Monday, December 12, 2005

The One With.... counting days...

Hi All....

Missing me? I guess not.. hahahhaha..!

I would say... I've been so busy lately... eating, getting myself even more fat than ever.... and also... busy counting days.... till my first anniversary... and also our little dear junior!

I'm at my 36 weeks now. According to doctor, I can deliver my baby at any time my baby wants to see the world..
pretty exciting... but... a bit nervous.... somehow I wish that it will be soon .... can't wait to see the baby's eyes.. can't wait to hold him/her. Whatever it is, I have to be patient.... biar masa menentukan..

Anyway..I would like to take this opportunity to say SORRY... for all the wrong things I've done, Maaf zahir dan batin.... sama ada di sengajakan atau tidak... if I ever hurt any of you, I am so sorry.... please forgive me... Mintak halal makan minum.... kalau ada terhutang, boleh la tuntut hutang yer... jgn malu2.. Mintak maaf sekali lagi... halalkan makan minum... doakan me and my baby selamat.... amin..

Heheh.. the above was written on 12/12/2005... but due to few factors.. it was not posted until now..
ha.. baca la cerita basi tuh dulu erk? nanti ada masa saya update berita terbaru..

Skang nieh saya tgh tunggu je.. bebila time baby nak kuar.... bila saya tak sakit contraction tuh.. saya update ye.. hehehe..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The One With the class

Phewww..... it's been awhile since I last updated this blog. Been busy with stuff... and also... not so rajin to update.. pretty much due to my hormone changing everyday.. even every minute i think.. hahahhaha..

I'm in my 33 weeks for pregnancy already. And I hate to admit, the stretch marks starts to appear already... huhuhu... huduh la perut aku...takperla.. baby nyer pasal.. nanti pas deliver mummy g slimming yer.... untie Aiza .. jom diet sama!

Anyway.. according to my doctor... after the 36 weeks.. meaning.. 37 onwards... the baby can come out anytime he/she wish to see the world. Don't ask me about my baby's gender coz I don't know. We've decided to let it be a surprise. hehehe... Somehow, aku cam tak sabar nak tgk dier ... and prays that he/she will come out soon.... anyway, I'll just let nature takes it place. Pray for both of us yah?

I went to the antenatal class yesterday... mmg pon lambat baru nak pegi.. tapi yang penting pegi la kan.. and we kinda join in the middle of the sessions already. Yesterday was the 4th session and it discuss about "Process of Delivery". Trust me, it does make me scared. Huhuh... anything could go wrong.... but... we should just pray hard that everything will went smooth.. and safe.

I didn't take the pictures of the delivery room and also the ward coz I was still in shocked. Takut sebenarnya.. hahaha...
I really hope things will go smooth.. and safe.. for both baby and me. Please pray for both of us too yah?

Need to go... will update later if I'm in the mood! hehehhee..


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The One With the Raya Cookies

**** Updated ****

Takder masa sangat nak update sebenarnyer..later erk.. however, sape nak order kuih by tomorrow erk.. coz nak balik kg amik minggu nieh... minggu depan .. seme dah nak balik raya kan?

satu lagik.. ada jugak tart... saper nak order bleh kasik tau erk... suitable utk kasik hadiah sbb each piece buh dalam cup... cute lar... so.. saper2 nak beli jiwa mak mentua dsb.. sila2 lah yer.. gambo nanti saya update! hahah.. lupa amik.


Tart in nice individual cup, 50pcs = RM23 ; 100 pcs = RM46


I'm selling Raya cookies on behalf of my sister in law who has been in this business for years... hahaha..
She has this bakery back in my hometown... remember one of my post about the bakery? With all the hot and nice buns? (Alamak.. tgh puasa.. teringat plak makanan.. hehehe) .. Haa... that is the shop.. and that is where she produce yummy cookies and also cakes... I LIKKEE..!

Anyway, here's the sample of the cookies... Any one interested to order, can leave the order here.. If u want to try out the cookies, let me know.. coz I have the sample with me..


Kuih gunting : 1kg = RM15 / 500grm = RM 8


Biskut Bunga Santan : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Bahulu gulung : 1pc = RM3.50


Samperit : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Almond London(almond sebiji) : 100pcs = RM37 / 50pcs = RM19


Cornflakes Rocher : 100pcs = RM29 / 50pcs = RM15


Choc Chip Cookies : 1kg = RM40 / 500grm = RM21


Almond slice : 1kg = RM42 / 500grm = RM22
Any questions, can ask here too! Selamat berpuasa to all Muslims!

Friday, September 30, 2005

The One With the new look

Please don't laugh...

Here's my new look....


Eh... silap2.. tuh gambo tgh test power lense... Ha... my new frame will be like this..:


Heheh.. ada cam cikgu besar takk?? tak kesah la... janji aku sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... hahhaa..

Yesterday, Me, Yang, Afza, Malik and Laydiefa went for a movie at OU.. and I got myself a pair of glasses! hehe.. dah lama sebenarnya nak tukar glasses tuh.. tapi tak nyempat2.. tgk smalam... jumpa yg berkenan.. terus rembat..

Watched Longest Yard yesterday. True enough.. mmg lawak giler.. btul la Tini cakap.. sangat lawak.. I was laughing like nobody's business.. sorry la org sekeliling... baby dalam perut pon dok gelak2 sampai sakit perut aku kene tendang sbb dier happy sangat... hehehe.. anak2 zaman skang.. dalam perut dah tgk wayang.. hahaha..

Nak review citer tuh? takyah la.... pegi tgk sendiri la... mmg best!

Friday, September 23, 2005

The One With the twin..

Nak kenal kembar tak seiras... pastuh tak sama mak.. tak sama bapak?

Yang and malik

Tak tau la derang ni janji ke hape.. tapi aku rasa yang kawin ngan Yang aku.. tak tau plak kalau Malik bleh baca instinct nak pakai baju sama... mementangla satu geng ... partner badminton.. uniform pon kene sama la erk?

Tapi, cam comey plak kan?

Sebenarnya.. aku adalah amat sangap arini.. kaki adalah sangat sakit kerana semalam terpeleot kat Syed... nak jalan pon dengkot.. mlm tadik tido pon.. sengal je rasa.. so... takder keje aku pon update la blog nieh.. hahaha..

Dahla.. dari merapu.. baik baca newspaper.. korang pon dari buang masa baca blog tah hape2 nieh.. baik g buat keje....

