Monday, March 03, 2008

The One With the mortgages

Here's a scenario... you went to a Property Fair and you think you've fallen in love with one of the residential area found there.

You've discussed with the sales executive, they have comfirm to you all your questions and doubt... and the moment comes where you'd pay the deposit for booking the house..

But wait, you missed out one step which is to find the mortgage to finance your house...
I bet this will be the most crucial thing that you need to consider after choosing the house that you'd like to buy... or.. was it the first in the list?

I'm lucky that the first house that I bought doesn't cost me my fortune.. Nevertheless, I do go shopping about the mortgage plan offered by few financial institution and make comparison on their offers. Of course with the help of my other half, we manage to find the most suitable mortgage plan that suits me most...

When ever I go to the Property Fair nowadays... I saw a lot of financial institution that offers attractive mortgage plans, that I am sure one will suits you most. I believe the choices and market for mortgages nowadays has improved and therefore, it is easier for consumer to choose the suitable one for them.

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