Thursday, May 05, 2005

The One With the second episode

~ continued....

My weekend was OK.. I went back to my hometown on Saturday for another session of massage with 'Mbok'. And this time, she brought one glass of freshly brewed 'jamu'. hahahha..! Nak terjojol bijik mata gak la nak abis kan tuh..
We went back home the same day.

On Sunday, I woke up and made breakfast and Mama told me that she will teach me how to cook Gulai kepala ikan. Yuupp... I'm not good with curry or gulai coz my family don't eat curry that much. So, aku pon malas nak blaja. But then, since my in laws suka makan kari nieh... aku kene la belaja.... baik kan aku?

On Monday, again I woke up and made breakfast. Ala, buat cekodok bawang je. Mama decided today will be the lepak2 day.. so.. no cooking! Later, me and my hubby went to Berjaya Times Square and Low Yatt to find some stuff for my handphone and notebook and also some stuff for Mama.

At night, there's a surprise birthday party at home. So sweet of my mother in law to trick us to go out and buy her stuff at Low Yat. She asked my hubby what type of diamond that he bought me for the wedding and she said she want to have a look at it. We don't even have a clue that she's actually measuring my ring!! And as we went out to Low Yat, she went out with Ayu to buy a cake and a ring for my birthday! So sweetttttt!!


the cake


the 'cacat' and 'comot' me!


Anonymous said...

wow, you have a nice mil lucky.

Lenny said...

yupss.... coz i'm good dil... hehhehe.. bleh tak nak perasan? hahhaha..