Selamat hari Jumaat!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The One With... the happiness

I don't know why...(perhaps I do) but I'm happy today...

Dedicated to both my dear 'friend',
May you find happiness in your journey...

Please don't ask me to elaborate!


And to all of you...
May you'll be happy today... tomorrow.. always...!


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The One With the NBITG

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Ika and Zai.. for their cute little tiny baby boy... QAIS AMIIR ABQARI... or known by his 'Datuk' as Baby Q... so cuteeee....

After few false alarm as early as 8th month of the pregnancy, finally it's time for baby Qais to see the world... Welcome to the group dear! You'll be spoiled by all your unties and uncles here... ahahhaha..


Look how cute he is.... muahs muahs muahhhss!!!


The new Ummi, 'Datuk' and 'Nenet'...
To dearest baby Qais,
Semoga membesar menjadi anak yg soleh.. anak yg taat pada kedua ibu bapa.. dan sentiasa mendoakan serta menggembira kan hati keduanya... Jadilah hamba Allah yang beriman..... amin...
From both untie and uncle...
To Zai and Ika,
Congratulations again!!... doakan kitorang selamat for our turn in 4 months time...:)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The One With the date

Hehhe... it was suppose to be a weekly catching movie thingy with the gang... but then, Malik has to go to Gym, Zai has to send Ika for mommies maintenance, and Afza has something to do...

So, I have to 'Paksa-rela' my hubby to watch the movie... hahah.. punya la desperate.. macam2 alasan aku bagik termasuk la... "jom la.. dah lama tak dating.." hahahah.. pathetic? I don't care!

So at last, dapatla memujuk Yang tgk citer.... GOL & GINCU! yes Malik, Zai... u guys bleh gelakkan dier.. kitorang siap duduk kat Love seats yg twin tuhhhh... very comfy! hehehe... (cian laki aku terpaksa layan bini bengong camni.. thanks Baby.. banjer I tgk movie pastuh siap beli seats yg best!! muah muah muahh)

The movie was ok.. so not like those Yusuf Haslam love story movies(sorry yer peminat citer Yusuf Haslam, takper.. aku pon tgk jugak!!). I would say.. the movie speaks like normal daily life... bukan jenis kesah chenta asyik masyuk jiwang2... but just like our normal daily life... so.. takder la teruk karatnyer.. maybe ada a few.. but still ok.. heheh..

And the good part, awek2 dalam citer nie mostly lawa2... *wink2 at Malik and apza*

Recommended? Erm, I would say.. boleh la.. kalau nak rilek2 and tgk cerita yg lite .. tak nak pecah otak pk macam2... it is a nice movie to watch....

Whatever it is, thanks so much my Baby.... for the lovely nite!

Monday, August 15, 2005

The One With ... I'm OUT!!

Hi Everyoneeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, I'm back to office today.

Syukur alhamdulillah, both baby and mummy are okay.

As told by Mek (thanks!), I was admitted to hospital Pantai on 03/08 to 05/08 due to pain in my lower abdomen.
I was told by doctor, I think during my 12 weeks of pregnancy that I have fibroid growing together with my baby. It won't harm the baby for now, but it will leave me in pain, a lot, when it grows bigger later. And, due to that, I was in a very bad pain, and to make it worse, I was having long cough and flu.. and each time I cough, I will put pressure on the stomach and push the baby down... senang citer, org tua2 kata 'peranakan turun'. So, I was admitted then.

Yes, I was put on oxygen mask almost every nite coz I had difficulty in breathing, but it was not that serious... so, ok je la.. The doctor adviced me to have plenty of rest, and do not lift any heavy things bla bla bla... Senang citer nak cakap.. suh aku makan ngan tido je la kan! hehehe..

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all of you for your prayers.... for visiting me... for smsing me... for calling me. It meant so much to me! Thank you so much!!!!

Luv u all!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The One With the check up

I'm going to Pantai Medical Centre around 9.30am today, for another checkup. I went there last Friday, but I still need to go there today. A bit complication on the pregnancy and also my health condition isn't good enough lately. Been having fever, flu, cough.. for more than 2 weeks already...

Pray for me and the baby yah? If I'm not around... I might be admitted then...

Please pray for me and the baby.... may both of us stay healthy...


Monday, August 01, 2005

The One With His special day - part 2

Been planning to do something different for his birthday long agooo... awal taun kot kan Malik... citer kat Malik pasal plan tuh.. and alhamdulillah... with Malik's help (thanks so much dude!) the plan come real!

So, on Friday, discuss with Malik, Sha and Syah (and of coz Yang pon ada sbb dier dah ter'tau' dah plan tuh.. ches.. padan muka skang dah kene jadik committee member.. kene wat keje.. hahaha)... lay out the plans.. and menu... and who to do/bring what. Decided on Saturday nak pegi Pasar Chow Kit beli daging and ayam for BBQ.. sebab seme dah confirm tak bleh bangun pagi nak pegi pasar tani kat Melawati. haha..

So on Saturday, me , Malik, and Yang pegi la Pasar Chow Kit.. mulanyer nak beli daging and ayam.. ended up.. cam satu pasar tuh je kitorang borong.. balik plak.. singgah kat Carefour to have our lunch and buy more things, and last but not least, beli besi/dawai for BBQ and also charcoal.

So, tugas marinate bahan2 BBQ kasik kat Malik, rebus jagung and spagetti pon Malik gak.. I cooked the spagetti sauce, and also sardine for the sandwich... kol 2 pagi baru tidooooo... hahaha...tapi still excited sbb nak pegi PICNICCCCC!!

So, on Sunday morning, met Malik, Ika, Zai, Sha and Syah(tho both of them were late, but still di maafkan sbb sesat) at Projet Melawati and then met Afza, Katik, Din and Nazham at Projet Gombak. Sorry guys, that you have to wait for one and a half hours... sian Sha ngan Syah sesat sampai Bukit Belacan.. bleh? hahahha...apapon, perjalanan diteruskannn.....

Yang, Malik and Zai tgh tunjuk pro pasang api.. punya pro kan.. dekat setengah jam gak aa nak iduppp.. hahahha

Happy birthday Yang.... kek terpenyek oleh Malik.. takper.. sbb kek di sponsor oleh Malik.

Yang dalam pelbagai aksi nak potong kek..

Katik, me and Din yang dah lapo tunggu makanan... siap prepare pinggan kat tangan...

Ibu mengandung yg bahagia banyak makanan di depannyer... go Ika!

