Thursday, April 06, 2017

The One With His Football Journey

Both my son - Aish and Adam loves football.. Aish has develop stronger interest in football... well maybe Adam too, but he is still too small or too cheeky to be serious in anything.. hehhehe..

Aish joined the SKBD FA early last year, and they have the training in school every Sunday...(or was it Saturday?, mummy dah nyanyuk....) Mula main pakai school shoes je... boots pon takder coz daddy said, dulu daddy pon main pakai kaki ayam je ahahhaha...

Since first day dia join SKBD FA, coach Siza panggil dia Gerard.. hell masa tuh mummy tak kenal lah kan sape Gerard tuh... until now pon coach Siza always call him Gerard... hope he will be as good as Gerard lah.. dah orang panggil dia tuh, doa kan tu? Aminnn..

Few months along the way, a mom announced that if nak join more intensive training, probably can go for tournaments too, boleh join another group that she created. Aish pon join jugak group tuh, and mulalah episode belajar dengan Coach Muz... Coach Muz trained him from zero, till where he is now... Thank you Coach Muz, for all your guidance and knowledge given to Aish and also Adam

Aish memang really into football. Kira kalau tagline Makan Bola, Minum Bola, Mandi Bola, Tidur Bola tuh, memang betul lah Aish mcm tuh... hallway rumah kitorang yg kecik tuh pon dia boleh lg dribble bola dari depan sampai ke dapur. Dari dapur pi depan plak.... nak antar pinggan lepas makan pon sempat lagik ngan bola.. pendek kata, kaki tuh dah tak berjalan mcm orang biasa dah... tersenget2... apa je dia jumpa kat jalan, seme dia nak sepak hahhahaha... bertabahlaaa....

End of last year... Aish joined the first international tournament in Bangkok. BSS Tournament, held in Bangkok Patana International School. Tapi sebab U8 punya category ramai jugak pasukan yang main, organizer change the venue to St Andrew International School.

It was a good experienced for them.. they lost only once (1-0) in group placing on 2nd day of the tournament, to the winning team. Team tuh kalau lawan mana2 team pun mesti kenekan team lawan sampai 8-0, 5-0 mcm tuh... time lawan derang ni... coach derang sampai tarik2 rambut stress sbb tak dapat nak score goal... we tried our best nak recover balik, tapi...let's just cut the story short, we lost 1-0 to them.... good experience!

This year, bulan March harituh they went to Hanoi for Hanoi Youth Football Tournament. They played even better this time.... even the locals support them.. parents2 local lain datang cheer for our team... this time for group placing we got no 2. Tapi, during QF, we lost on penalty shot out. nangis budak2 sebab sedih.. main sampai merah padam muka, until whistle blow still seri.. so kene la penalty shot out. 

Zaed, our goal keeper saved the first penalty kick.. really hebat! But at the end, they won by 1 point to us. sedih tgk muka kids, but all of us agreed that they have become better player.. that's the most important thing pun kan? Learning is a never ending process.

As for me, as long as he is passionate about this sport, I will try my level best to support. kalau dia nak main sports lain pon we try to support also. I guess, semua parents nak bg the best support to their kids interest kan?


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