Thursday, April 24, 2008

The One With the best friend's birthday

Our dear best friend, Malik just celebrated his *9th birthday today.

Wish you all the best, and may all your dream come true..

I really wish I could write more and update the birthday pics...
but I am too sleepy as we'll be flying off for our trip tomorrow aight?

Guess malik, I'll be seeing you around there too...:)

Will updates on the pics.. once we got back ya?


Happy birthday Malik!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The One With the queries

I get few feedback and questions on how did I manage to train Alya to be on diaper free...
and the answer for that question is...

I don't really know! ahhahaha...
To be honest, I tried few tricks on her.. I am not so sure which one manage to crack some sense to her (so small also got sense already meh?) hehhehe
1. Tease her for not being able to do her 'business' in the toilet
2. Told her she is a clever girl if she can do her 'business' in the toilet
3. Told her she cannot go to school if she is still wearing diapers, since everyone at school not wearing diaper.. I gave example of geng bas sekolah
"Tgk, geng bas skolah mana ada pakai diaper, sebab tu boleh pegi school..."
4. what else ya.. I know I talk a lot of crap with her... (oh man... while writing this, I remembers more on the personality types that the trainer told me he is rite.. I am a popular sanguine... hahhahahah)

Ya, I told her stories on how clever someone is when he/she is no longer using diaper.. I told her that when people grow up, they won't be wearing diaper anymore, coz only babies does.. and I ask her whether she is a baby or a big girl... etc.. etc... yupp.. i made up a lot of stories... hahhahaha..

But nonetheless, all these wont be a success without the help of bibik.. who constantly tries to get Alya not wearing any diaper during the day.. Though she fails a lot, but she still tries.. and I guess, if she didn't constantly just take the risk of Alya terbocor... it might just take longer that expected.

I totally understands moms who wanted to get their kids out of diaper, but when we are working, it is much harder to do since we have less control of our kids.. I agree with Filla, even she trained Kasih to be on diaper free, but during the day, when she send Kasih to nursery, Kasih will be put on diaper again, hence the miscommunication, and definitely Kasih will find it hard to understand, when should she be on diaper, and when she should... etc...

But again, I know we want them to learn... but... they need to learn though our guidence, and of course help. But never forget, let them take their time to learn.. do not force... things will take place.... one fine, be happy ok?

Happy Wednesday people!


The One With the newly found!

I went to a Presentation training last 2 days and one of the topics discussed was about personality...

From the trainer, I know that there's 4 types of personality as below:

Popular Sanguine
Powerful Choleric
Perfect Melancholy
Peaceful Phlegmatic

At first, I thought I was more on peaceful phlegmatic since I usually cannot make decisions (eg: where to eat, where to go, what movie to watch.. etc). Not that I cannot make the decision.. but I guess I am always okay... just like the phrase.. "Anything will do" "Ok with it.." and so on..

However, the trainer inform me that I am more Popular Sanguine rather than Peaceful Phlegmatic (which then my hubby refers me as Ego Maniac.. duuuhhhhh). The more I think about it, I kinda find it true in some ways... I love to be around people.. I love to talk.. I love to meet new friends... that explains why I have a Friendster account, Facebook, Blogger, Fotopages, Flickr, and the list goes on and on...

And guess what... I found out a cool website 3GB Commmunity where we can meet old friends, new friends, share photos, chats.. and much more.... ! You're asking me if I am interested? Of course I do!!

I would like to also invite all of you to join 3gb community now and meet more friends online....! Cool

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The One With the diaper free!

At 2 years and 3 months, my baby girl has become a big girl now...
She's been diaper free (during day time, at night, still pakai diaper sbb takut terbocorrrr!) for a week now!

I don't usually write on her achievements or what she has accomplished coz I want her just to take her own sweet time... but being a 'mata duitan' mom, I could save a lot when Alya is no longer using diaper... hahahhaha....
that would means, more shopping budget to me huh? Good girl Alya! hahahhaha..

Speaking of budget, I believe most mummies will agree that besides formula, diaper has been the one on the top list of -baby needs-, and I think the price has increased a lot lately... like it or not.. we need to buy those diapers... unless... you guys are up to using -baby-napkin- ... larat ke nak basuh? and also... I guess it is more convenient to use diapers as well rite?

So now, I'm really happy that besides this is among Alya's milestones, it could save us some money... Baby, maybe budget diaper we can put in her account?? hehehe.... at least something for her rite?

If you ask how we manage to train her... hahahhaha.... WE DID A LOT!! hahahhaa... it takes time actually... We decided since Alya can verse pretty well (kalau bab jadi mak nenek, serahlah kat dia!), it is time for her to start telling us when she wanted to go to toilet as well..

We've been using a lot of tactics to get her into doing it... but I guess, the one really work is when she is eager to go to school after watching "Geng Bas Sekolah" @ Ceria, and I told her if she wanted to go to school, she must tell us if she wants to pee or poo poo... after a lot of trials, we manage to convinced her... and now... she's diaper free!

But the problem now is... she's been asking about school... hahhahahah... Daddy, this weekend we need to check out for suitable so called school for her.... if not, she will not trust us again! hehehhe

Any suggestions on toodler school guys? really appreciate it!