Acara mandi2.. from left.. Toha, Yang, Me , Ika, front : Malik, Back atas batu : Apza
Acara memandikan Katik oleh Nazham.. oucch.. sejuk ok??
Thanks to all for making it happen. I really appreciate it! Syah, kalau nak main XBOX hadiah besday Yang tuh.. I have no power over it, sbb tuh hadiah besday dier.. kene g kenen lebih skit kat Yang erk?
Malik, thanks.. so much for helping me with the shopping and cooking... BBQ mmg best.. first class!! nanti ajar wat mushroom sauce tu erk?
Zai and Ika, thanks... for joining, walaupon Ika tgh sarat2 tuh... still join gak... thanks so much!
Katik, Nazham and Din.... thanks so muchhhh u ols... sbb bangun di pagi hari utk bersama2 meraikan picnic ini.. sorry la u ols tunggu lama sampai naik cik rent... apapon.. you guys are great!!!!
Sha and Syah, thanks sesusah datang sampai sesat2...
Apza, thanks sbb datang.. hehhee.... sorry erk.. kete rosak tak bleh claim and tak kire hadiah Yang kata.. hehehe..
Toha.. thanks!
You guys are great!!!! thanks so much!!!

The One with the Trip - pics

Hehe... sorry that I haven't been updating my blog .... been busy with work.. and so many things happen..

ok.. tak nak cakap banyak2.. here's some of the pics taken during the SG trip..


Malik's breakfast ... oh 7-11.... i miss u!

At Thai Fair

Gambo nieh Yang amik.. kene tanya dier nape dier amik gambo nieh..


Yang dengan beg Crumples baru nyer...
Kat luar giant Durian..

Before pegi Mustoffa.... Malik tgh bersilat! hahah..
More pics? heheh... kalau sempat nanti saya upload erk? buat masa nieh.. ini je la dulu erkk? hehehe...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The One With His special day

Happy birthday my ever beloved hubby... the one and only!!!!

My dear baby,

Happy birthday to you..
Hope that you like the present I bought you..
And the present I'm carrying inside me.. hehehe...

Thanks for being such a great friend... a great other half...
I love you... just for being who you are..
I love you.. with all my heart...
always... forever....

May we'll be happy together forever....
with more juniors coming...
Insya Allah..


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The One with the Trip - part 2

Yuppp... I know I promised to update real soon.. and this is the real soonest I got (is there such word? Lantaklaa)..

Well, as you all know... or if you don't know.. please pretend like you know... hehe.. I just moved to a MNC company... I think after a month, I like it here coz there's a lot of things I could learn... time to polish back my skills huh? So, I've been really really busy lately, trying to catch up new things.. and so on.. I just finished one config yesterday and did the User training, and today... I'm a bit free.... yehaaaa... time to blog!

Ok, let me see... I've promised to update on my trip to SG rite? We (read: Malik, my hubby and I) went there on Thursday, really early in the morning(at least for me it is so early consider that I'm on leave kan?). Went to pick Malik at his house, then had breakfast at Projet.

We reach SG around 3pm coz we had our lunch at JB. Pusing2... pastuh check in. Then mandi2 terus keluar pegi SHOPPING! hahahah.. not really shopping, more like... surveying the places... so that we'll get the picture where to go and what to shop the next day..

So, the next day, terusla berusaha shopping... we went out as early as 9am, had breakfast at my fav 7-11 (I missing that 7-11!!!!) located just across our hotel... and our mission for today is.... to jalan2 and do our shopping at orchard road, pastuh after lunch pegi Raffles City and jalan2 area situh plak.. ANDDD..TO SHOP SAMPAI KEDAI TUTUP!... and we did! In fact, mmg sampai kedai dah bebetul tutup kan? hahaha.. time kat Robinson tuh.. dah annouce banyak kali dier nak tutup kedai... Tapi mission nak pegi Raffles City tak accomplish.. giler banyak kedai kat Orchard... tak sempat abis ...

Balik, had supper at 7-11 (again, this is our fav pit stop!). Pastuh balik hotel layan pool seround dua. Lawan Malik kalah, lawan Yang pon kalah... Dem it... mesti takder luck malam tuh.. ker.. sebab dah susah nak main perut dah naik.. hahahaha... That nite, we planned to go to Mustoffa at Little India.. cam Mydin la kot.. tapi bukak 24hrs. Tapi, naik bilik mandi.. seme dah tak larat... so terus tido coz esok nak masuk JB gi kenduri (eventho seme cam..."perlu ke nak g kenduri sbb banyak lagik tak abis shopping nehhhh)

Sabtu, pegi kenduri, balik SG balik with Zai and Ika (tapi time kat kastam SG terpisah plak ngan derang).. so, we proceed our plan to Raffles City.. sedar2... dah dekat kol 12 mlm dah.. hahaha... Balik, singgah pit stop favorite, then kitorang kacau Zai and Ika kat hotel derang... and planned to go to Mustoffa together.. so, the five of us went to Mustoffa, and to our surprise.... it's like... Harold Mydin! hahahaha... seriously you can find almost everything under one roof.. including GOLD! yupp... kitorang tersesat pastuh termasuk kat dept jewelery, and to our surprise.... the whole floor tuh kedai emas! hahaha.. lawak giler time tuh.. tapi tak amik gambo sbb tak bleh amik..

Sunday, we set our mission straight, to go back to all the shops that we've been eyeing on and just grab the things that we want... and to cut the story short, we leave the island around 12++ at night and reach home almost 3am. hehehe..

My summary of shoping list:

1) Malik shop the most! (mana aci, dier tak pregnant... seme baju sluar kasut dier bleh beliii...)
2) My hubby drools over LCD tv and Crumplers backpack...
3) Me, tak shopping banyak pon... walaupon I'm the one being expected to abiskan duit laki aku.. hahaha...

We had fun, really.... and we wish that we don't have to go back that early, but we have other commitment here.. but we do promise that next year.... we'll visit SG again.. and that time, I'm already a 'Angelina Jolie'(hahaha.. bleh tak i perasan camtuh Baby?) so I can shop till both me and my hubby drop! And that time, we'll arrange for a longer trip, so that we could visit their other side of 'Places of interest'.

Haaaa... there goes my update! Pictures will be updated later sbb tak sempat nak transfer pon lagik. I'll try to do it tonight... can't promise.. hehehe..

