Thursday, July 31, 2008

The One with the 'conteng-conteng' session

Entry nieh patutnyer dah basi sangat dah.... tapi sbb aku biasala kan.. suka mengembalikan nostalgia lama...
and furthermore... suka aku je la nak tulis menda2 pon kan.. ahhahah... so here goes..

Owh.. before that, before I forget.. hehehhe..



hehehhe... semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat...

We went to both sides (KJ and Kuala Kangsar) as both were our close frens..
Tho having so called 'morning-sickness' during that time, tidakku melepaskan peluang pegi!

And furthermore, for the reception ceremony at Kuala Kangsar..
aku dah berjaya menjadi tukang mekap tak bertauliah.. di bantu oleh Ika..

nak tgk hasilnya???
hehhehehe.... camner? ok tak??? hehehehe... first time nieh nak mekapkan org..
dah ler mekapkan org kawinnn.... gelabah cik kiah sampai peluh2 ketiakkk..
tuh la.. saper suh dah pregnant 2 bulan lebih pon sebok2 nak pakai kebaya lg..
mau tak berpeluh2 ketiak kannn... hahhahahha..

Anyway.. I enjoyed doing kerja menconteng ini...
and of course, I enjoyed their wedding so much..

Semoga korang berdua dimurahkan rezeki..
dapat anak2 yg comel2 belaka...


Note: nak tgk gambo kawin derang yg lain... pls visit here

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The One with the tagging game

Kene tag nieh by Moon... lama giler dah.. baru nieh dapat nak bayar utang..
sowie ek..

apa yang anda suker tentang suami anda...
him... just being him...

i don't even know how to say it... but... i know a lot of ppl will nod if i say he is a very good fren.. who'd be willing to do anything to help another fren who is in need.

back then, when we were 'just frens'... he showed me that he is a great fren..
he'll always know when to be there.. and when to help.. even when I didn't ask for it..
trully much appreciate what he has done..

even when we were together... he showed me.. that he never change..
always there... even when it is not a convenient time..

and now... when I am the most difficult person to handle..
he is still there... smiling.. helping me in every way he could..
even when he is tired after a long/odd working hours...
he will always ensure i am fine....
and comfortable...

so... is there anything not to like? you tell me!


adakah anda seorang yang romantik?
ahhaha.. apakah soalan inniew??? ya.. i think i am the most sloopy lovey dovey person....
hahahahhahha.... minah jiwang karatz yg sangat karatz... aku tau laki aku dok sengeh2 dengan pengakuan ini.. tapi takperla... baik i ngaku je kannn...

adakah suami anda seorang yang romantik?
YUPPPP... he is!! owh... even thinking of what he did... makes my heart melt..
he might not be good with writing ... giving cards.. commenting my blog.. etc..
but is his very own way... unexpectedly... he's full of surprises...
and trust me... it just melt me like butter!!! no no.. like icecream kene panas!

luahkan perasaan sayang yang lahir dari hati yang ikhlas untuk orang tersayang...
I am never good with expressing my words.. and I know... I haven't said "I love you" enough.. coz with you... it is never enough...

I love you... and will always do...

apa yang anda mahu dari pasangan anda...
susah nak jawap la soalan nieh... basically i just want you to be happy...
that's it..

so.. here goes ...
kan dah cakap.. tak reti nak tulis2 nieh sangat... nieh pon sure dah jd cam tahap jiwang the karatz and maybe ada jugak org yg akan montah darah... :))

i'm tagging:

1. chics
2. belladona
3. darling8tabby
4. ika
5. and sape2 yg tak pernah kene tag lg... hehehheh

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One With His Special Day...

Happy birthday Baby...

May your birthday bring joy and happiness..
May your dream which is approved by me come true..(hehhe)
May you become healthier, and wealthier...


I am never good with words..
but I would like to say thank you for always being there for me..
no matter how hard or stubborn i am.. you are always there..
thank you for loving me that much..

I really hope you enjoyed your birthday...
Tho this time around there isn't any special celebration..
but I hope, you still did enjoy our small family dinner..

Both me and Alya loves you so much..
and of course... our new baby too!!
thanks.. for being a great husband, a great daddy.. and a great son!!

love you so much!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The One With the big M

So many things had happened.. but the big M datang lagi....!!
hahaha... dunno whether no time to update, or just plain lazy to do so..

My morning sickness still comes and go..
sometimes... i can eat... sometimes.. nothing seems to satisfy my tekak!
sedih gak..sbb i enjoy food so much.. tp skang mmg memilih lah nak makan..
alhamdulillah.. buah2 seme ok.. boleh terima.. so.. if teruk sangat cannot swallow anything..
makan je buah... abis citer.

Anyhow... alhamdulillah.. baby is ok..
last checkup when I was in my 12 weeks.. baby seems fine and ok..
syukur... alhamdulillah..

Alya has been great too..
but sangat suka menangis!!!
and terlebih mengada...
apart from that... she has been great...
if I am tired or having bad headache.. she will pat me on my back..
or picit kepala (siap kire 5 kali ok!)
caring lah kire2nyer..


owh ya...
before i am off...
here's for you....

I cannot promise how soon i am going to update.. but.. stay tune.... i'll try to update more!! hehehhehe