Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The One With the.... urgghhh!

No.. I am not complaining..
pretty much... er .. er... ngadu aci tak?

I feel tired more easily nowadays..
tho my body weight is decreasing.. (yes, you read that right, decreasing)..
but the tummy's apperance is somewhat visible dah..
huhuh... but according to dear hubby..
i look more like a fat lady then a pregnant lady..
durhhhhh... :P

The all-day-sickness is still there..
but pretty much getting better..
There are times I can really eat..
but... sometimes(or still most of the time?),
food isn't my best friend..

I practically can't make a wrong choice of food..
or else.. the day is over for me... hahahha..
abis seme yg aku makan kuar balik!

But again, no.. not complaining..
just... mengada-ing.. can rite?

all these happens for a good reason..
a good cause aight?

Yes, I am happy to have this baby in me..

and owh..
congrats to Ika and Zai too...
Qais Amir nak dapat adik dahhh... wohooo!!

well, I guess I just got to start doing my work..
I really hate it when the Development System is so slow and I need to do some testing before I could transport my changes to the Test System..



cHikAnoZ said...

food like what if wrongly taken will caused disaster?

Lenny said...

chikanoz: huhu.. if only i can tell.. kadang tuh.. yesterday i can finish my cantonese kuew teow at madam kwan.. but the following week pegi lagik.. masuk mulut je dah bleh nak m*nt*h! hehehhe...

pening kepala i nak makan...

Zuraimah Ismail said...

e eh...preggy ke?? alhamdulillah..do take care..jgn lasak sgt..;)

...$weE+ 666... said...

hehehe... dunno y, rasa mcm nak ckp urghhh! gak pas baca entry nih... sgt lah urgggh! hehehe...

awal2 peknen mmg mcm lembik kan... haiyoh itu la yg mak tak sanggup nak harungi balik nih... cemana nak bagi fenriz adik??? huhuhu...

be strong laling!!! take care! *hugs*

cendawanintim said...


congratulations erk...

jaga diri bebaik tau..