.. siap ada power point lg.. ada wireless gak rasanyer.. tapi tak try.. but these seats, biasanyer org dah book siap2.. so kalau nak seats yg comfortable camni, masa beli ticket silalah bgtau nak seats yg ada tingkap.. ada meja.. ahahhaha..
Muka pompuan sengal tak cukup tido. Ha, seats special ni window dier besar, bleh tgk pemandangan..

Since masa balik tuh dah penat sangat... I slept throughout the journey, tau2 En Zamzari kejut, dah sampai London Euston. Terus carik cab, and pegi Hotel near Kew. Jauh gak rasanyer.. lebih 30mins gak baru sampai hotel. Premier Inn, biasa2 lah hotelnyer, tp dekat dengan Kew Bridge(Opis en Zamzari adalah betul2 sebelah Kew Bridge tu), so boleh jalan kaki je pegi opis. Breakfast and Dinner is paid for, so kitorang pegi la makan kat situ.. tapi.. seme kitorang amik yg vege! ahahha... pastu... dedua look at each other and rasa nak muntah! ahahhaa.. ended up, malam tu kitorang jalan2 area tuh, jumpa la local store, and kebab.. then pegi mcD makan icecream!

The Hotel - pics from the hotel website.

The room - pics from their website

Balik Hotel En Zamzari terus subscribe internet, I pun browse2 la skit2 pasal Kew ni..
pastuh terus golek2 atas katil and tidooooo.... eh, sempat sahur roti ngan maggi kot..
tapi pastuh ada sorang pompuan tu, pagi2 pegi turun breakfast lps hantar laki g keje di muka pintu bilik...hahahha...

Abis breakfast, sangap tak tau nak wat apa.. nak jalan tak tau kemana.. so ingat nak tour local town dulu.. carik info how to go about london. Budak pandai la katakan.. before pegi tak buat research, dah sampai baru gelabah... I asked the Receptionist, she said if I just want to go to Richmond town, just take bus accross the road, number 65. Mak yg jakun pon pegi je la kat bustop tuh.. pastuh tgk map dia.. wah..menarik, ada route bus, and bus no, masa perjalanan and what not! ahahhaa.. merasa kat negara sendiri tak penah naik bus, tak reti naik bus, dok london pandai plak tetiba!

So, I took the bus no 65, go to Richmond town, sampai kat Richmond station. The fare was 2pound per way. Kat situh, I told the officer yg jual ticket tu, I wanted to go to Bicester Village. What he did, he helped me to calculate the cheapest travel card to go to that place! bagus kan? He also advice me what time to travel, and how long is the journey. So Kewl! Pas dah dapat info, I pusing2 the area, and sempat merembat beberapa lagik menda dari topshop.. etc. hahhahaa..

Ptg, balik hotel, then keluar lg pegi dinner with en zamzari. Mlm tu, ada dinner session with the colleague. Makan kat Pakistan Restaurant ke apa tah. Ok lah, but the best part was, his colleague sudah mengajar me how to go about shopping, and what transportation to take, etc etc. Wah besttt! semua sokong i pegi shop lg... hehehe.. kopak laki den... anyway, the dinner was ok, but then portion adalah I tapau half of my food back then I ate them during sahur.

The next day.. I went to Bicester Village... hehehhee.. tempat yg ramai org recommend to go.. but unfortunately for me, I don't find anything fancy kat sana... I bought a few things lah, tapi, I shop more elsewhere compared here.. cam penat jugaklah jauh2 pegi.. tapi cam takder apa sangat lah for me. Maybe I went there at wrong timing kot.. takperla.. selamat pocket lakiku..
Baliknya, penat sebab first day puasa for me, so I ajak him buka kat kebab nearby je..

Gucci at Bicester Village. Tak best sangat sbb barang2 lama..

Burberry summer jacket. tapi cam last piece, I bought CK summer jacket instead.

Hasil tangkapan yg tak seberapa...

Friday, I went to Hammersmith, shop kat mothercare, buy more jerseys, M&S(beli bra lagi dan lagi, biar sama patern takper janji puas hati..) sempat pegi Knightbridge, pegi Harrods, pegi LV.. pegi Gucci..all in one day. I ended up buying so many things sbb rasanyer macam rugi 2 hari (Rabu and Khamis) kurang shopping, pastuh Saturday nak jalan2 with en zamzari je... so i must complete my shopping today gak! ahahhaha...balik sampai sakit2 tgn dok bawak bags banyak sangat.. pengsan laki haku!

