Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The One With the.... urgghhh!

No.. I am not complaining..
pretty much... er .. er... ngadu aci tak?

I feel tired more easily nowadays..
tho my body weight is decreasing.. (yes, you read that right, decreasing)..
but the tummy's apperance is somewhat visible dah..
huhuh... but according to dear hubby..
i look more like a fat lady then a pregnant lady..
durhhhhh... :P

The all-day-sickness is still there..
but pretty much getting better..
There are times I can really eat..
but... sometimes(or still most of the time?),
food isn't my best friend..

I practically can't make a wrong choice of food..
or else.. the day is over for me... hahahha..
abis seme yg aku makan kuar balik!

But again, no.. not complaining..
just... mengada-ing.. can rite?

all these happens for a good reason..
a good cause aight?

Yes, I am happy to have this baby in me..

and owh..
congrats to Ika and Zai too...
Qais Amir nak dapat adik dahhh... wohooo!!

well, I guess I just got to start doing my work..
I really hate it when the Development System is so slow and I need to do some testing before I could transport my changes to the Test System..


Friday, June 13, 2008

The One With the melting heart

I had a lonng day yesterday...
Went back home around 930pm, feeling hungry, tired and having bad headache..
Felt like whole body of mine is aching actually.

Worse part, I can really swallow anything..
Seme rasa nak terkeluar balik!
So ended up, I just ate plain white bread...

My head was spinning like nobody's business..
So, I head to my bedroom and laydown..
Then come my little princess...

"Mummy sleep? Cian mummy, mummy penat.. baru balik work... mummy pening.. mummy sleep yah?"


My heart melt...

I can't believe how fast she has grown up..

Mummy loves u alya!!

I fall asleep after that... and woke up around 12.30pm when hubby comes back from work..
I know he must felt really tired and hungry...
and yet... he still took his time to give me a good massage...
so I could sleep better...

Urgghhh... my heart melt again..

Thank God... for sending these two most wonderful person to me..

Syukur.. alhamdulillah..