Saturday, March 01, 2008

The One with the managing your money

I've started my career a week after I completed my degree program..
I was lucky that I wasn't jobless for a long time, and lucky enough the company offers me a job even when I was just doing my practical training there. It was easy for me, I guess.

However, they pay isn't that great, why I said that is because after 3 years been working hard there, the increment is less than 15% (total of 3 years!) and with time flies so fast.. and with me having a lot of cravings over shopping... I started to use up my credit card and has build up my debt..

I moved to a company with almost 100% increment from the past, and with careful and better management of my money, I manage to clear my credit card debt before I got married... it was really an achievement for me, as I put aside my cravings for shopping.. and concentrate on paying my debt..

Eventhough at current state, I've already build up some debt here and there, but with the help of my beloved other half, I believe I can nail down this problem.. very soon!

For me, the rule of thumb to avoid having a lot of debt that could lead you to disaster and worse if you go bankrupt is by managing your money correctly. Always lay down a budget of your income and spending every month.. you need to be very particular and calculate to every penny that you have... then you'll know where does your money flows each month..

By doing that, you'll be surprise how easy you could manage your money, spending, pay your debt.. and even have some saving...

More over, there's also Individual Voluntary Arrangements or IVA available online to help you manage your debt...

trust me, it will work if you work on it...
when there's a will.. there's always a way... right?

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