Tu pon terpaksa balik awal, sbb en zamzari cakap his boss wants to treat us dinner. Berhempas pulas I lintang pukang balik, dah ler macho naik public transport.. dah ler nak naik underground tuh, kalau travelpass tuh(ala2 ticket LRT), lorong nak masuk kecik je kan.. me with all those shopping bags.. tak lepas! terpaksa mintak officer tuh bukakkan disable nyer gate, ahahahha... officer siap geleng2 kepala and say..."you spend too much darling" hahahhaa.. nak wat camner.. gelak je la kan..:D
hasil2 tangkapan. Bayangkan camner I bawak tuh seme? Sorang2 and naik underground, tube, bus segala... conclusionnyer... I terer kannnn?? hahahaha

Sementara tunggu nak pegi Dinner, sbb dah tershopping banyak sangat silalah cuba2 alihkan perhatian en suami dengan percubaan bermanja2.. lihat, ada di layan? tgk mata dier sebok tgk computer dier jeeee...:P

Dinner, we went to Chutney Mary (baru perasan kat bangsar pon ada satu kedai nieh). Boss En Zamzari belanja... i makan nasik lg.. huhuh.. cam dapat mkn nasik cam syiok je kat sini.. ahhaha.. lawak tul.. abis makan segala... dier bawak kitorang round london naik kete.. sampai tertido2 i dalam kete... tah ler... tah2 siap snore bagai.. adush.. malunyer kalau snore dalam kete.. ahahhaha.. penat okeh.. satu hari mengukur jalan kat london tuu.. ahahhahaha...

cantik kan restaurant ni.. mmg fine dining... note: pics from their website.

Saturday, mmg spare the day utk jalan2 berchenta ngan en zamzari... awal2 dah surf kedai toys mana nak pegi... kat mana tempat tuh...pastuh kuar tu terusla pegi situ... kat situh je dah makan berapa jam tah.. ahahah.. dah katanyer dating kan..:D.. Dah janji ngan Maya and Zen, nak jumpa derang kat Bond St nanti. Pegi Bond St tuh masak la kan... mata dok melilau kiri kanan seme kedai rasa nak masuk tapi of course tak sempat, pastuh dah nyesal tak pegi situh awal2 lg... huwaaa... adakah ini tanda2 nak kene pegi lagik UK? Maya, wait for me there.. or... Shariza... nanti aku ketuk pintu umah korang!

tapi, dalam pada sempat tak sempat tuh... merasa pegi gak singgah Selfriges, sbb nak masuk LV, percubaan menggoda en Zamzari la kan.. kot kot dier tertiba membeli bag utk I kan... hahaha.. very the perasan okeh.. Ya Allah, boleh tak, nak masuk LV tuh kene beratur! tapikan... tak sesiap I beratur okehhh... suami terchenta (dan dan terchenta, kannn..) telah membelikan I sebuah bag yg sungguh best... ok.. maybe takder la best utk org lain tapi mak suka la.. mak best je lah kan.. dah org nak bg.. usually, I beli yg ala2 MM, PM je kan.. bukan la tak suka GM.. tapi GM beso maka regenyer pon besoooooo la jugak kan... skali.. yg GM tuh yg dier berkenan.. I telan air liur je la kan... happy gegilerrrrr!!!
Hamik... bapak giler beso paperbag...

Jangan kan kiss.. U nak i buat apapun kat u.. or vise versa.. i relaaaaaaaaa... aaauuwww..

pastuh... dah takder perasaan nak masuk kedai lain dah.. apa GAP? apa, La Senza? erm.. takder dah masuk.. toleh2 adalah.. (tak berani nak masuk nanti kene pukul kang baru tau) ahahhha..
dah ler paper bag LV tuh besooo bagak... nak jalan susah sbb dok terlanggar2 org ... org pandang semacam je...

buka puasa cum dinner arituh, kat mcD, ngan maya, koala and zen. dah last day maya cakap baru nak jalan2 erk.. sepanjang2 tuh.. dok shhhhoooooppppiiinnnggg je... tuh pon.. dalam minit2 terakhir sempat lg masuk Hard Rock, shopping lg... Maya dok gelakkan en zamzari... masuk LV pakai selipar jepun.. seb baik tak kene halau.. ahahahahha..

"Besonyer paper bag niii" ...tu kan maya ko cakap?

In front of Hard Rock, London

Camwhoring ngan Maya...

Mmg baru sebok nak bergambo la kan.. yerla.. kot tak jalan sorang camner nak amik gamboo??

Love the colors of the flowers... cantik kannn..

Ahad, dah nak balik dahhh.... alaaa..kejap je rasa dah abis dah...janji ngan maya nak jumpa kat airport... pass kat dier makanan, minuman etc. sempat lg shopping beli perfume, choc, bag trunky for alya.. ahahhaha.... maya geleng kepala jee.. dah saat2 terakhir pon sempat lg.. seb baik masa transit kat abu dhabi tak sempat nak beli paper, sbb flight dari london delayed, sampai abu dhabi connecting flight dah sampai pon...
Nape wat muka senget baby? tgh perpk pocket yg berlobang erk?

Pompuan ngada lagikkkk...

Gegambo dalam flight.. dari siang, ke ptg, ke malam ke siang semulaaa.. giler jauh perjalanan..

Senin sampai KLIA, balik kg, buka puasa... terus balik KL... selasa dah keje...

Model Boollllaaat menggayakan bag Trunky barunyaaaa...

ha.. abis dah citer london yg berkarat nieh... kalau saper2 nak tanya apa2.. mana bley tulun jawap i jawap lah ek.. if not... silalah gugel.. mesti ada jawapannyer.. ngeh ngeh ngehh.....