Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The One With the weekend...

Sebenarnya aku dah type panjang giler entry nie semalam, tapi tak tau kenapa, alih2 dier ilang. Sungguh keji... So here I go now, typing again the post that should be posted yesterday. Thanks to Ida for your contant support! hahaha.

I think for the past weeks, my weekend had been very meaningful to me. Note that meaningful means a lot of activities that makes me happy and that includes a lot of good FOOD and that should answer why there's extra 3kg added to the weighing scale when I stepped on it. Damn!


fuse nite

me and ida

There's this dinner thingy at Renaisance Hotel for the Twin Towers and they call it Tenant Nite or FUSE nite. FUSE?? ahaha... tak tau apsal organizer pilih nama tuh. At first, I don't even feel like going coz there's no one I knew will be going but somehow Ida told me she's going to that dinner. That would be good! And to add my semangat to go, my colleague told me that I could just seludup masuk my hubby. So, why not kan? Thot of going there, meet Ida, eat, then head to Hartamas to Jaja's belated birthday bash. Unfortunately, I was too tired and not feeling well, so my hubby suggested for us to just head home after the Dinner. Sorry Jaja, next time erk? I lap u still!



Malik staring at his cup, and nenet as the background

zai the costing man

Zai busy doing the costing.

work place

Work place, working tools...

the food

The best part.... FOOOD!!!!!!

The guys had their weekly meeting at Zai's and Ika's place. The meeting supposed to starts at 10.30am but we (read: Malik, me and my hubby) arrived at 11.30. Yes.. we were one hour late. Blame it to Yang!! hahahaha... As usual, the weekly meeting means the guys will have their discussion and the ladies will have their own sweet time gossiping and of course, EAT! I cooked nasi goreng, and bought some tasty nasik lemak rendang ayam. But this time, Ika was so tired so she went up and sleep, therefore I'm left alone with no one to gossip with so the last resort for me is to... what else.. EAT lah! hehehe..

Later, me and my hubby went to Mid Valley and meet my family (read: Along's family, Mak and nenek - Abah pandai.. awal2 dah balik dulu.. ). Went shopping with them, then head back to kampung. Yeaaaa... balik kampung means... lots of good food... and again Malik, I think I managed to add up more pounds! hahaha..

I woke up late, like 10am and the first thing I did (after brushing my teeth, of course!) was bukak tudung saji and see what's inside it.. yea... my mom made kuih vadeh. So yummy!!! I likkkeeeee!! Then mak told me that she's going to Along's bakery to help since one of his workers did not turn up today. I suddenly heard the alarm.. the sign of oppurtunity!! >:) .. hahaha... wahh..... bleh makan banyak nieh.. bestnyer.. So, I woke my hubby up, told him I'd looovvveee to learn how to bake buns, and I want to go to Along's bakery to help and learn. He agreed, and so both of us went there. Trust me, the smell and the taste of freshly baked -coming-from-oven- buns is priceless! hahahha.. sedap giler aku cakap!!

roti dalam oven

freshly baked

At night, my father went to a 'kenduri kesyukuran' at one of our neighbour's house. His wife met with an accident recently. The injuries was considered bad since she lost one of her eyes and she broke her pelvic(if I'm not mistaken) bone. But as she told me, she's fortunate that she's still alive. Pity her as she's a very nice person and she's once a baby sitter for both my nephew.

Kenduri doa selamat at my kampung usually will end around 9pm if it started after maghrib prayers, and they'll tapau or we javanesse called it 'berkat' (nasik and lauk pauk being tapau). And the nice part of this 'berkat' is, it is nasi ambang (another javanesse culture) where the rice will be put on a banana leaves, then on top of the rice there'll be a lot of other dishes like vegetables, serunding, and one big chicken(usually masak merah or fried). Therefore, this nasi ambang will be more than enough for at least four people. I was really enjoying it and I'm also the last to finish eating regardless everyone else has stop eating. Hahaha... "ujan ributku tidak akan berhenti..". I didn't take the picture of this nasik ambang thingy coz I was too busy eating. Takper, lenkali aku amik gambo erk? hehehe..

Best erk weekendku? Full of love and good food. Aku tau love ngan good food tak relevent, tapi aku nak tulis camtuh gak.. hahahaha..


Anonymous said...

yeayyyy, finally apdet jugak blog ko nih. ya allah, makanan2 itu membuatku lapareeeeee! ahhaha...hoh. okeyla, aku nak gi menggemukkan diri lagik.

Anonymous said...

hey there, first time first post..

looks like u are having lots of foods! njoy it while u can! cheers..

Anonymous said...

finally i get to see ur pretty face =)

Anonymous said...


aghh.. kat singapore nih sume bende tak best kecuali roti john... !!!

Lenny said...

Ida : yeahh.. finally... atas sokongan padu dari ko.. hahaha.. nak mkn best meh ikut aku balik kg... best ooo.. mak aku is the best cook in the world! well.. at least to my world!

chikanoz : thanks for dropping by. Your nick reminds me of someone back then in MCC. Tini, ko ingat tak?? hehehehe

mysara : hehehe... tengkiuu.. next time.. we meet face to face lak erk? double date.. or even triple date with laydiefa...;)

nrul: Ahaha.. meh ikut aku balik kg.. seme makanan sedap2... bleh gilers la camni...

zaini said...

gila lah. weekend yg penuh dengan makanan yg berkhasiat :))

Tupperware.Best.Price said...

lenii camna ko letak banyak pic dlm satu entry?? ajar skek...ko email aku laa eh..ym aku tak leh connect dari semlm lagik kat opis nih