Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The One With belated entry


dah basi giler busuk berulat dah rasanyer entry nie..
tapi nak buh gak.. aahhaha..

no fancy celebration... we went back to Ulu Klang that week and I bought some cuppies from kak ngah

I ordered Choc Oreo and ask for fathers day theme..
I'm not too sure what will suit both my hubby and father in law more..
but I think since Ayah selalu pegi masjid.. I ask the image to have dome, songkok, kain pelikat..
for hubby, kak ngah suggested to have pillow and bed since my hubby suka tido katanya.. ahahhaa..

I know this will be a very2 belated wish..

Happy father's day to all great daddy out there!


genny da bomb said...

hehehe..ada la gak entry bapak day..saya takde langsung..aduyaii..tu la pnyakit M tu besar sgt..malas nk tulis2..kering idea pun ado kakakaka

sedapnye cupcakes...nyum nyum

Baby Lyana said...

cupcakes.. Yummy!