Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The One with the Trip - part 2

Yuppp... I know I promised to update real soon.. and this is the real soonest I got (is there such word? Lantaklaa)..

Well, as you all know... or if you don't know.. please pretend like you know... hehe.. I just moved to a MNC company... I think after a month, I like it here coz there's a lot of things I could learn... time to polish back my skills huh? So, I've been really really busy lately, trying to catch up new things.. and so on.. I just finished one config yesterday and did the User training, and today... I'm a bit free.... yehaaaa... time to blog!

Ok, let me see... I've promised to update on my trip to SG rite? We (read: Malik, my hubby and I) went there on Thursday, really early in the morning(at least for me it is so early consider that I'm on leave kan?). Went to pick Malik at his house, then had breakfast at Projet.

We reach SG around 3pm coz we had our lunch at JB. Pusing2... pastuh check in. Then mandi2 terus keluar pegi SHOPPING! hahahah.. not really shopping, more like... surveying the places... so that we'll get the picture where to go and what to shop the next day..

So, the next day, terusla berusaha shopping... we went out as early as 9am, had breakfast at my fav 7-11 (I missing that 7-11!!!!) located just across our hotel... and our mission for today is.... to jalan2 and do our shopping at orchard road, pastuh after lunch pegi Raffles City and jalan2 area situh plak.. ANDDD..TO SHOP SAMPAI KEDAI TUTUP!... and we did! In fact, mmg sampai kedai dah bebetul tutup kan? hahaha.. time kat Robinson tuh.. dah annouce banyak kali dier nak tutup kedai... Tapi mission nak pegi Raffles City tak accomplish.. giler banyak kedai kat Orchard... tak sempat abis ...

Balik, had supper at 7-11 (again, this is our fav pit stop!). Pastuh balik hotel layan pool seround dua. Lawan Malik kalah, lawan Yang pon kalah... Dem it... mesti takder luck malam tuh.. ker.. sebab dah susah nak main perut dah naik.. hahahaha... That nite, we planned to go to Mustoffa at Little India.. cam Mydin la kot.. tapi bukak 24hrs. Tapi, naik bilik mandi.. seme dah tak larat... so terus tido coz esok nak masuk JB gi kenduri (eventho seme cam..."perlu ke nak g kenduri sbb banyak lagik tak abis shopping nehhhh)

Sabtu, pegi kenduri, balik SG balik with Zai and Ika (tapi time kat kastam SG terpisah plak ngan derang).. so, we proceed our plan to Raffles City.. sedar2... dah dekat kol 12 mlm dah.. hahaha... Balik, singgah pit stop favorite, then kitorang kacau Zai and Ika kat hotel derang... and planned to go to Mustoffa together.. so, the five of us went to Mustoffa, and to our surprise.... it's like... Harold Mydin! hahahaha... seriously you can find almost everything under one roof.. including GOLD! yupp... kitorang tersesat pastuh termasuk kat dept jewelery, and to our surprise.... the whole floor tuh kedai emas! hahaha.. lawak giler time tuh.. tapi tak amik gambo sbb tak bleh amik..

Sunday, we set our mission straight, to go back to all the shops that we've been eyeing on and just grab the things that we want... and to cut the story short, we leave the island around 12++ at night and reach home almost 3am. hehehe..

My summary of shoping list:

1) Malik shop the most! (mana aci, dier tak pregnant... seme baju sluar kasut dier bleh beliii...)
2) My hubby drools over LCD tv and Crumplers backpack...
3) Me, tak shopping banyak pon... walaupon I'm the one being expected to abiskan duit laki aku.. hahaha...

We had fun, really.... and we wish that we don't have to go back that early, but we have other commitment here.. but we do promise that next year.... we'll visit SG again.. and that time, I'm already a 'Angelina Jolie'(hahaha.. bleh tak i perasan camtuh Baby?) so I can shop till both me and my hubby drop! And that time, we'll arrange for a longer trip, so that we could visit their other side of 'Places of interest'.

Haaaa... there goes my update! Pictures will be updated later sbb tak sempat nak transfer pon lagik. I'll try to do it tonight... can't promise.. hehehe..


Anonymous said...

sopping chocs tak?

Anonymous said...

tak sempat baca la len, esok la aku baca kalo free. banyak keje la lepas cuti seminggu nie...

Anonymous said...

ahh finally ada pun cita dia.. nice2 story.. hehe..

Nurul said...

kuang2 ...
beli la gardenia spring roll kat cold storage..
best giler... kat mesia takde tau...:D

Anonymous said...

lenz..ko masuk SG pakai kereta ek?camne?susah susah tak?kena bayar berape nyeh?

kL said...

isk.. mane ade Len.. aku cume nk averagekan expenditure over lodging etc.. :P

hmmm... nx time aku nk carik Inaaaaaa... :D

Lenny said...

mysara : laki i la shopping chocs.. i makan jeee.. hehehe..

apza : no problem..

chikanoz : for u... hehehe..

nrul : tak sempat beli.. apa kata ko beli and bawak balik utk aku? hehehe..

mek : a ah.. bawak kete.. senang je.. lps kastam kene beli one card nieh.. aku tak ingat berapa inggit.. tak kene bayar apa2 except beli kad tuh la.. aku park kat hotel.. so free parking.. jalan2... mostly naik kaki or mrt..
nak tau lanjut.. nanti la aku citer kat ko..

malik : ye la tuhhh... tapi inaaaaa.... inaaaaaaa... hehehe nice hair erk?

Anonymous said...

jeles seeehh!
aku ni asal weekend jer kena standby.
walopon off-site. still, aku takleh kluar KL.