Monday, March 17, 2008

The One With the unwell

I haven't been feeling so well lately... having flu since Thursday...
and to make things worse.. something had happen to us last Thursday...

I don't wish to discuss here coz I know some ppl has the tendency to laugh at your misfortune,
or say things that we don't really wish to hear...
hard enough to has lost something, and to hear ppl saying
"that's so stupid".. or.. "told you so..." is definitely not something I wish to hear..

call me pathetic... lantak le..
I just don't wish to get hurt again..!

ok.. enough of me being ungrateful,
Thank God we are ok...

Happy Monday Blues people!


Anonymous said...

gosh.. whatever happen be strong think on the bright side instead.

ila de cute said...

babe, nape tu ? sabar le ek...

chics said...

dunno what happen but whatever it is, good to know everything is fine

and yes, some people are assholes.

Take care of mwahs!

chics said...

ces tertinggal

take care of yourself, mwahs!
baru betul hehe

...$weE+ 666... said...

tak faham sgt apa masalah sbenar lenn skrg ni... zz harap dan doakan u will be ok soonest possible ye lenn... sabar ye dear... mmg senang nak ckp suruh sabar, tapi thats the least i can offer u, coz zz pon helpless gak bila jadik kat cenggini to me... so, be strong ya! *hugs*

by any chance if u need someone to talk to... u know where to find me, kan? take good care tau!!!~

.Diana Dean. said...

lenny, blog is our own space
dnt care laa bout all the jerks with stupid msg
they can sign up their own blog if they want to
let them piss somewhere else
blogspot is free what..
u take care kay :)
have a gud rest
and stay healthy!gxx

Lenny said...

chikanoz: u know what happen kan... i think i am ok now..:D.. thanks for ur concern and understanding...

ila: nanti aku citer kat ko..

chics: later ko tak bz aku story mory.. and yes, agree.. mmg banyak assholes skang kan? ahahhahah

zz: i told u what happen... thanks for being there..

diana: true enough.. tapi.. tak larat dapat komen tak best.. and ppl taking bad... menciii! hehhehe

Miss Moon said...

ha ha napa len?
apa apa pun kalau nko tak sihat moga nko cepat sembuh ya laling

Lenny said...

moon: thanks moon.. udah bersalin ke blom nieh?