Thursday, May 05, 2005

The One With the first episode

So many things happen... I don't even have the time to update my blog eventho I am sooooooooo into updating it.

Today, I took my time... my own sweet time to update my blog.... heheh.. enjoy!

Thursday, April 28th ~ Happy Birthday to me!

besday party DSC01219

Celebrate my birthday and Malik's(since its like a tradition to celebrate together... hehhehe) at Soul'ed Out Hartamas with my hubby, Laydiefa, Mysara, Apza, Ninie, Zainee, Adrian, Zai, Ika, Katik and later Din and Akai joined us all.

I had a great time that nite! Thanks to all for the lovely gift... and Baby, I do lovvvveee the white gold diamond bracelet... thanks for everything... cakes.. dinner... just simply everything!!

Sara & Laydiefa, sorryla... I probably don't have enough time to chat with you... but I hope you enjoy your time there... and sorry coz mmg my hubby perangai camtuh.. hahah.. cian Laydiefa cultural shock!

Apza, Akai, Zaini & Adrian... you guys still owe me my birthday present! hahahhah.. that includes everyone who read this! hahahhahah... jahat giler aku! poyo ok?

The most important thing is... thanks for being there... nothing beats the joy of having frens to share your happy moments with you.... thanks again!

~to be continued... in next episode....:D


Anonymous said...

erm.. aku bagi ko Fancy the Huppie Hippo aku la kat ko.

Lenny said...

bengong.. itu aku yg kasik kat ko.. ko tak suka erk? sorry... laki aku kata sesuai kat ko... aku pon beli la.. sbb tgk comel jeee...

Anonymous said...

aku suke... tapi cam org kata, "give others things that u cherish most"

aku still tak sure ape gunanye fancy tu. paper weight? stress ball? ornament?

Lenny said...

tah apza... Yang yg suka sangat menda tuhh... stress ball kot... utk di ramas2 ketika stress.. bleh? hahahhahahha

Anonymous said...

ahahaha... mamat tu mmg suke meramas. :D

Lenny said...

ahahahha.. u should know my husband better... dok ngan dier dah 3 thn kan? hahhahaha