Saturday, March 01, 2008

The One with the power of blogging

Many of you already know that I own another blog whereby I focus on selling stuff over that blog.. it is called my sales blog after all...:)

The amazing thing that I learn is that how blog can actually help you find new friends with the same interest (in my case shopping of course), and not forgetting amazingly I met some of my long lost friends from school and colleague... simply by having the blog..!

I would like to thank Zaini for helping me out, especially for encouraging me to write a blog back then in 2005.. it started because I wanted to comments on my friends blogs.. and ended up me having one at last!

And now, it has become my addiction... but it is a good addiction I suppose.. I got to know more friends, and got to share a lot of important events with my friends too... isn't that great?

Blog rocks, don't you think so?


kL said...

setuju.. other than socializing.. it helps you to practice your writing skills :) cepat sikit lah nnt kalau nak draft surat or paperworks :D

Lenny said...

kL: haah.. agree... idea pon cepat je datang kalau nak mengarang kan?

it is a good practice... kan kan kan?

zaini said...

hahahaha... takyah la promote url blog aku yg aku tak update dari zaman tok kaduk tuuuhhh :))