Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The one with the belated wish

This entry is dedicated to my best fwen Katik... whom celebrated her birthday on 5th May .. of course every year! heheh..


Sorry it was a very very very belated wish..(tapi dah wish time besday aritu kan?)
I hope you enjoyed your birthday... and you liked the present...
Hope all your dream will come true... and you'll have spendid year this year.

Thanks for being my fren..
Thanks for always being there for me..
I guess... you know by hard that our friendship means a lot to me..
and I guess... there's no need for me to elaborate more..

You own a special place in my heart...
take good care, coz I care!

Happy 26th Birthday!

with alya and me
with the girls
Jamy and Yang

Nrul, Nazham and kawan Nazham

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