Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The One With the surgery 2012 pulokk!

After serial of specialist meet up.. Here I am at PMC Bangsar.. Scheduled to have the surgery at noon today..

Can't blame that for lack of updates.. But I have been really busy.. Just imagine 4 weeks in a row with weddings that I cannot say NO to.. And occasional visit to the hospital during the weekdays..

So today.. I told myself that I need to take sometime off.. And write in here!

I'll be having a minor surgery.. A lymph node biopsy to be specific.. Doktor cakap..."alah kacis je surgery ni"

Doktor la cakap kan.. I tetap gelabah gak... Haishhhh... Ingat best kene main potong2 ni??? Tak best okkkk!! Still cuak!!

Anyhow.. I hope for the best and wish me good luck! Hahahaha.. Pray for me yah...

Nanti I dah sedar kita bersiaran lg okayyyyy??? Luv luv... Muahs!!

And owh, tujuan nak tulis entry nak mintak maaf byk2 kalau ada sesiapa yg tersinggung dgn i.. Especially with my words and writing dlm blog.. Atau kat mana2 sajer lah... I mohon ampun maaf yer.. Minta juga halal semua nya yer... Ha kalau ada hutang sila claim cepattttt.. Hiks..

Ok then, tata titi tutu....

1 comment:

Miss Moon said...

be strong Len sure u akan recover in no time

I love u Len ...

take care ...hugssssssssssssss