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The One with the Trip - part 1

I know that I don't have much time to update since I'm going for a training in about.... erhh... 5 mins from now...

but I promise... to keep you guys updated with the latest trip we went to Singapore....

all I can say is............ I'm missing the 7 Eleven in front of our hotel... Baby.... I nak Milo kat 7 E tuhhh... jom la g lagikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to goooooooooo...... I'll update later on the trip... see you againnnn..!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

The One with the passport

Basically, I've never been to anywhere outside Malaysia ... hahaha... tak tau la sebab aku 'perhak'(pinjam word malik) sangat or for any other reason... guess... I'm not as lucky as most of my friends where their parents bring them to oversea over the school holidays.. and... I didn't get the chance to pursue my studies overseas.. blame it to the economy... but if I were to fly... I won't be able to meet my Prince Charming... and if I don't meet my Prince Charming, I won't be carrying one little life inside me now.... so I guess.. things happen for a reason right? Allah tu Maha Berkuasa.... Allahuakbar...!!

Anyway, next week I'm going to Singapore with my hubby and Malik.... and Zai and Ika would join us a few days later... dah lama takder trip camni kan? mesti fun giler... next year kalau nak pegi jalan.. dah ada si kechek plak jadik team member... hehehehehe...

Since I've never been outside Malaysia... so I need to do a passport as soon as possible.. and the thing that strikes my mind was... abisla... tak sempat la plak nieh kangggggg.... but I was wrong.. totally wrong...! The process was smooth and easy... and... PAINLESS! hehehe.. kojappp joooo....

Here goes...

1. 2pm - arrived at Complex Wilayah
2. Go to counter 1 to buy the form (RM 1 only)
3. Go to the photo shop across the form counter... or was it in front? tak kisah la.. dedekat situh la.. then, let them fill up the form for you (RM3 per form) and you can go straight and take your picture.
4. When the picture is done, your form is already being filled without mistake!
5. Go to 'Kaunter Nombor Giliran'. The officer will check your form and give you a number.
6. Wait for your number to be called out. Mine took around 10-15 mins
7. The officer then process your form, took your finger prints.. etc.. took about 5-7 mins
8. Wait for another 5 mins to pay (at different counter). Then the officer will say..."Hari Sabtu siap ye.. bleh datang amik dah.."
9. The end!

and it took like.. 30 mins kot.. ke lebih.. tapi tak lama la...

yeayy.. so skang kene tunggu ari Sabtu nak amik.. which is esok.. but esok ada Family Day kat PD.. yeayyy.. jalan2 lagikkkk.. hehehe... takperla.. Monday bleh amik..

Can't wait to go to PD.. can't wait to go to Singaporeeeeeeeeeeee.............. nak shoppinggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ada org nak ikut ke? hehehehehehe....;P

Friday, June 17, 2005

The One with the sweet corn

Blame it to... saper erk? who ever... I'm now officially a jagung fan!! hahahaha... Mmg hari2 aku akan ngaruk nak makan jagung... not the rebus type.. not even the bakar... or corn in cup... but the one and only jagung tongkol steam.... sangat sedap ok? Mmg tak toleh kiri kanan nyer la...

It's almost 8pm now and I'm still at my office... thinking of now nice it would be if there's a setongkol jagung yg sedap utk di makan... makkkkkkk.... lapooooooooo....!!

Alhamdulillah.. for the past few days... I've been eating well... at least I could eat... rather than vomiting every time I even think of food... alhamdulillah... good for my baby... but pening still ada.. sometimes I think... migraine datang balik... sbb selalu sangat sakit kepala... thanks to my everdearest hubby yg sangat baik selalu picit kepala I... sampai tetido kan? Cian you kadang2 borak sorang2 sebab I tak sedar bila I tertido.. heheheh.... LUv you!

I can't wait for weekends... Thank God it's Friday... been feeling tired lately... rasa cam tak cukup tido.. padahal... banyak dah tidoo.... ada gak terasa cam nak demam sbb badan dah rasa sakit2 dah... agaknye kene badi Apza arituh kutuk Apza... ehehhe... sorry erk Apza... jgn marah erkkk.... :D

I think I should make a move now.. nak lepak2 jap kat bawah... till then.......... take care and happy holiday guys!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The One with the no updates

yupp.... I don't really know what to update coz nothing seems interesting enough to be updated. Or issit me who found everything so boring and lame...

Tell you guys... being pregnant isn't so easy but nevertheless... it is the most wonderful moment in your life! Apart from feeling dizzy all the time.. it does make you think of your parents especially your mom even more. Though some might be lucky not to have the morning sickness and lead a normal life... but I'm still happy to have the morning sickness. The doctor told me that the high level of HGC(the hormone produce that will cause the nausea and dizzyness) in my body is good for the baby... it keeps my baby safe... and it's a sign of my baby being a healthy baby...

I don't mind being sick... I don't mind to puke often... I don't mind not to be able to shop (coz one wierd thing about my baby is... whenever I went for shopping, I'll feel very2 dizzy.... I bet the baby don't like to go shopping heh?).... I don't even mind not to be able to eat a lot of food....

as long as.....

my baby is safe and healthy... I bet all mummies are willing to do anything to their children aite?

Monday, June 06, 2005

The One with the 'Mabok'

I just moved to a new company last week... 1st June to be exact. Though I have the internet access.... but I don't really have the time to update as I am so busy with the training being scheduled by the company for all the new comers... and besides....


not the drunk kinda type... but I its called Morning Sickness.... Seriously... it doesn't happen only in the morning.. but it can happen at any time of the day... Serious rasa tak selesa and pening and rasa nak muntah jeeee....

I think my mood towards everything... like food... sleep... rest... etc... change every week. Like the previous week, I can eat... and I eat quite a lot.... but last week... I can't eat most of the things I like to eat... it's either too manis.. too pahit.. or to masin... even talking about food will make me feel like I want to puke! Kesian kat baby kalau mummy camni... tak lalu makan... camne baby nak dapat nutrition....

Pastuh skang aku sangat emo.. skit2 nak nangis.. skit2 terasa... org citer pasal kawin pon aku leh nangis? cam tak relevent.. tapi nak nangis gak, bleh? so.. kalau tetiba tgk aku bergenang air mata... jgn takut..... mmg dah selalu camtuh...

And my crave for food.... it's driving me crazy.. one moment.. I would feel like I want to eat spagetti... the moment the spagetti being served... there goes my appetite! Cian laki aku slalu kene abiskan food... makin bulat la dier jadiknyer...
Tapi kalau betul kene selera.... mmg bleh habis punya lahhh....

