Friday, March 07, 2008

The One With the internet

Have you been feeling that the internet connection is a bit slow nowadays especially at night or weekends? Feeling tired about it??
Well, me too... especially when you need to submit something urgent and it took you forever just to send an email...
You bet I definitely know how it felt...

I'm working in the IT line and sometimes I need to work on odd hours or even on weekends or public holidays to ensure that the system is up and running without a problem, or I need to do some enhancement and it need to be done outside office hours..Therefore, I really rely on good internet connection outside office, so I am able to perform my job when needed..

Since it has to be done during odd hours or in other words, outside office hours.. I choose to do it at home. However, sadly to say there are few cases I ended up dragging myself to office just because the internet connection is so slow and I am not able to do a remote to my office connection.. sad but true.. that is really the condition lately..

As an alternative solution, I started to browse on how can I improve the internet connection, or find a better service provider that could offer better and even faster speed connection...

well.. worry no more cause I found this great website that offers you fast speed connection... and best thing is... you could even stand a chance to win a Nintendo Wii..

WoWWWW! Isn't that great?

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