Kadang aku pon confuse... seme mummies camnie ke erk? Saper ada tips nak kasik kurang loya.... sangatlah di alu2kan....

dah pening.... nak sign off.... laters.................

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The One With the little us....

Helloooo...... meet our little baby....


So tiny ... so small.... and all of us start as small as my baby... Thanks to our everdearest mom... for keeping us safe... and comfortable in their womb... for 9 months.... carrying us everywhere... losing her shapely body... but she still loves us... with all her heart... So you guys... go back today and kiss your mom.. tell them how much you love them.. and tell them how much they mean the world to you!!!

I almost shed into tears when the doctor shows me the heartbeat of my little baby.... He is now 7 weeks.... counting weeks... months... to see the world... I do hope that you guys could pray for both of us to be healthy and safe... Amin...

So for mother to be out there... take good care of your health... coz your baby is depending on you... There are a few useful websites that you could read.. to understand more on your baby growth... like or

To father to be... take good care of your wife now... they need you the most now... please understand their mood swing... and their crave for foods that keep on changing every day.. every hour.. or even every minutes... please be patient.... trust me... we didn't do that on purpose! hehe.. Thank God that I have such a wonderful hubby... yang sangat penyabar dengan kerenah2 I yang tak menentu... I'm so lucky to have you as my husband! Love you so much... and thanks to all my friends.... for trying so hard to get me what I feel like eating... that goes to Malik... yang sanggup pegi Pantai Dalam sebab aku teringin makan putu piring semalam.... Thanks so much Malik... anak I mesti sayang you nanti! hehehe... Sorry susahkan you.. kitorang dah carik kat seluruh Keramat... Wangsa Maju and Melawati.. tapi takder... thanks so muchhh.... sbb susah2 carikkan putu piring tuh...

Please pray for me and my baby... and I would like to extend my appology.... if I ever hurt any of you..... sengaja ke.. tak sengaja ke... mintak halal makan minum... kalau ada terhutang kat mana2.... sila claim yer... kalau tak nak claim.. mintak halalkan.... semoga Allah memberkati kalian semua... amin....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The One With the cik-kara

Last Saturday we went to (eh.. apa erk nama tpt karaoke tuh? aku lupa laaa) Summit to celebrate Katik's belated birthday. Pity that girl... she worked even on Sundays... and Sabtu tuh sempat lagik lari dari demo semata2 nak berkaraoke bersama kawan2... u go girl!!

Me and my hubby tagged Mek as our car is still in the workshop. Thanks Mek for picking us up at Pantai Medical arituh... siap antar kitorang balik ke bengkel nak amik kereta... thanks mek... jasamu tetap ku kenang... (weih.. aku ada citer best utk ko.. sah2 ko akan teruja dengar citer nie..) .. sorry guys... back to the story... So, we arrived around 12.30... and the staffs were busy preparing the lunch buffet. The place was ok.. and the price... I would say.... so cheap!! Just imagine... RM9.90++ Buffet Lunch (from 12-3) and that includes the karaoke. And the first drink is also free. The food was ok... for RM9.90.. I think it is worth it.. pastuh add up plak kengkawan beradu tenaga dan suara.... heheh.. mmg best lah!!

As always... Jaja, Nrul and Katik will be the Diva.... I'll just be the back up singer.. and of course... doing the best thing I could do.. MAKAN la.. apa lagik!! hehehhe....


Katik, Jaja and Nrul tgh berpady suara.... Mek plak sebok makan... and Nazham... tak tau ler tgh buat apa tuh...


The cacatz me.. Sebenarnya tgh makan tuh.. tetiba perasan Yang nak amik gambo.. terus pose cacat! hahahhah..


The three of us celebrating our belated birthday... Thanks Nurul for the yummy cake!


All of us...except for Mek... sbb dier tgh amik gambo... going back dahhh.....

It was a fun outing.... as I said.. nothing could compare with the joy of having your friends all around you! Oh ya.. since it was so called belated birthday bash for the three of us... all of us dapat belated birthday present... Thanks Nazham for the nice selendang pink yg Mek dok buat posing tak abis2... Thanks Katik for that cute pink mirror... and thanks Nrul for that nice Saloma Bag.... I just love them all!! and...

I love you guys too!!! Friendship for evahhhh!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

The One with the

I officially tendered my resignation today....

Good bye ... farewell...

I'll be joining my new company in June. Alhamdulillah... Maha Suci Allah....

Syukur atas segala rezeki Mu buat ku dan keluargaku.... amin... ya rabbal alamin....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The One With the new chef


Yupp.. that's the newly hired chef .... Malik da great! heheh.. kembang la tuh org kata dier the great! Last Saturday, Malik invited me and Yang to his house for lunch. Yes... he cooked for us. Malik mmg terrer masak! Best ooo...
When me and Yang arrived the table was already set... it's like celebrating something... but Malik said... "takder apa.. saje2 je"... but to me... it was a celebration... from Malik to both of us... kan Baby? hehehe.. cam tetau je Malik nieh...

Starter... yummy salad... even the dressing pon Malik buat sendiri... a mixture of sugar, vinegar and some herbs.... sedap giler ok?


The main dish.... yummy pasta.... fresh dari kuali.. ke pinggan anda... mmg lazattttttzzzzz...


Me, enjoying the food.. pinggan kosong tuh kalau nak tau pinggan Yang... dier awal2 dah perabissss...


Last but not least, desert... yummy mix fruits.. or punch erk? topped with vanilla icecream... Yang and Malik tambah 2 kali icecream... aku je tak larat.. senak dah perut... hahahha...

See... I told you.... it was just like celebrating something... Malik mmg best jadik host... Thanks so much for the lunch treat.... We just luuurrrvveee it...

(Yang pesan... lenkali bleh la masak camtuh lagik erkkk? pastuh invite kitorang datang makan lagik.... sambil Yang jeling2 kat Zai... provoke mamat tuh sbb dier tak dapat... Yang kata... "Malik tak suka ko Zai.." hahahhaha...)

Monday, May 09, 2005

The One With the Bakerzin

Last Friday me, my hubby, Malik and Afza went to Bakerzin to have lunch. We were suppose to meet at level -4 parking lot where Malik parks his Blackie around 12.15(according to Malik la kan...), but somehow.. we only make our move at 12.45(Malik, nieh 12.15 ke.. 12.15 Afza? ker... 12.15 you plak? hahahhaha)

We were fortunate that Bangsar is just nearby and Bakerzin isn't full house just yet. So, we managed to get our seats easily... and ordered our food... As a starter, we have 2 cakes, Strawberry Short Cake and New York Cheese Cake. The New York Cheese Cake is highly recommended coz it taste so goooodddd.... finger licking good.. eh... fork licking good! hahah.. that should answer why there's no picture of the cakes as all of us are busy... finishing them! hahha


Yang's lunch... tp sebab dier dapat dulu, kitorang dah perabiskan dier nyer.. hahahha..!


Afza's lunch.. apa erk ko makan Apza? aku lupa la nama dier...


Malik's lunch - Prawn pasta... kan Malik kan?


Mine - Crayfish spagetti.. walaupon aku nyer lunch, tp Yang yg sebok belasah dulu.. hahahha...

We enjoyed our lunch well.. Eventho the guys were eating so fast, coz they need to catch up the Friday prayer.. but we really do enjoy our lunch. The food taste good... and recommended... yummy!!

Sorry la Zai, saper suh pegi Sabah... kitorang terpaksa tinggalkan korang... terpaksa sebenarnya... takper.. lenkali kita g lagik erk?

Friday, May 06, 2005

The One With the birthday wish


This entry is dedicated to my everdearest friend, Wan Ezreen binti Wan Sharifuddin or better known as Katik....


~Happy 25th birthday!!~

and... to make today a double special extravaganza.... its her 5th year anniversary...!! Girll..... you rawkk!! Berdarahhhh ok? May you live happily ever after with your beloved significant other, Mr Jamy Fadzry ...

Been knowing Katik since MMU... become close... bila erk? Ages dah la kan? Been thru a lot with her... she's the fren I would call when I want to go to Pasar Malam Bangsar.... she's the fren I call when I want to go swimming... shopping.. watching movies... kire... cam partner in crime la dier nieh! hehehhe....

She's also the one whom I share my happiness... my sadness... aku dapat keje gaji best.. aku kasik tau ko... aku sedih2 pasal apa benda pon.. aku kasik tau ko.... in other words... she's my best buddy....

Thanks... sbb slalu temankan aku in anything.. gi makan.. g swimming.. g shopping... tido/lepak umah aku... temankan aku buat inai time aku kawin... hahaha.. ingat tak aku tido camne ngan inai tuh? Thanks for being my maid of honour... for making me cry with your speech... for even make me cry now... huk huk huk.... Thanks dear... for being such a great fren to me.... I miss you dearly!...

May you live happily ever after.......

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The One with the last episode

Image002b edit

Yuuuupppppsssss!!! That is what happen to our car...!! At just 4 months... she lost her virginity... as early as 7.00am at MRR2... on one fine Tuesday morning. Yuuppp... I am sad!! But fortunately, both me and my hubby are all okay.

What happen was... the traffic was smooth... since it's still early... and we're driving on the fast lane.... suddenly... the car in front of us brakes. Thanks to my hubby and his expert driving experience (but Baby, that doesn't mean that I approved you driving like a mad guy.. hehehhe) he managed to stop our car... Serious brake emergency sampai kuar asap2 seme.... mesti bertanda jalan raya tuh... but unfortunately, the car behind us hit us... and another car behind the car hit him. So, there were three car pilled up.. on the fast lane... and I bet... it does coz the traffic jammed! Obviously you should know Malaysian... they just loooooovvvveeee to slow down to look at the accident.... bukan nak tulun pon... cuma nak kasik tulun jam jeeee....!

Since it wasn't our fault, coz we did not hit anyone, the cost to repair my car will be beared by the insurance company of the person whom it us. I was sad.. and shock.. but I'm grateful that no one was hurt. So, we went to Ampang police station, made a police report, then go to the workshop... do the neccessary.. yada yada yada....

So now, my Wira is not a virgin anymore... sad huh? What to do.... but somehow, I'm grateful that no one is hurt and we did not hit any car. Alhamdulillah.....

The One With the second episode

~ continued....

My weekend was OK.. I went back to my hometown on Saturday for another session of massage with 'Mbok'. And this time, she brought one glass of freshly brewed 'jamu'. hahahha..! Nak terjojol bijik mata gak la nak abis kan tuh..
We went back home the same day.

On Sunday, I woke up and made breakfast and Mama told me that she will teach me how to cook Gulai kepala ikan. Yuupp... I'm not good with curry or gulai coz my family don't eat curry that much. So, aku pon malas nak blaja. But then, since my in laws suka makan kari nieh... aku kene la belaja.... baik kan aku?

On Monday, again I woke up and made breakfast. Ala, buat cekodok bawang je. Mama decided today will be the lepak2 day.. so.. no cooking! Later, me and my hubby went to Berjaya Times Square and Low Yatt to find some stuff for my handphone and notebook and also some stuff for Mama.

At night, there's a surprise birthday party at home. So sweet of my mother in law to trick us to go out and buy her stuff at Low Yat. She asked my hubby what type of diamond that he bought me for the wedding and she said she want to have a look at it. We don't even have a clue that she's actually measuring my ring!! And as we went out to Low Yat, she went out with Ayu to buy a cake and a ring for my birthday! So sweetttttt!!


the cake


the 'cacat' and 'comot' me!

The One With the first episode

So many things happen... I don't even have the time to update my blog eventho I am sooooooooo into updating it.

Today, I took my time... my own sweet time to update my blog.... heheh.. enjoy!

Thursday, April 28th ~ Happy Birthday to me!

besday party DSC01219

Celebrate my birthday and Malik's(since its like a tradition to celebrate together... hehhehe) at Soul'ed Out Hartamas with my hubby, Laydiefa, Mysara, Apza, Ninie, Zainee, Adrian, Zai, Ika, Katik and later Din and Akai joined us all.

I had a great time that nite! Thanks to all for the lovely gift... and Baby, I do lovvvveee the white gold diamond bracelet... thanks for everything... cakes.. dinner... just simply everything!!

Sara & Laydiefa, sorryla... I probably don't have enough time to chat with you... but I hope you enjoy your time there... and sorry coz mmg my hubby perangai camtuh.. hahah.. cian Laydiefa cultural shock!

Apza, Akai, Zaini & Adrian... you guys still owe me my birthday present! hahahhah.. that includes everyone who read this! hahahhahah... jahat giler aku! poyo ok?

The most important thing is... thanks for being there... nothing beats the joy of having frens to share your happy moments with you.... thanks again!

~to be continued... in next episode....:D

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The One With the belated wish

I planned to post this entry on Saturday... but I was buzy at kampung doing my stuff.... However, better late than never... rite?

So my dearest fren Malik... Happy Belated birthday!!!

This entry is dedicated to you... from both of us...

Thanks for being such a great friend...
thru thick and thin...
thru happiness and sadness...

Thanks... for always being there..
for always being ready...
when we needed u...

Thanks... for your kind thoughts...
and for all those souvenirs you brought back...
when you're away....

and most of all...
thanks.... for accepting us...
as your frens...

you're more than a fren....
you're a family...

Happy 26th birthday Malik....
May happiness always....

Note: Kalau you nak kitorang teman pegi KK.... sure boleh... jom jom... (wink wink)

Monday, April 25, 2005

The One With the 'mbok'

I went back to my hometown last Friday after the weekly badminton game for my hubby and frens. I arrived home at 1.30am to wake my dad up.. hehhehe... yerp Baby... nanti kita duplicate kunci umah yer.... takyah kejutkan abah dah...
But, that's not what I want to tell....

My body is aching all over... tak tau kenapa... nak kata penat.. tah apa je la aku buat kan? I told my mom about it and she suggested me to go for full body massage... and I agreed. So, my dad went to this 'Mbok' house and make an appointment with her on Sunday morning. Ala... nape la pagiii... kan dah kene bangun pagi....

So, on Sunday... she came to my house... with her pekat Jawa telo.... she greeted me and tell me that .... badan aku banyak angin... and... yang bestnyer.. dier kata... "Orak opo... engko mbok gawek-ke jamu... kue doyan jamu yo... raiene mbok wes ngerti" (translated in english... "Don't worry.. I'll make some 'jamu' for you... you take jamu rite? I know you do... i can see it from your face"). Ha... terrer mbok tuhh... aku pon terrer gak bleh paham Jawa.

I was a good massage eventho it does hurt a bit. Of course it hurts when does problematic area being massage. But it was good. I felt good and badan rasa ringan giler ok? She told me that it need to be repeated at least 3 times. I guess, I'm going to see her again.... best oooo....

So, sape teringin nak berurut traditional yang best.. meh ikut aku balik kg... kg aku mmg best..."macam2 adaaaaa"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The One With the thought

I realize lately I've been talking about food a lot... and that should answer the extra KG added to the weighing scale when I stepped on it. I need to act now before it is too late. But how????? Those food are damn tempting!!

I was fat.. really fat... last year.. I mean that was the time I am the most fat of my entire life... I don't know what went wrong when I actually did not eat like mad... and I excercise regularly... I played Futsal at least once a week and badminton once a week too... However, those stubborn fat just wont go away.. I supposed..they just loooooovvveee me so much that they can't live being apart of my body... Damn thing!

And everytime I see beautiful ladies with beautiful body.. I went crazily jealous and how I wish I could be like them.... I keep on nagging on how big my butt is... and my bigg thigh.. until my bf can't take it anymore... So, what he did was... sending me to a slimming centre for my birthday gift! hahhahahha.... I felt sooooooo in love with him.. hahaha..

Yes, I did it... I managed to put away those unwanted fat on my thigh and butt... I feel good wearing dresses... and of course.. I went shopping for jeans and stuff... it's really good to be thin! I mean... thin for me... which means.. I'll look good in most clothing I want to wear...

But then, it took less than 4 months ... I've already put some kilos up.. and those jeans I bought when I was so called thin... can't be used anymore... Damn again!!!

I stared at my jeans.. and asked myself a question.. will I be able to wear those jeans again? And today.... I start the whole new day..... with new resolution... to be able to wear all the clothes that I want to wear......


A cup of milo.....

and Nasik lemak Ayam......!!!!! Ahahaha.... Abis camne??? tempting giler ok? sape bleh tulun aku nak diet nieh??? tulun laaaaaaaaaaaaa... sebelum aku jadik belon cam duluuuuuuuuuuu.......

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The One With the visit

Me and my hubby went to send my mother in law to Concorde Inn KLIA last Sunday for a seminar (or was she giving the seminar ek?) on health or something like that. No, that's not the story all about. It's about us... reminiscing the memories... back then...

Eventhough he could always took the highway straight to KLIA, he took the other way, where we have to go thru Cyberjaya and Dengkil.. places that means nothing to most people... but it does mean a lot of things to us.

As we passed Cyberjaya, I noticed that it has changed since the last time I went there.. like.. 3 years back I supposed? Ye kot.. no wonder it changed a lot! Then, we passed Dengkil... Kedai Makan yang my baby tak bayar (hahaha.. Malik ngan Zai sure ingat incident ni), Sri Ambal(dah ada aircond tuuuuu...), and the best place to eat.. or at least, kedai ni la yg dah membesarkan korang selama idup kat MMU - MALEE!!

We had our BIG Dinner at Malee on the way back from KLIA. Nak tau menu kitorang? haa.. be prepared to terkezuuuttt... we had...

1. Kerapu sweet sour
2. Kerabu mangga
3. Tomyam campur
4. Udang goreng tepung
5. Kailan ikan masin
6. Nasik goreng kampung
7. Air tembikai laici
8. Air tembikai
9. Air teh ais

Aahahhahah.. I know that's alot for 2... but.. we managed to finish all the food! hahah.. I don't know... when will the next time be.. so.. we ordered things that we missed eating... and trust me, the food is great! Kalau la Malee to ada kat KL nieh.. ari2 aku pegi tauu... I do took some pictures of what we had.. but I haven't got the time to transfer it. Next time ek?

Yuup.... Dengkil will always be a memorable place to me.. everything... happy... sad... altogether... I bet its a memorable place to some people too... rite? And I know, even in 10 years time... I'll still repeat the same story about Dengkil.... coz... that's where I grew more in love with YOU!

Thanks baby.... for being there.... always.. forever! Aminn....

Friday, April 15, 2005

The One With the not well

I've not been feeling well lately, but since I'm the macho girl, I try my best to put aside those unwell feeling away.

However, yesterday.. I lost. Went back home feeling the whole body of mine is aching. Nak start demam kot?
Dunno... but the feeling is not good at all. My hubby took me to McD Projet (nice of him kan? Wuv u baby!!) to get some 'Bubur Ayam McD' but I guess, everything that went into my mouth seme either rasa masin or pahit. Even the icecream rasa pahit... bleh? I felt so weak and painful as if the whole body of mine is breaking into pieces... trust me, it is sooooo unpleasant.

So you guys better take good care of yourself...

signing off... sbb tak larat dahh... :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The One With the offer - part 2

Oklah.. di atas permintaan ramai... aku buh la gambo mamat Arab yg carik bini tu.

So far, baru sorang interested. So.. chances is pretty high. (Bleh tak aku cam agent carik bini? kosserrr kay? )

So.... here goes... the Karim guy (sekati aku nak buh nama apa, sbb aku tak tau pon apa nama dier sebenarnya..) hahahah...

Please bear in mind that I'm going to take away this entry after a while. So... baik tgk pepuas!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The One With the offer

Hehehe, yes I know, I think I'm getting more lazy each day to update. And yes Apza, I'll try to update regularly. hehehe..

Well, yesterday my colleague who actually seats beside me (not actually beside as in beside, but next cubicle lah!) asked me if I have a female friend who wants to get married and be rich. Hahaha.. the issue went so hot when everyone is interested with our conversation.

Here's the thing. My colleague name is Azmary. He has a friend (forgot la his name, be it Karim la erk?). This Karim guy, asked him whether he has a female friend, who's willing to get married with him, BUT (see the big but there?) he will only see his wife once a year or when he comes to KL. This Karim guy lived in Saudi Arabia (if I'm not mistaken). Tokey minyak kot? Ha, forgot to mention, he's willing to give anything that the girl want, if she agrees to get married to him. Best ek? Mintak je duit banyak2.... hahahaha...

Well, I don't know what to say about it. Looking at it, it doesn't serve the purpose of marriage. To me (i repeat... TO ME) marriage is about two people sharing their lives together, living under the same roof, to love each other and share their dreams together. Yes, I do agree that s*x is important but it that is surely not everything in a marriage. So what's up with this Karim?

But, when I come to think about it again, he could just sleep with anyone he wants.. or even pay to sleep with whoever he wants.. but he didn't do it. He wants to make it legal and most important thing... HALAL. Bagus gak la mamat nieh kan?

Tah laa... not for me to judge, but the topic was a real big thing yesterday as everyone is interested to know about this guy... who's willing to give anything to the 'wife'. Hahaha.. screw you man!! You could never imagine what a woman could ask for... abis la jatuh bankrupt ko!

So... anyone intested? Aku bleh tolong rekomenkan.... hahahaha...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The One With the weekend...

Sebenarnya aku dah type panjang giler entry nie semalam, tapi tak tau kenapa, alih2 dier ilang. Sungguh keji... So here I go now, typing again the post that should be posted yesterday. Thanks to Ida for your contant support! hahaha.

I think for the past weeks, my weekend had been very meaningful to me. Note that meaningful means a lot of activities that makes me happy and that includes a lot of good FOOD and that should answer why there's extra 3kg added to the weighing scale when I stepped on it. Damn!


fuse nite

me and ida

There's this dinner thingy at Renaisance Hotel for the Twin Towers and they call it Tenant Nite or FUSE nite. FUSE?? ahaha... tak tau apsal organizer pilih nama tuh. At first, I don't even feel like going coz there's no one I knew will be going but somehow Ida told me she's going to that dinner. That would be good! And to add my semangat to go, my colleague told me that I could just seludup masuk my hubby. So, why not kan? Thot of going there, meet Ida, eat, then head to Hartamas to Jaja's belated birthday bash. Unfortunately, I was too tired and not feeling well, so my hubby suggested for us to just head home after the Dinner. Sorry Jaja, next time erk? I lap u still!



Malik staring at his cup, and nenet as the background

zai the costing man

Zai busy doing the costing.

work place

Work place, working tools...

the food

The best part.... FOOOD!!!!!!

The guys had their weekly meeting at Zai's and Ika's place. The meeting supposed to starts at 10.30am but we (read: Malik, me and my hubby) arrived at 11.30. Yes.. we were one hour late. Blame it to Yang!! hahahaha... As usual, the weekly meeting means the guys will have their discussion and the ladies will have their own sweet time gossiping and of course, EAT! I cooked nasi goreng, and bought some tasty nasik lemak rendang ayam. But this time, Ika was so tired so she went up and sleep, therefore I'm left alone with no one to gossip with so the last resort for me is to... what else.. EAT lah! hehehe..

Later, me and my hubby went to Mid Valley and meet my family (read: Along's family, Mak and nenek - Abah pandai.. awal2 dah balik dulu.. ). Went shopping with them, then head back to kampung. Yeaaaa... balik kampung means... lots of good food... and again Malik, I think I managed to add up more pounds! hahaha..

I woke up late, like 10am and the first thing I did (after brushing my teeth, of course!) was bukak tudung saji and see what's inside it.. yea... my mom made kuih vadeh. So yummy!!! I likkkeeeee!! Then mak told me that she's going to Along's bakery to help since one of his workers did not turn up today. I suddenly heard the alarm.. the sign of oppurtunity!! >:) .. hahaha... wahh..... bleh makan banyak nieh.. bestnyer.. So, I woke my hubby up, told him I'd looovvveee to learn how to bake buns, and I want to go to Along's bakery to help and learn. He agreed, and so both of us went there. Trust me, the smell and the taste of freshly baked -coming-from-oven- buns is priceless! hahahha.. sedap giler aku cakap!!

roti dalam oven

freshly baked

At night, my father went to a 'kenduri kesyukuran' at one of our neighbour's house. His wife met with an accident recently. The injuries was considered bad since she lost one of her eyes and she broke her pelvic(if I'm not mistaken) bone. But as she told me, she's fortunate that she's still alive. Pity her as she's a very nice person and she's once a baby sitter for both my nephew.

Kenduri doa selamat at my kampung usually will end around 9pm if it started after maghrib prayers, and they'll tapau or we javanesse called it 'berkat' (nasik and lauk pauk being tapau). And the nice part of this 'berkat' is, it is nasi ambang (another javanesse culture) where the rice will be put on a banana leaves, then on top of the rice there'll be a lot of other dishes like vegetables, serunding, and one big chicken(usually masak merah or fried). Therefore, this nasi ambang will be more than enough for at least four people. I was really enjoying it and I'm also the last to finish eating regardless everyone else has stop eating. Hahaha... "ujan ributku tidak akan berhenti..". I didn't take the picture of this nasik ambang thingy coz I was too busy eating. Takper, lenkali aku amik gambo erk? hehehe..

Best erk weekendku? Full of love and good food. Aku tau love ngan good food tak relevent, tapi aku nak tulis camtuh gak.. hahahaha..